Professor McGonagall looked out her window in the Headmaster's, or in this case the Headmistress's, office. "Everything is peaceful now Aria," she sighed. "If only you were here to see it." Memories came, unbidden, to the front of her mind, all clamoring to be acknowledged. Her has a young witch, her first day at Hogwarts, her true love, and the worst day of her life. As she fell asleep that night, one memory in particular haunted her. A young witch sat on the beach, watching a young child play in the sand. "Play wif me Mama," the girl pleaded. "You should Minerva," said the young man beside her. She laughed happily. "You should too Albus, or are you afraid of getting sand in your beard?" The memory faded as the man and woman, Albus and Minerva, went to join the child, still laughing and joking.

Did you ever wonder what made Professor McGonagall who she is? The stern Head of Gryffindor house, Dumbledore's most trusted advisor. What was her relationship with Dumbledore anyway? Were they friends, or something more? Follow Minerva McGonagall's life, from her youth to the present, and see the forces that shaped Minerva McGonagall into the witch she is today.

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