Chapter 2 - willow trees and weakest knees

Trains P.O.V

When I woke up Sven was sat next to me sleeping. I smiled because I knew Saya would never do something like this. It was sweet of him. My chest felt like it had fell in a pit of lava. I felt dizzy and terrible. Sven had carried me all the way here and without hurting me. I really owed him this time. Sven's eyes fluttered open and he lunged forward to grip his arms round me. "hey train." he said still holding me. I chuckled and wrapped my arms round his back. "Hey what are you doing here Sven, Saya will be worried." I said. "Saya was too busy with her new boyfriend to come and see you, she said she's busy and can't see you." he said. I flinched when he said boyfriend. Saya's last boy friend beat the crap out of me once because I hugged her. Saya left me covered in blood and bruises. I gripped Sven's back harder remembering how painful Saya leaving me was. It was more painful then the beating itself. "Train, what's wrong?" He asked. "she left me, he beat me up and she left me there by myself yet she acts like it never happened." I said. Sven sat on the bed and pulled me onto his lap. he pushed my head onto his chest and hugged me. He was warm like the sun. His heartbeat was a gentle lullaby. I snuggled closer and gently closed my eyes listening to his steady heart. I fell asleep in his arms warm and elegant. Why did he care? why did he take me here? why did he look at me like I died? why was his heart beating faster? Sven... Thank you.

Sven's P.O.V

He fell asleep in my arms breathing gently. I held him close. I would never have a chance like this again. Saya walked in the door leaving he boyfriend standing outside. "You finally got close to him I see, And voluntarily. wow that must have taken a lo..." "Shut it Saya, he was almost in tears because your boyfriend beat him senseless." I interrupted. She grimaced at this. "I told him never to tell anyone." She said. Preta stood in the doorway waiting for Saya. He grabbed her hand and she followed him out. I had never really liked Saya but this had gone too far

A couple of days later train had gotten a lot better. He still had his moments but he looked more radiant then ever. we spent a lot more time together then usual. One day we had skipped p.e as usual but instead of shooting we went to the willow trees. We laid under it for shade from the sun. Train leaned against my side. I wrapped my arm around his shoulder as we got closer and closer together. Train looked up at me with a pink blush across his cheeks. He sat up and stared at me. Our face where so close now. It all happened so quickly. we slowly closed our faces together sharing our first kiss. He draped his arms over my shoulders and mine around his waist. luckily nobody was there at the time. From that day on me and train where closer then everyone else

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