So, today I'm supposed to be meeting my younger sisiter at the airport.
I haven't seen or heard from her since she was 16 since that was when she went to college. We have the same dad, my birth father, but different mothers.
She and my brother Matthew have the same mom and both live in New York.
Except now, Marissa is coming to stay with me and Kate in Seattle, as if I need more things going on in my life with Christan wanting to beat the shit me for crossing some arbitrary line and now my brat of a sister is coming to stay with me. I see her coming down the stairs with two bags and the rest on a roller thing behind ger. I must admit, as much as I don't need her in my life right now i am very happy to see her and she looks good but something is strangely off about her.
"Hey Issy," I exclaim.
"Ana!" she practically tackles her way through the crowd and wraps me in a tight bear hug. I'm vaguely aware that my phone is ringing but it's probably Christian, again so brush it out my mind and hug my sister. When i pull away from her I see she's been crying when ask her what's wrong she brushes me off with a dissmissive wave of her hand while we walk arm and arm toward the door when the figure in front of us makes my breath hitch and stops me dead in my tracks.

Marissa Pov:

"Am I doing the right thing by coming here?" I've asked myself the same question about fifty times since i made my announcement to leave town two days before.
Ana had always told me I was welcome wherever she Was but, I have never wanted to be in a postion where i was a burden on anyone. While I'm walking through the terminal weighing all of this I realize that I've never been to Seattle, I've been to Portland but never here. I look up when I hear Ana call my name, I don't think I have ever been so happy to see someone I was related to and rush to her.
I wrap her in an huge hug and i'm so overwhelmed i begin to cry on her shoulder.
When we pull apart I look into her blue eyes filled with concern and worry I vaguely reassure her not going into details while we walk arm and arm out into the parking lot when Ana Suddenly takes in a deep breath and stops abruptly in the middle of the terminal.