when they said Cupid was a wimp for using Arrows never met Daryl Dixon 2

Even after agreeing on going with these men to meet there group of unknown strangers and I still find myself fight this battle in myself about maybe them leading me in to a trap. I heard the kid I thinks name was Glen.

Yea Glen asks me if he could help me carry anything as he reached for my bags before we set off. No! I said and snatched it out of his reach. I didn't mean to be so rude but I still can't tell if I can trust them. I could see the hurt in his eyes and the strange looks I got from the other men. Last thing I need is them running away with my supplies. I quickly recovered by saying there no need for that. Nessie will hold my bags.

"Who's Nessie?" Rick asked "My horse" I replied swiftly I could see him look around confused. That's when I Whistled and I could hear her trotting feet coming towards me. Nessie stop right in front of me, waiting for my next command. I petted her nose and said that's a good girl. I smile and put my bags on her sides and placed my children upon her back, leading her by her reins.

I looked at Rick and said, "I'm ready." He nodded his head we are on are way to the camp sight. We haven't walked that far when I heard a noise and stopped I listened. The noise stopped as well so we kept going. When I heard it again but this time when I stopped I heard Nessie sequel like she was hurt. When I turned around I couldn't believe my eyes a walker with no legs had its teeth into Nessie back leg. I reacted without a second thought stabbed the walker right into its head and removing it swiftly.

But I knew it was too late the damage was already done. That's when I had to make a tuff decision, so took my children off her back put them next to Daryl. Who was watching closely to what I was going to do. I took the bags and put them on my shoulder. I walk to Nessie face I raised my head to her ear and whispered in her ear. I took two steps backs. BAM! Shot my beloved Nessie in the head.

I shacked off all the memories I had with her. I have to be strong for my children. With the bag on my right shoulder I bent down picked my son up with my left arm. As I did this I could feel my little girl get on me piggy back style. Without looking them in the eye I said "Let's keep moving" I could see in the corner of my eye that the men wanted to offer me help in carrying my bags but they could see in my eyes that I was stubborn. So they marched forward.