Let's renew the Boring Disclaimer: HunterXHunter belongs to Togashi Yoshihiro.

Chapter One
February in the sunny town of Azure Cosmos. Just another ordinary day. (Yeah, right.) On this day, four girls went to the beach, and found out something that would change their lives forever.
"Augh, I almost hate Californian winters!" complained Boiar. "No snow!"
"I couldn't survive in snow." Eilen responded.
"Who cares? Let's just look for hot guys!" Diana exclaimed.
Nina looked aroungd. "No chance of that. All these guys are idiots with hairy chests."
Eilen, Nina, and Diana trned to see Boiar with hearts in her eyes. "That guy looks SO much like Kurapika!!!"
Eilen moved up. "Hey, it does!" She elbowed Boiar, "Go talk to him."
"No need." Nina put on her sunglasses. "He's coming this way!"
The guy came closer to them. "Hey," He greeted.
"Hi." Boiar turned on all her charm. "I haven't seen you around. Are you new here?"
"Yeah." He was wearing weird clothes, and with long sleeves, too. "My name's Kurapika. Kurapika Kuruta."
"Hey, don't faint." Nina whispered.
"Would you like me to show you around Azure Cosmos?" asked Eilen. She grinned at Boiar.
"Sure." Kurapika smiled at her.
"Dang!" Exclaimed Eilen. "I forgot I had a piano lesson today! You show him around." She winked at Boiar and ran off.
"Who's that?" Nina was looking at a guy in a suit who was striding towards them.
Kurapika got a look o his face. "Leorio?"
Nina glanced back at him, "You know this person?"
"Uh... He's my brother..." Kurapika stammered.
Yeah, right, Boiar smiled to herself.
The guy in the suit's eyes widened when he saw Kurapika.
This time it was Diana with hearts in her eyes. "Oooh, Duo, you're going for Leorio?" Boiar gave a sly smile.
"Hey, at least I can tell that he's a guy!"
"Are you saying that Kurapika's a girl?!"
"He could be bisexual."
"Now you're saying that he's GAY?!"
"Kurapika isn't gay!" Boiar and Duo (Diana) jumped. Leorio had been listening. Seeing him, Duo swooned.
"See?" Boiar smirked. "Told ya." To Kurapika, she said, "Let's go."
They left Duo and Leorio standing there. (Nina had already left.)
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