Annie rushed down the hall, mad at herself for oversleeping on the second day of auditions for the new movie. As she burst through the door, she noticed that there was half of a booth set up on stage with Petunia and a girl who was probably Mr. Lunt's girlfriend sitting behind it. Drat! Bernadette was the last role they were going to fill. Annie mentally slapped herself as Ellie came over.

"Don't worry Annie; today was SO BORING compared to yesterday. Madame Blue was great for the waitress, we're getting an outside actor for One-eyed Louie, nothing happened that we didn't expect." Even though it was comforting to know that Annie didn't miss any excitement, Annie was kind of disappointed there was no excitement.

Bob went up onto the stage and spoke into the microphone. "Okay everyone, Madame Blueberry will be playing the waitress, Petunia will play Bernadette, Jimmy will play Mr. Lewis/ Sir Fredrick, Ellen will play Ellen, and we are getting outside actors for the blind man and One-eyed Louie." After Bob made his announcement, everyone got ready to leave.

"Is it weird that my first character's name is the same as my actual name?" Ellen asked Petunia

"Not really, it was the same for me in Duke and the Great Pie War."

Annie laughed a little as she thought about how many of the 'first time, same name' situations throughout the years were planned and how many were coincidence. Without realizing it, she was slowly walking over to Larry and Jimmy. In fact, she didn't realize she was anywhere near them until she heard Larry say, "I don't know Jimmy. I mean, Petunia's played my love interest before, but it's never been official girlfriend."

"What's the difference? There was more romantic stuff in Minnesota Cuke. This is nothing!" Jimmy was trying to keep his voice down.

"I know, but…"

"Look, if you want to see just how un-awkward you should feel, think about this: if your character was Sedgwick instead of Elliot, your whole purpose for getting back home would be to see her." Annie thought about this. The whole point of Mr. Lunt being Sedgwick, the lazy pirate who finds motivation in trying to see his girlfriend, was that Mr. Lunt would admit to having a girlfriend. Larry thought about this as well.

"I guess you're right, except for one thing," Annie tried her hardest to listen without looking like she was listening by going through all of the costumes. "I would, kind of, maybe want Petunia to be my actual girlfriend." Annie froze right there. Jimmy was just as speechless.



Annie was frozen in shock. Larry the Cucumber had more than a crush on Petunia Rhubarb. He wanted her to be his girlfriend.

"Oh, and Annie? Stop catching those dust particles coming off of those old costumes in your mouth and actually talk to us."

Darn! I really need to work on not looking like I'm listening. Annie turned around and joined Larry and Jimmy, both staring at her with knowing smiles. "It's just, all of the shows you did together, and you are just now maybe wanting to ask her out?"

"Well…" Jimmy looked interested, but Annie was pretty sure what was coming next. "It may not be 'just now maybe.'"

"Then, what is it?" Jimmy asked as Annie patiently waited for her thoughts to be proven right.

"More like, since I first saw her definitely."

Jimmy was speechless again, but Annie was riled up with excitement. "Okay, you need to get a perfect first date. I mean, this is Petunia. Now, what would be good? A fancy dinner isn't really Petunia's style, but with a picnic there's all sorts of little bugs you're afraid of…"

"Not fond of"

"…how about a movie? But neither of you like really sappy love movies so what about a kid's show but since it's still a date, one with a love interest."

"Annie!" Annie paused her excited ramblings to listen to Larry. "It's nice that you think Petunia and I are such a great pair, but I don't know how to ask her."

Jimmy thought for a moment, "Well, how about you just go up to her and ask. No big spectacle, maybe not even ask her to do date stuff with you the first time. Maybe just ask if she'd like to join you for some ice cream."

Larry just rolled his eyes, "Even that simple I still don't know how."

Annie looked at him with her innocent little girl eyes. "You're scared."

Larry replied, "No I'm not."

"Yes you are."

"No I'm not."

"Yes you are."

"Well, maybe a little." Even though this was the response Annie was poking for, she was still surprised. Larry? Scared? We're talking about a guy that even though he never officially sang it was going to sing a song about being stuck in a bear trap. Jimmy and Annie looked at each other until a devious smile was on Jimmy.

"Should we make him watch Esther? Or would us getting the tickle feather out bring back enough memories?" Larry's eyes widened at this suggestion.

"Okay! Okay, I'll ask her, but wait for it to be a good time." Annie smiled. She and Ellie would probably push it a little sooner somehow. She may have missed watching the auditions, but she was glad she didn't miss this.

A/N: Okay, I know I named this chapter "Auditions (Part 2)", but I didn't know what else could happen, so this is after the audition. Also, I know I've gotten some reviews with ideas, and they are appreciated. Just so you know, I'm honestly going to stay with the pirate movie for a while (if the first part seemed rush, it's because I was trying to get to this part). Also, I had a review that I'm guessing was someone's idea for a made-up show. I may do other fanfictions about shows that I make up for Veggie Tales to do, but all shows in this one I want to actually be shows Veggie Tales has made. Music Person, over and out!