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Part 3

Inuyasha paced.

Once he had finally decided on what he wanted he was unable to sit still, a nervous ball of energy. What should he do now? Should he go see her?

He shook his head. No. Give her time and space. She hadn't called or come over yet, and she always contacted him when she was ready. He didn't want to mess this up any more by putting pressure on their already straining relationship.

But Gods did he miss her. The need to see her was so strong that he could hardly keep himself from rushing to her side. This week long separation was taking its toll, a physical ache that just wouldn't disappear. He collapsed onto his bed, emotionally drained. This woman would be the death of him. She wasn't even here and she was driving him insane.

The scent of orange blossoms and summer rain teased at his nose. Great. He was becoming so desperate that he was actually starting to imagine things. Would he start hallucinating next? How pathetic. His ears twitched, catching the slam of a car door and the hurried rush of footsteps on his driveway. Wait a minute...

Her scent became stronger. Could it be?

Inuyasha flew across the house, flinging the door open with unnecessary force, nearly tearing it from the frame. Kagome gasped, her tiny fist poised to knock and announce her arrival.

She was here, unless this was some horribly cruel delusion.

She quickly recovered from her shock, smiling softly at his dumbstruck expression. "Hey Inu," she murmured awkwardly.

Inuyasha just stared, somewhat caught up in a trance. He wanted nothing more that to push her up against the wall and kiss her within an inch of her life, letting her know exactly what she meant to him. However, a fine trembling of limbs caught his attention, snapping him out of his daze.

His eyes narrowed as he took in the state of her. She was soaked, still dressed in her favorite pjs, the small jacket she'd grabbed doing little to protect her from the elements. Her hair and clothes clung wetly to her skin as she shook, that perfect smile still plastered on her face.

He scowled, grabbing her by the wrist and tugging her into his home. "Stupid wench, ain't you ever heard of an umbrella? Don't you have any common sense?"

He shoved her into the bathroom with a change of clothes, muttering to himself about silly women and their weak human bodies.

Kagome leaned against the closed bathroom door, still unable to remove the smile from her face. It was unbelievable. She hadn't been with him for more than a minute and already she was beginning to feel right again. That terrible aching void that had been her constant companion in his absence was finally starting to lessen.

Breaking through her musings, her body shook violently, forcing her to acknowledge just how cold she was. She eyed the shower thoughtfully, finally deciding he wouldn't mind if she took one to warm up. She shred her clothing and stepped into the warm spray, trying to order her thoughts for when she faced him again.

Meanwhile in the living room, Inuyasha was an emotional wreck, not that he would ever admit it. An hour ago he was losing his mind missing her and now she was wet and naked in his bathroom. He tried very hard to ignore that fact. He needed to get a grip, his instincts were going haywire.

He could tell already that she was going to forgive him. He would never be able to understand her ability to give him another chance. After everything that he had put her though, after everything that he had said, she had that look in her eyes that said she didn't care. She loved him despite what a bastard he was.

Did he really deserve to be forgiven so easily? Could he live with himself, knowing what he had done to her and what he could very well do again? Inuyasha frowned and sat down on the couch, a shocking realization sparking in his mind. Her friends were right. He didn't deserve her...

His heart clenched when he realized what he had to do. He loved her as much as he was able, he knew that now, but it would never be enough. She deserved someone that would treat her right, not someone that yelled at her and made her cry. He truly wanted what was best for her, and just maybe, that wasn't him.

It wasn't long before he heard the shower stop and she stepped out of the bathroom in a cloud of steam. She looked radiant, dressed in one of his t-shirts and a pair of his gym shorts, her hair an unruly wet mess. Inuyasha hardened his resolve as he stood, gesturing for her to have a seat on the couch. She smiled again, that beautiful, heart-wrenching grin that nearly made him change his mind, and made herself comfortable among the cushions.

She looked up at him through dark lashes. "So I got your message..."

Inuyasha ran a hand through his hair, a nervous gesture he'd always had, and cleared his throat. "Ya about that, we need to talk."

Kagome ignored the serious tone in his voice, her happiness clouding her judgment. "I'm really glad you called Inu. I missed you. I'm really sorry..."

He held up his hand cutting off her speech, unable to listen to her apologize for his stupidity. "I don't think we should get back together," he bit out, voice clipped and resolute.

Kagome froze, uncertain she'd heard right. "Excuse me?" she asked timidly.

He closed his eyes, unable to lie to her face. "This isn't going to work out."

Silence answered him. The tension between them was so thick it was hard to draw a proper breath. Kagome's confusion quickly turned to anger as understanding set in. Oh hell no.

"Ugh I can't believe you!" She jumped up off the couch and shoved him hard in the chest, catching him off guard as he stumbled backward. "Why would you call me and say all those things, just to have me come over here and throw all this shit in my face?! Why do you keep pushing me away?"

Inuyasha sighed and turned his back to her, unable to face the look of betrayal in her eyes. He'd forgotten what a hellcat she could be when riled.

"Why?!" she shouted.

Still no answer.

Something in her snapped as she reached out, hand fisting roughly in the fabric of his shirt as she spun him around to face her. "Answer me!"

Inuyasha growled, his instinct to dominate taking over, and grabbed her tightly by the shoulders. "Because I love you, stupid woman!" he shouted in her surprised face.

Kagome's eyebrows shot up into her hairline. That was not the answer she was expecting. He looked just as surprised as she did by his unexpected outburst. He dropped her as if he'd been burned and quickly walked away from her, cursing under his breath.

She watched him pace, confusion warring with her joy at hearing that he really did care. "You have a funny way of showing it. What is this all about Inu? Tell me the truth."

He finally faced her, a pained acceptance reflected in his eyes. "Look Kagome, you deserve much better than a pathetic hanyou like me. I'm bad for you. I'm loud, rude, and often times violent. I don't want to be responsible for making you cry again. I hate to see your tears."

She frowned. "So don't do it. You think leaving is going to make me happy?"

"I can't help it, this is who I am! How many times have we done this already? How many second chances have you given me? I care about you too much to let you do this to yourself. I'll only hurt you again. I just want what's best for you."

She was quiet for a minute, leading him to believe she was beginning to understand. She sank back down onto the couch, her face turned away. A curtain of raven hair shielded her expression from his view. This was for the best. He didn't want to see the look on her face when she realized he was right and was finally going to let him go.

He was about to ask if she was alright when an impressive growl rose in her throat. She looked up, her narrowed gaze pinning him to his spot. Shit. He knew that look. She was pissed.

"Inuyasha, do you think I'm an idiot?" she asked, voice deceptively calm.

He gulped, knowing there was a trap hidden in her meaning. "No?"

She rose, fists clenched at her sides as she stalked closer to him. He didn't realize he was moving away until his back hit the wall, halting his retreat. "Do you think I can't make decisions for myself?"

He panicked. This was not what he meant at all. "No! You're one of the most intelligent women I know!"

His mouth snapped shut at the grin on her face, almost like a snarl. "Then how about you let me decided what's best for me, huh?"

He deflated, a protest forming on his lips. "But..."

A gentle finger pressed against his mouth. "No buts. I'm a grown woman. I can decided what I want and what I want is you. Now, do you have a problem with that?"

Gods she had never looked more sexy. Unable to come up with a suitable argument, his characteristic smirk blossomed on his face. "No ma'am."

"Good. Now shut up and kiss me you idiot." She tugged him down to meet her, lips crashing together. It felt like coming home. She moaned as he slipped his tongue into her mouth, his satisfied growl teasing at her senses. They broke apart with the need for air, foreheads resting together as they gasped.

Inuyasha recovered first and pulled her into his embrace, pressing a kiss to her temple. "I missed you so much," he murmured against her skin. "Don't ever disappear again."

"Only if you promise to stop making important decisions without me."

"Keh. Deal wench."

Inuyasha held her tighter, pleased when she responded to his touch. "For what it's worth, I'm sorry for everything. I love you and you deserve better." Kagome fidgeted in his grasp and he cut her off before she could argue. "BUT, for some reason you love me too and I'm going to spend every day for the rest of our lives trying to be worthy of being by your side."

The scent of her tears hit him hard. "Oi! We haven't been back together for ten minutes and I've already made you cry?"

Kagome sniffled and punched him in the arm. "They're good tears, baka. I love you too. Now how about you take me to bed and we make up lost time?"

He didn't need to be told twice. Inuyasha swept her up into his arms causing her to let out a girlish squeak. As he carried her towards his room, Inuyasha gave thanks to whatever God was listening. He didn't know how he got so lucky, but he would be damned if he let this chance slip through his fingers. He was serious about what he said. He loved this tiny human woman and he would do everything he could to make up for all the wrong he'd done her, starting this very minute. After tonight, there would be no doubt who they belonged to. Just as it should be.

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