"Natalie I'm hungry!" said Monk

"But can't you wait till you get home?" said Natalie

"Ok lets drive home" said Monk

"But I need to pick up Julie! said Natalie

"Why do you need to pick up Julie!?" said Monk

"Would you have wanted to stay at school when you were a kid?" said Natalie

"Yes!" said Monk

"How about this i have a cookie in my purse why don't you eat this now then when i pick up Julie we go to your house and get some thing to eat?" said Natalie

"Fine" said Monk

then Natalie gave monk a cookie

"Natalie i can't eat this!" said Monk

"Why not?!" said Natalie

"Because its broken!" said Monk

"If you don't eat it you wont get any thing till you get home." said Natalie

"Fine" said Monk

then Monk dumped the cookies on ground

"I ate it!" said Monk

"Nice try you wasted food no food till you get home" said Natalie

"But Natalie-" said Monk

"But nothing we are five minutes late to pick up Julie!" said Natalie

"But-" said Monk

"Lets go!" said Natalie

"Fine" said Monk