Annie rushed through the halls, her glasses almost falling off. The smile on her face was almost bigger than her. She ran right past Bob and Larry, who were started by how quickly she came and went.

"Why do we give her such calm roles?" Larry asked his friend, but Annie was too far away to hear Bob's answer.

"They're here! They're finally here!" she yelled, so loudly it got Archibald Asparagus's attention.

"Who's here?" he asked in his British accent.

"The new cast members! They're finally here! I hope there are more kids!" Annie started running again, barely able to contain her excitement. When she got to the front window, Khalil was already there.

"See any kids, Khalil?" Annie asked the caterpillar, hoping for some good news.

"Not yet, but there is a rhubarb with red hair, and two teenage boys: a carrot, and a boy that I'm not really sure what he is, but he's got blonde hair. Oh! I'm also just now seeing a young girl with blonde hair. It looks like they are probably brother and sister. Well I guess you are in luck! There is another kid."

Madame Blueberry came and looked out the window as well.

"I heard about the brother and sister. The older brother's name is Alex, and his sister is Ellie. Pa really wants to do that Pirate movie, and his idea includes them."

"Has anyone told him as long as Larry and Lunt are not wanting to do the movie, it's not going to happen?" Annie asked.

"He doesn't care if it's years, he just wants to do it," Khalil explained, shaking his head.

"Sounds like Pa," Larry said as he hopped up, "Anything to be a captai..IEEE!" Quickly, he hopped away.

"What was that about?" Bob asked.

"No idea," responded Annie.

"Here they come!" exclaimed Madame Blueberry.

The front door opened, and the newest cast members came in. As soon as Annie saw the rhubarb, she looked at Khalil and motioned to where Larry had run off. "We are going to make sure those two get together," she thought.

"Welcome to Veggie Tales! I'm Bob the tomato, and Larry was just here a second ago."

The rhubarb gave a small smile, and Annie thought she saw her blush.

"Also, these are Madame Blueberry, Annie, and Khalil," Bob continued.

"Nice to meet you all! I'm Petunia," she responded to the group.

"I'm Nick, and this is my best friend Alex and his little sister Ellie," introduced the carrot.

"Nick and I convinced Alex to audition, and I guess things turned out well," commented Ellie giving her brother a look. Annie could barely contain how excited she was about meeting Ellie. Since Junior and Laura were best friends, and the peas stayed in a pod, Annie was alone a lot of the time.

"Well, it's good you guys know each other! Madame Blueberry, could you please show Petunia around? Khalil, can you show the boys? And Annie, how about you show Ellie around?" Bob asked, making sure everyone got to give a tour. They all agreed to their assignments.

"Great! Now, if you excuse me, I need to find Larry."

"Well, this is where the kids hang out most of the time. It's quieter today than it usually is."

The tour had gone well so far. Ellie had been excited about almost all of the things that Annie enjoyed. She didn't even mind when Annie got out the giant feather from Esther and tickled her with it.

"Where is everyone?" Ellie asked, wanting to get to know more of the kids.

"They're probably getting to know the other new cast members. They arrived this morning, but I also wanted to be sure to meet you four. Along with you guys, there's another kid named Gordon, another teenager named Aaron, and this guy called Blind Lemon, which I don't get. He is not blind!" Annie answered.

"Character maybe?"

"I don't know, but for the next silly song segment, he's going to try to teach Larry to sing the blues."

Ellie thought for a moment and responded, "I don't see that working."

"Me neither, but it will be funny. Larry's pet poodle even gets a part!" Annie commented excitedly.

"You know, you are a lot different than I thought you would be. You always play such quiet characters. I mean, in your first show you sang, but your only two lines were 'Hey,' and 'Pie?'"

"You're close. I actually got my first role in The Toy that Saved Christmas because my Grandpa was already on Veggie Tales, but not everyone remembers that since the only other person that was on set with me was Grandpa George. Madame Blueberry was also fun though. I got to eat pie!"

Ellie laughed and said, "I think we will be great friends!"

"Me too, but I'll warn you now we might get into some mischief," Annie answered with a nudge.

"I was about to warn you the same thing, and I think I know what our first act of mischief should be."

"Get Larry and Petunia together?"

"You saw the blush?"

"Of course!"

"Petunia told me on the way here that she and Larry actually met at the auditions."

"Thanks for telling me." Annie knew right there that she would not feel alone anytime soon.