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Chapter one - bruised cat

To be a burden is bad. Burdening a friend is sinful. I don't want to hurt my friends. He hurts me more then they would. I'll be fine. I wish it was true.

I felt terrible. Guess I was sick. My father had a tendency to beat me to a pulp while my mother went out to work. She works in an ally-way along with many other girls. They all wear skimpy clothing and crap loads of make-up. My dad beats me up mostly when he is drunk. He swears and tells me that IM meaningless. I already know its true. If it wasn't than I wouldn't only have one friend. Dads are meant to be kind... so I've heard but my opinion doesn't matter does it.

Where was I, oh yeah, I felt terrible. I woke up limp and weak. It hurt to breath and I had no money so there was nothing I could do about it. I got changed for school. I wore my black skinny jeans with my black shirt, trench coat and converse. I pulled my bag over my shoulder and met up with my best friend Saya. She's my only friend and the only person who knows about my dad. She found out by accident. Someone threw paint at me so I had to change my shirt and she accidently saw my bruises. From that day one we've been best friends. Also from that day on I've carried a pistol. My school is so poor they don't give a crap about weapons so I know they won't do anything about it. We walked down the street and met up with Saya's friends, Sven, Eve and Rinslit who was walking with her boyfriend Jenos. We arrived at school ten minutes early so I sat down. My lungs felt like they where on fire. I hissed in pain as I sat down.

"Train are you okay ?" Saya asked me. I nodded. My hair covered my face. The bell rang I stood up with help from Saya. We walked to registration, (For all you americans, thats homeroom :3), to see our teacher Mr. diskenth. He hates me and Saya. He says Saya is a witch and she's poisoning my mind. I was in too much pain to care this morning. First lesson was maths. I hated it because the only thing I knew how to do was roman numerals and algebra. The lesson dragged on as usual. Then was Forensics. I loved this lesson because I knew more then everyone else for some unknown reason. We did a lot of coursework. Third lesson was the worst by far. P.E!

I never went to this lesson along with Sven because it bored us. Sven helped me on a lot of occasions so I owed him. I hung with him when Saya was there but I knew he had a crush on eve. It made me laugh when he tried to flirt with him. When we had P.E me and Sven went down an ally to shoot some cans off of the neighbors brick wall. Today was worst by far because I was ill and Sven was late. I began to shoot the cans with my revolver, Hades. I lined the gun up with the can, took a deep breathe then shot. The can flew off with drastic speed. The next three went the same. I tried to imagine it was my father. Then everything went blurry. I felt hot and I began to fall. When I landed I found it really hard to breathe. When I did it felt like my lungs where on fire.

Sven p.o.v

I was looking everywhere for train. The young boy fascinated me and I found him amazing in everyway. I heard gun shots down the alleyway we normally went in. I heard three more knowing I was getting close. then it stopped and I heard a thud. I heard tweezing too. Did it ricochet ?I ran down the alleyway to find train. His cheeks where pale red and he looked like he was in agony. His breathing was shallow. I put my hand on his forehead. He was burning up.

"Sven." whispered Train. " Train stay awake please." I shouted. "stop shouting." he struggled. "it hurts to breathe." I picked him up on my back. He was Ridiculously light. I ran to the nurses office and laid him on the bed. "Train wake up please" I begged. The nurse pushed me out the door. I sat next to the door or an hour before they let me in again to see him barely breathing and bruised

Who would do this?


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