"K.K didnt know if he could last much longer. The way Biskit was touching him, licking down his fur, moaning his name and breathing heavily against his chest..it drove him crazy. He arched his back, moaning the other boy's name.

'Ohh..Ohh, Biskit…! H-harder!'

Biskit smirked and thrust in further, speeding his pace significantly.

'Ugh…K.K, oooohhhhhhhh…'

The guitarist moaned deeply, rolling his hips to Biskit's movements.

Soon they both reached their orgasms, and collapsed on the bed together, holding each other tight.

And they had kawaii yaoiz forever after.



Oh yes.

Yes, this is perfect.

You can't wait to submit this to .

Bluebear's going to fucking LOVE this.

Tabby leaned her head against the soft surface of her computer chair, sighing with relief as she took a swig of the peach flavored soda sitting on a coaster to her left. She brought up a paw to her forehead, wiping a layer of sweat off her brow and taking a moment to close her eyes and relax. She'd been working all night on this yaoi fanfiction, and had finally, at precisely 4:13:01, finished typing up the final chapter.

You know.

The sexy chapter.

Sitting back upright in her chair, Tabby saved the story to her desktop and re-opened the Internet tab, praying the wifi would work at this hour. Her hometown was definitely not known for its good Internet wasnt complaining,though. In a backwater town like this, she was lucky to get any signal at all!

Yes! Looks like it's working. Tabby typed in the URL for and clicked the blue link at the top of the page.

"Author: KawaiiKupKakesKitten

Title: Puppy Love

Chapters: 4

Rating: M

Genre: Romance/Angst

Summary: World famous singer KK slider finds himself falling in love with a commoner, and sexiness ensues. Rated M for sexy chapters later on! ;3 BisK.K. AU boy x boy yaoi DON'T LIKE DON'T READ! K thx bai! X3"







….Damn, when did it get so late? Or…uh…early?

Tabby rubbed her eyes and stretched, letting out a sleepy half meow,

half yawn. She sluggishly stood up and pushed her chair in, then trudged over to her

Sailor Moon themed bed, which could hardly be seen under the giant hoard of 'Kawaii KupKakes'

brand plushies that had started to pile up gradually over time. The kitten plopped down

on top of the bed, knocking over a few of the plush dolls.

She slowly dragged the covers over her body and fell into a deep sleep.