This little boy began living here recently.

Father told me not to question it, so I didn't. I just continued to watch him from afar as he played with my toys. I was honestly afraid to approach him, even though I knew he was younger than me.

I could bully him if I want. I've never had a little brother, or any siblings for that matter, and Father has abused me all my life. And here comes this little boy parading through my house looking like he's having the time of his life? That angered me.

But I chose not to harm him. In fact, I don't even think he realized I was here until I sneezed yesterday and he turned around. It was five days after he first showed up.

He walked up to me and said hi to me with a toothy grin on his face. It was kinda disgusting to see, but also a little heartwarming. It's never been a happy time in this house, but here comes this boy to brighten things. I want to smile, but I'm afraid of Father walking in and noticing. He doesn't seem to like when I'm happy.

The boy asked me for my name. I tell it to him and he says it back, although he pronounced the v like a b. Oh well, he was only a little boy, maybe one or two years younger than me.

He got ready to tell me his name when Father walked in and told him to go to the study room. The boy didn't understand, so Father got irritated and dragged the boy by the arm. It was the first time I ever heard the boy cry. It was also the first encounter I had seen of the boy and Father together, since the maids handled everything concerning the boy up until then.

Today the boy comes in the main room with a bandage on his face. I instantly know that Father has hurt him and it's bittersweet; Father didn't take his anger out on me, but he hurt this poor boy instead.

The boy sits by himself in the middle of the room for an hour, just staring aimlessly at nothing, until he curls into a ball and takes a nap. I was pretty unresponsive when Father first began abusing me, wondering why the hell it was happening to me and when it would ever stop. I planned to escape this place one day.

But now this boy is here with me. Am I going to have to plan for his escape, too?

I stare at this boy as he sleeps, and it doesn't look like a peaceful sleep. It actually looks like he's shaking. Maybe he's having a nightmare about the previous day.

Suddenly, I hear yelling in the next room. It's between Father and an unknown woman. I know the voices of all the maids in the house, and this woman is not one of them.

They keep mentioning a 'him' and how Father should not have 'him'. I'm not sure who they were talking about, but I had a feeling it was either the little boy or me.

The door is thrown open and a really pretty woman walks in, her hair pulled back and showing the frustration on her face. I begin to panic, having never seen a woman look as angry as Father, but calmed my breathing when her eyes widened at the sight of me.

"There's…another one?" she asks, staring at me. I'm not sure if I should respond, so I remain quiet.

The boy begins to wake up next to me, sitting up and yawning. He blinks and notices the woman.

"Mommy?" the boy says. The woman and I both turn to look at him. The woman gasps in horror.

"Giovanni!" she addresses Father in a shrill voice. She then narrows her eyes and grits her teeth. She turns around to face Father, who stands at the door. "Did you lay a hand on my child?"

"Your child?" he sounds disgusted. "That boy is our child."

I cover my mouth, trying not to gasp out loud. If what he says was true, then did that mean that little boy is my brother?

Then who is this woman? His mother, sure, but…mine, too? I never knew who my mother was, and I'm instantly hoping that maybe she is my ticket out of this hellhole.

"Whatever," the woman remarks coldly, picking up the little boy. She glances over at me before turning back to my father. "I can't believe there was another woman sorry enough to have a child with you."

It takes me a minute too long to process this. She said another. Does that mean that this little boy's mother and my mother are not the same person?

The woman continues. "It was a mistake to think that he should get to know his father. I feel sorry for this poor boy," she looks at me as she says that last sentence, and I frown.

"Whatever," Father says. "He'll manage."

The woman looks at me one last time with gritted teeth. Maybe in that split moment she thinks about taking me with her; I almost scream out for her to take me, but I remain silent. She closes her eyes for a moment before glaring at Father.

"I'm leaving, and not bothering to come back," she says, beginning to storm out of the room. I feel time slow down, wanting to run after her and the little boy, escape forever from this place and never look back, too.

But I don't have that option. The woman storms past Father, leaving with the boy and never turning back.

Father watches her leave, and when I hear a door slam he turns to me.

"He could have grown up to do great things," he scoffs. "Oh well, her loss." He then smirks at me, and I feel like crying. He walks over to me and kneels down in front of me. I want to just scurry away, but any false step and he will beat me. I have tried before. Never again until I was sure it would work.

"Silver," he says, which confuses me. He never calls me by name. "You're my only child from this point on."

He then stands up and laughs, continuing that awful laugh until he walks out of the room and closes the door.

From that moment, I would definitely find a way to escape this place and find this boy, my brother. We would take down Father's evil syndicate together and we would go on to do our own great things.

And years later, I was able to escape. I ran as far as I could, and it was time to find a Pokémon to help fight by my side. And to find my brother.

But there was a huge problem with the second plan.

I never learned his name.

Huge DiamondShipper here. I like the theory of Ash being Giovanni's son. So with Silver canonly being Giovanni's son...