Carrying Our Prisons

The next chapter in my Amy/ Rory series- enjoy! Set during 'A Town Called Mercy'. Did anyone love that episode as much as me? Also, anyone noticed the light bulb problems and the mentions of Christmas in every episode so far?

The Doctor furiously ran out of the old, wooden building followed swiftly by Rory and then Amy. Before she walked out the door, Amy was blocked by her husband's arm.

"Are you really letting him do this?" She asked.

She was scared by how much the Doctor had changed. His anger terrified her. Rory understood that, but still had justification for what the Doctor was doing.

"To save all of us? Yeah, I really am." He replied.

Rory went to walk out but Amy pulled him back to face her.

"The Doctor would normally forgive him; this isn't right, and you know that!"

"Amy, look," Rory said gently, "Jex has done some terrible things, and all these people are innocent. This is their home and the Doctor's just trying to protect them. He's trying to protect us. What would you do?"

Amy didn't need time to think.

"I'd give him a chance. Look at all the stuff he's done here. He's helped the people here so much, and that's INCREDIBLE! He's dedicated his life to this town. He's changed his ways."

"I know, but you can't change the past."

"But the past shapes the future."

Amy's reply shocked Rory. He found it to be irritatingly clever but so Amy of her. He loved how she would never give in. An argument was always HER argument.

"Amy, all he's doing is protecting us. One war criminal for the lives of all these people all of us. He just wants everyone safe; he wants you safe."

Rory slowly moved Amy's hair from her eye and stroked her cheek. She loved how gentle he always was with her. He was always picked on at school for it. She remembered walking home with him and tending to his bloody nose and black eye whenever the bullies got to him for not being 'a man'. At the time she never realised, but Rory was exactly the kind of 'man' she wanted.

"I'm worth protecting, then?" Amy asked him with her eyes shining like stars.

"Of course..." Rory replied and kissed her. She kissed back. They didn't want the moment to end but they both realised what was happening just a few metres away when they heard the Doctor shouting at Jex.

Rory rushed after the group of angry humans and aliens, and Amy walked out behind him.

"We all carry our prisons with us." She whispered before moving on.

They ran on, and chaos ensued...