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Spencers Pov

Saturday...the day of my double date with Josh, Shanley and Aaron. Im so exited I have been waiting for this day the whole week!

There is a knock on the door. I open the door to see Shanley with lots of bags in her arms.

''Hi..come in'' I say as I turn around and she walks in.

''I've got LOTS of make-up, clothes, hair stuff and SHOES! '' She says with a huge smile on her face.

''Wow you are REALLY exited about this date but why? It's not like it's yours and Aaron first date!'' I say taking 3 of the 6 bags from her hands and we carry them upstairs to my room.

''Yeah but it is yours and Joshes first date!'' She says as we put our bags on my bed.

''Yeah but it's not like something is going to happen between us! I mean he is SUCH a Hottie and I'm just one of the millions girls that have a HUGE crush on him!'' I say sitting down on my bed.

''Spencer! Look at yourself! First...you aren't just a normal girl! You are a beautiful, talented and priceless girl! and second... if Josh didn't like you... he wouldn't have asked you out on that date now would he? I mean... did you see how happy he was when you said yes?'' She say with a smile.

''I guess your right! I'll give it a try'' I smile. After five hours of getting ready we are finally done! It doesn't take long when the boys arrive. Aaron and Josh go speechless as we open the door.

''WoooooooW!'' Josh and Aaron say together ''You girls look amazing!'' Added Aaron.

''Thank you'' We said and blush a little.

''Should we go now? The limo is waiting'' We get out and I lock the doors Aaron and Shanley are already in the limo and when I turn around, thinking Josh is in the limo too, I see him holding his arm out for me.

''Should we?'' Josh says with a brittish accent.

I laugh a little ''We shall'' I say as he takes my hand and we walk to the limo together. Swaney Todd is probably the scaries horror i have EVER seen! The date went great! The limo drops me and Josh to my house.

{A/N: Josh and Spencer live by themselfs in 2 different houses and Shanley and Aaron live together}

We stand at the door and we watch the limo drive off with Aaron and Shanley in it. Its 10:55pm and its starts raining really heavly so I open the doors and me and Josh walk in.

''It was a great night, Thank you'' I say. We are really close to eachother.

''My pleasure'' He says. I look deeply in his brown eyes and I just wish I could stay like this forever. He wraps his arms around my waist and I wrap mine around his neck. He kisses me sofetly and we then break apart from the kiss.

''Spencer I was meaning to tell you this a long time ago but I didnt have the guts to so I will say it now'' He says pulling me closer '' Spencer... I love you.. I love you from the first day I met you'' Right now... I feel so happy yet so...emm..suprised! I mean I really love him but I thought that he asked me out on the date just as a friend thats all!

''Josh.. I love you too'' I say. He smiles and we kiss yet again. We start to make out and I flip my high heels of not letting go of josh. I feel him flipping his jacket off as he lets go of me but we are still making out. Then he puts his arms around me again and i try to take is tie of. He pulls away.

''Spencer.. are you sure about this?'' He says and I can hear that caring tone in his voice.

''Yes...I am Josh I trust you'' I say un-doing his buttons. He picks me up and carries me up to my room. We fall on the bed with Josh on top of me. I am so glad me and shanley left the bags on the floor.

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