The Dungeon

(Note: All names, places and characters are completely fictional. Any resemblance to real people is purely coincidental, so shut up. ;)

Chapter 1- Invitations

A clear, white moon shone over a great building in the night. The forest surrounding the building lay serene, not a creature within making a sound. An old sign on the side of the road swayed briefly with the wind, then broke and crashed to the ground. It read: "Pokemon League Headquarters."

The wind grew stronger. Clouds raced across the sky, away from the area as if fleeing from something. The bright moonlight suddenly went out like when one turns off a light switch. Everything was instantly draped in shadow. The white moon was now black, and the silence was deadly.

If there were anyone there to witness this, they wouldn't have been able to see when two small children appeared out of thin air in the sky. They floated above the roof of the great building, then dropped down. The two children passed through the roof like ghosts and flew unnoticed through the walls until they reached their destination.

They came to a large room filled with computers. After destroying the security camera with nothing more than a glare, they walked up to the largest computer in the room and got to work. One of them typed several numbers into the database.



The screen flickered and showed this:

International Pocket Monsters League Trainers Log

Name: Kay, Tamora ID Number: 47725 Occupation: Trainer Hometown: Goldenrod City, Johto Birth Date: April 9, 1986 Registration Date: August 21, 1998 Pokedex: 7 Current Team: Female, Seadra, Lv 23, (Dora) Female, Ponyta, Lv 18, (Ponytail) Female, Ivysaur, Lv 22, (Saura)

Name: Kendo, Hiroshi ID Number: 48826 Occupation: Kendo Gym Leader Hometown: Ecruteak City, Johto Birth Date: March 24, 1948 Registration Date: March 24, 1956 Pokedex: 28 Current Team: Male, Farfetch'd, Lv 65, (Negi) Male, Scizor, Lv 71, (Kento) Male, Sudowoodo, Lv 43, (Manemono)

Name: Lad, Brian ID Number: 38486 Occupation: Trainer Hometown: Violet City, Johto Birth Date: October 17, 1987 Registration Date: October 18, 1998 Pokedex: 10 Current Team: Male, Fearow, Lv 54, (Fearless) Female, Weepinbell, Lv 38, (Bell) Female, Sandslash, Lv 53, (Sandy) Male, Heracross, Lv 14, (Hero) Male, Jolteon, Lv 56, (G. I. Jolt) Female, Lapras, Lv 42, (Laps)

Name: Lexing, Shade ID Number: 36740 Occupation: Trainer Hometown: Lavender Town, Kanto Birth Date: January 3, 1984 Registration Date: September 2, 1994 Pokedex: 8 Current Team: Male, Gengar, Lv 55, (Phantom) Female, Marowak, Lv 56, (Skullface) Male, Crobat, Lv 53, (Dracula) Female, Sneasel, Lv 52, (Kittyclaw) Male, Girafarig, Lv 49, (Bane) Female, Haunter, Lv 27, (Spooked)

Name: Smith, Kyle ID Number: 40513 Occupation: Collector Hometown: Fuchsia City, Kanto Birth Date: July 13, 1985 Registration Date: September 2, 1995 Pokedex: 198 Current Team: Female, Ariados, Lv 52 Male, Hypno, Lv 52 Male, Ampharos, Lv 51 Male, Blastoise, Lv 60 Female, Steelix, Lv 47 Porygon2, Lv 36

Name: Sun, Lydia (Lyddie) ID Number: 33555 Occupation: Breeder Hometown: Sunflower Town, Johto Birth Date: June 18, 1987 Registration Date: September 20, 1998 Pokedex: 14 Current Team: Female, Bayleef, Lv 41, (Sunleaf) Male, Golduck, Lv 45, (Quack) Male, Arcanine, Lv 44, (Rover) Female, Nidoqueen, Lv 48, (Rina) Female, Murkrow, Lv 26, (Majene) Male, Gyarados, Lv 32, (Gyaradon)

Name: Turner, Trey ID Number: 46315 Occupation: Sunflower Gym Leader Hometown: Cinnabar Island, Kanto Birth Date: February 4, 1985 Registration Date: September 5, 1995 Pokedex: 3 Current Team: Male, Charizard, Lv 62, (Inferno) Male, Charmeleon, Lv 58, (Firestorm) Male, Charmander, Lv 54, (Blaze)

Name: Windslow, Kate ID Number: 36821 Occupation: Trainer Hometown: Celadon City, Kanto Birth Date: March 26, 1989 Registration Date: September 2, 2000 Pokedex: 9 Current Team: Female, Ninetales, Lv 35, (Tales) Male, Clefable, Lv 33, (Moony) Male, Venonat, Lv 22, (Venom) Electrode, Lv 37, (Electron) Female, Marill, Lv 15, (Maria)

They quickly printed this out and closed the page on the screen. Then the two mysterious children faded away into nothingness, taking the paper with them.


Route 21, Kanto 2:57 PM

A Lapras swam cheerfully in the ocean on the way to Cinnabar Island. She sang prettily to the tune coming from the radio a teenage boy on her back was playing. The Trainer, Brian, on the other hand, was busy studying Algebra on his laptop. Though the day was beautiful and the lapping waves all around made for a relaxing atmosphere, the Trainer's face showed boredom.

"You know, Laps? Sometimes I wish I never got this laptop. I mean, I never imagined mom would be sending me schoolwork of all things. I wish I never gave her my e-mail address."

Laps sung on, too used to her Trainer's consistent grumbling. It was rare for them to ever go out on the ocean like this, and she was enjoying every minute of it.

"Speaking of e-mails." The teenager's face brightened a little as he clicked on an icon on the screen. "I've got mail!" He quickly read over the e-mail's contents, then grinned. "Change of plans, Laps!" he yelled.

"Laaaaap?" The Lapras groaned.


Celadon City, Kanto 3:32 PM

"Kate, are you done yet?"

"Almost, mom!" the young girl called from her room. She turned back to her desk and sighed. She wasn't even close to finishing! "I.hate.homework!" she muttered to herself, and tried for the fifth time to concentrate on her book and not her new trading cards.

"Oh, and Kate?"

"What?" she growled. Her mother's constant nagging wasn't helping her get her work done either.

"The mailman just came by. There's a letter here for you!"

"Really?" Quickly abandoning her book, Kate dashed to the kitchen and grabbed the letter on the counter. Ripping the envelope open, she skimmed the writing and whooped with joy. "Sorry, mom! Tell Mrs. Martin I'm taking leave again!"

Laughing, she ran back to her room and began packing.

"Alright!" Kate's mother called back, "But after you finish your homework!"


Sunflower Town, Johto 4:05 PM

The Sunflower Gym was in its daily routine. Pokemon Trainers from around the neighborhood came to train and practice after school everyday, so it was always busy in the evening.

In the main arena, the Gym Leader, Trey, instructed the Trainers in the use of defense techniques, using his Charizard as an example. Suddenly, a Pidgey flew in through the window. The Charizard caught it in his claws and handed it to his partner, somewhat ruffled, but unharmed. To the Pidgey's legs were tied two messages. One was addressed to him, but the other was for someone else.

"Lyddie? Could we talk for a moment?" he asked a girl in the crowd.

They met in his office.

"Here." Trey handed her one of the messages.

Lyddie read it out loud. "Dear Lydia Sun, you are invited to a Pokemon Tournament held in the Silver Mountain Ranges of Kanto. We encourage you to come for we guarantee that it is a once in a lifetime chance. Further directions are listed below. We will be expecting your arrival within two weeks."

Lyddie looked up from the paper to Trey with an excited smile. "I've never been to a tournament before! I can't believe I've been invited!"

"I'm invited too," Trey murmured, a troubled look on his face. "And I can't believe it either. You're a Breeder, right?"

"Sometimes I battle."

"But when you registered into the Pokemon League, you entered as a Breeder?"

"Yeah." Lyddie answered, confused. Then she gasped.

"Right." Trey nodded. "Most Breeders don't battle with their Pokemon, and most Gym Leaders don't participate in Tournaments. So why were we chosen? And most importantly, who invited us?"

She looked at the paper again. There was no signature, no name; nothing that would reveal who was behind the Tournament. She gulped. " we shouldn't go?"

"I don't think you should; it might be dangerous. But I'm going to have to report this to the Pokemon League then check it out." Trey said, picking up the phone on his desk.

"No, wait!" Lyddie stammered. "There's lots of other Breeders out there. Whoever sent this must have a reason for inviting me. I want to go too!"


Route 28, Kanto Two weeks later, 8:44 PM

Rain came down like sheets, accompanied with roaring thunder. This was Shade's favorite kind of weather. The bus drove on through the storm in darkness except for the headlights and flashes of lightning.

To some people Shade was an unusual girl, even for a teenager. She was usually very calm and composed, and not the least bit friendly. Her love of dark and sinister things often made people think of her as a witch (which she enjoyed immensely), and if it weren't for her other hobby, Pokemon Training, she would have probably spent most of her life alone in her attic.

The bus started climbing the mountains. Powerful winds threatened to push them off the cliffs. Shade smiled. Giggles from the front of the bus quickly turned her rare smile into a frown. There was that idiot girl again, flirting with the bus driver. Her nice looks and cute blond hair didn't matter to Shade; she hated people like that.

Flinging back her long black hair, she tried to drown the other girl out by focusing on her letter again. She still didn't know why she even bothered coming to the stupid Tournament. It didn't seem official and certainly not very intriguing. And even worse, the other girl was going to the same place.

After a couple more hours, the storm still hadn't let up. It seemed even wilder than before when the bus finally stopped.

"Huh? Where are we?" the young blond, Tamora, asked sleepily.

"Silvermoor Manor. This is where you were heading, weren't you?" the bus driver said.

"But- but this is the middle of nowhere!" Tamora gasped.

There was a flash of lightning, and a menacing castle was lit up before them. The two girls picked up their belongings and stepped out of the bus into the rain.

"Be careful, you two!" warned the bus driver. "You weren't the first to go into this place. Let's just hope you're to first to come out." Then he drove away.

"Wait! What do you mean?" Tamora cried, but the bus was already out of sight. Another flash of lightning made her jump. "This was such a bad idea!" she moaned.

Shade smiled again. Maybe this wasn't such a bad idea after all.