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Whether it was a miracle, some act of fate, or the universe just being kind, Rory and The Doctor somehow managed to return to the safety of the TARDIS. She hummed loudly, welcoming both the human male and the broken man he was carrying. She twisted her corridors to the situation accordingly, allowing a short journey to the TARDIS medical bay. It was strange. It wasn't long ago that Rory had been the patient in here, and The Doctor the one who was nursing him back to health. Of course Rory hadn't seen it quite like that. He'd been scared and frustrated, angry, and in pain. But none of that compared to what The Doctor must be going through right now.

Rory placed The Doctor down on the cot in the corner of the room and began moving around the room collecting medical supplies, his hands did all the thinking, Which was a good thing because his brain wasn't working at its maximum capacity. The Doctor, if he was conscious, would have probably said his mind was affected because he was so humany-wumany. The man for all his genius didn't half talk like a child sometimes. Though he was familiar with most of the medical technology and The Doctor had given him a briefing on Timelord biology ( In case of emergencies like these) he was starting to internally panic. He didn't know how to fix him up but he was going to do his dam hardest to do so.

He cleaned the aliens bloodied flesh with tender fingers and stitched up his wounds, and set all of his broken bones. There was no sign of regeneration, but then Rory wasn't sure what he was supposed to be looking out for as The Doctor had informed him that each regeneration is different. You either go in a massive flash of light emitting your very being, like River, but then The Doctor had told tales of Timelord's simply fading into their new bodies. Was that what The Doctor was doing now? He was silent and unnervingly still bar the slight movement of his chest which indicated his lungs were still taking in and expelling air.

"I don't want to lose you." He whispered, caressing the top of The Doctor's dark mop of hair. "You said that when Timelord's change, everything changes, their personalities, their likes, their dislikes, and I'm terrified of that. Do you know why?" He smiled softly. For a moment he'd half expected The Doctor to pop up like a jack in the box and reply with that manic grin and buzzing eyes, and words that probably only made sense within his mind. However this wasn't the case. He stayed silent. He stayed still. Rory sighed and continued talking. "It's because if your likes and dislikes change I'm worried that … that you won't like me anymore. Or that you at least won't see me through the same eyes. I don't mean physically cus I know you're going to have different eyes but I mean you just won't see me in the same light. I won't be important to you anymore."


Rory blinked. There were tears filling his vision. When had they gotten there? Somehow it didn't matter. All that mattered was the one word The Doctor had said. It was the first word he had spoken in hours. "Never?" Rory swallowed down the question like a bitter pill.

The Doctor looked up at him through half lidded eyes. He wasn't fully awake but at least he was conscious now. "I could never think of you as unimportant. No one and I mean no one is unimportant Rory. If you haven't learnt that then your travels with me have taught you nothing. Besides I'm not regenerating. I rather like this body. I do believe you may have just gotten to me in time."

"You're not?" Rory couldn't help the breath of relief that spiralled from his lungs.

"No. Same old me. No change here." The Doctor grinned mildly.

"Good. That's er- good." Rory stammered.

The Doctor seemed to observe him for a long while, retreating into silence once more. Rory's first instinct was to panic. Was he taking a turn for the worse again? But then as he spoke again eh found himself once again breathing out his relief. "You said that you're in love with someone."

"Yes. Yes I did."

"Someone other than Amy."

"Yes. I mean, I still love her, a lot actually. But I am in love with someone else."

The Doctor bit his lip and began to look rather sheepish. "Is this someone…"

"You?" Rory raised an eyebrow.

The Doctor nodded and made a small humming sound in the back of his throat. "That's the word I was searching for."

Rory shifted nervously when he realized The Doctor was waiting for an answer. "Yes." Was all he managed to mutter.

"I see." The Doctor for a moment looked puzzled, then disgusted, then angry, and then a look flashed across his face so vividly that it was like a light switch had been switched on within his mind.

That was the last of that conversation. For now at least.

Weeks could have passed, who knows. Time was always a foreign concept in the time machine, how strangely ironic. Rory began to count the time through the days it took for The Doctor's body to repair himself. It was a surprisingly quick recovery but Rory supposed that that was due to The Doctor's fast working alien DNA. A lot of the time the two of them just chatted. Sometimes Rory would read bedtime stories to The Doctor. This always made him smile as his voice always made the Timelord sleepy. But then there were darker conversations about why The Doctor had been interrogated and tortured by the aliens. All that had been said on that particular topic was that it was to do with The Doctor's name, after that Rory had been shushed.

It was frustrating at times to know The Doctor had so many secrets and soon Rory felt like he was tripping and slipping all over the place in order to avoid the subjects that had been named 'the forbidden things.' So far this included : The Doctor's name, feelings, the time war, and for some strange reason banana's. Why banana's was a forbidden subject was a mystery.

One day Rory, when The Doctor was up on his feet and spinning around the TARDIS once more, felt the questions spilling out of his mouth in a rush. "Why's your name so dangerous?! Why the hell can't we talk about banana's?! And what's with the avoiding our feelings crap!?"

The Doctor turned on his heel to face Rory and stared at him with wide, sad eyes. He stepped forwards and took hold of both of Rory's arms. "Oh Rory. The lone centurion. So many questions." His voice was surprisingly soft, not the anger filled words Rory had expected.

"Why?" Was all Rory was able to choke out.

The blank spaces where on any normal being eyebrows grew scrunched together. "My name is a part of me. It is my past. It is my future. It is my present. I am a time traveller Rory. I'm probably the oldest time traveller there is. It is dangerous. That's all you need to know. People will die if I were to say it."

Rory nodded, The Doctor's words falling neatly into his head. "And the banana's?"

"I used to have a friend. Her name was Rose. Rose Tyler. I always used to tell her that bananas were good." He spoke the name as if it was the most precious thing in the universe. To him perhaps it was.

"You loved her." It was a statement not a question.

"I did, but Rory I'm incredibly old. I've loved many people in my life."

"Which answers the third question."

The Doctor swallowed. "Rory – I –"


Rory turned away and went to vent out his anger by doing as many laps in the TARDIS pool as he could. That night he dropped onto his bed in exhaustion. Feelings, he decided, were a pain indeed, quite literally. The Doctor could never love him in the same way as he loved him. Either because he was still hung up on the Rose girl or because he'd simply decided that because he'd been heartbroken in the past he wasn't going to let anyone in.

More time passed and Rory noticed a change in The Doctor. He sometimes caught his green eyes staring at him in a way that set his skin on fire. Then there were the time where The Doctor would smile a wonderful smile and Rory just knew that that smile was meant for him and him alone. Personal space became an uncommon thing between the two of them. There were touches that lasted a little too long.

"Doctor –"


"I want to kiss you."

Rory's heart was pounding in his chest. This was quite possibly the boldest move he'd ever made and he had no idea of how The Doctor was about to react.

The Doctor, who had been doing some maintenance on the TARDIS console sat up abruptly, smacking his head loudly against the underbelly of the console. "I –" He licked his lips, wetting them before continuing. "I don't think that would be a wise idea. Think about Amy! Wouldn't we be betraying her? I can't do that to little Amelia Pond."

Rory sighed and nodded in understanding, but he wasn't about to give up any time soon. " We could go and see her." He suggested. "Tell her what's happened."

"Nothing has happened." The Doctor said in a half whisper as he stood to his feet.

Rory frowned and moved closer, placing both his hands on The Doctor's side. "You can't lie to me Doctor. You feel something for me, don't you? I don't know what it is but you do. I feel that too." He grabbed one of The Doctor's hands and placed it on his own heart.

The Doctor turned his head away from Rory but the hand on his chest curled its fingers into the soft material of Rory's shirt. "You have no idea what it's like for me. I lose everything that I love. I have no way of protecting you. And even if I could protect you I can't stop your aging process. You'll get old and die. And I'll stay the same. " He turned back to face Rory, tears swilling in his eyes. " I can't stand endings."

"Isn't it better to have loved than to have not loved at all?"

After that The Doctor was unusually quiet and spent most of his days thinking. That was until he took Rory to the lost moon of poosh which since its recovery was just the lost moon of poosh now. Apparently it was a long story. Rory somehow doubted The Doctor had anything but long stories to tell.

He turned to Rory and wrapped his fingers around his wrist. "You were right."

"Oh. Right about what?" Rory's breath hitched in his throat as The Doctor closed in.

"It is better to have loved than to not love at all."

The kiss they shared right then was soft and sweet and sent Rory weak kneed and giddy. It was a long time before either men retreated back to the TARDIS. They spent that time ogling each other like it was the first time they had met.

It was decided that they'd tell Amy sooner rather than later. So they stood side by side outside Amy's house. The person who opened the door wasn't the Amy they remembered. She was older. Much older.

"Oh." The Doctor's lips pressed together in surprised. "I think I may have made an incy wincy mistake when it came to setting the dates."

"You think?"

The Amy who wasn't really Amy didn't seem shocked at all. She was smiling, beaming that great big smile that Rory hadn't seen in a long time. It meant she was happy. Truly happy. "Are ya just gonna stand there?" She asked, her voice thick and Scottish.

"Um…?" Rory hummed and frowned.

"Just go on in. You know Amy. No one gets to say no to her." The Doctor whispered into Rory's ear.

Rory moved into the house. It was just how he remembered. It even smelt the same but with a big difference. It was lived in now. It wasn't just a house it was a home. "So, how have you boys been?" She asked, wriggling her eyebrows suggestively.

Rory and The Doctor passed each other a look of utter confusion. Rory shrugged and The Doctor took a tentative step towards the red haired lady. "Amelia …"

"You're here to tell me you two are together now."

"Well- I wouldn't say together. We've shared a few kisses." Rory muttered, his ears turning pink. "They were good kisses too."

"Wait. How did you know?" The Doctor asked out of curiosity.

"Your future self told past me about it. You muppet."

Things were a little more relaxed after knowing Amy knew all about The Doctor and him. Amy seemed genuinely happy though she informed the both of them that it hadn't always been that way, and her past self had taken the news rather badly. Still, she'd done well for herself. She'd moved on. She was a local journalist working for the Leadworth times and she'd met a man who treated her well. She'd settled in to domestic life very well and now found The Doctor and Rory's love for each other almost endearing .

When they left Amy's house it was all smiles and Rory slipped his hand into The Doctor's. "Back to the TARDIS then."

"Back to the TARDIS." The Doctor hummed, clicking his fingers and entering the box.

The universe was for once peaceful, like the an ocean lapping at grains of sand. Rory knew where there was calm there would always be a storm soon after. But he would be ready for it. With The Doctor by his side Rory felt like he could accomplish anything.

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