Dragonshifter: Okay, I was listening to "We Are Young" by Fun when I got the sudden inspiration to write this story.

It took Holmes and Watson about an hour to finish the packing. As they packed, both talked about the past few months. Holmes was the first to tell his story of the past four months. "I am not sure exactly about how I survived the fall. I do know that I blacked out when I hit the water. I am unsure how I got out from under the water fall, but I managed to float about four miles down the river. By the time that I was found on the river bank, I was barely alive."

"A doctor found me and he took me to his home. He took care of the my shoulder and the many cuts I had gotten from floating down the river. Then he put my arm in a splint and did what he could for my ribs. I did have some bruises, but there wasn't much anyone could do about that. I woke up from unconsciousness about three days later. When I did wake up, I remember waking up from a nightmare about Moriarty. He had you and was torturing you because…." At that point of the story Holmes stopped and looked at Watson. He had tears in eyes. "Oh Holmes" Watson said as he went over to his brother.

"That must have been horrible." They stood there for a few minutes until Holmes was able to continue his story. "It was a day later that I found out that Moriarty had not survived the fall. His body had been found a few yards further down the river from where I was found. He had drowned while he was trying to get out of the water fall. I guess he wasn't so smart after all. I mean, he did not consider the possibility of me grabbing him and pulling him over the wall to the water fall." Watson looked at him with a small smile. "Well, there is nobody as smart as you is there?"

"I suppose not." Holmes said returning the smile. "Anyway, after I woke up, I devoted myself to healing and learning all I could of that part of the world and what news was going around. I heard about a man who was searching the river for a man. Nobody knew this man, for he was not local, nor was he a native Swedish man." Watson looked sharply at Holmes when he said this. "Did your doctor say what this man looked like?" He asked. Holmes looked at Watson and said "No, why do you ask?"

"Before I answer that, tell me everything you heard about this man and his search."
"Okay" Holmes said with some confusion. He then started all that he had heard about the man. Talk of the man and his search had been going around for the first month and a half of his recovery. "Well, from what I heard, This man claimed to be looking for a man that was close to him. He said the man had dark hair, brown eyes, and was tall. They said the man searched everywhere and had gone up and down the river many times. I also heard a few men wonder why this man search so diligently for his lost companion." Watson sat down on his bed looking down at his feet with furrowed brows. He had not known that he had stirred up such interest. "Okay" He said "I will now answer your question on why I would ask about this man. I think they were talking about me Holmes. Mycroft only searched for you for a few days. I searched for you for a month and a half."

Watson looked at Holmes intently. " When I found nothing, I assumed that you were either mashed up on the rocks below the falls or you went farther down river than I suspected. But a month and a half of searching without a clue left me a little discouraged. I left to come home to Mary." Holmes looked at Watson then gave him a hug. "Had I known it was you who was searching, I would have done everything to make sure you knew my whereabouts." He said as he looked at his brother in the eyes. "even if I had to get out of bed and walk to find you." Watson smiled then spoke "I know. Please continue your tale."

"Okay. It took me about two and half months to be well enough for me to be well enough to start exercising again. I spent a month getting back into shape. Two weeks ago I started my travels back to our lovely city of London. I arrived in England a week ago, and I arrived in London six days ago. I took two days to observe you and four days to make my camouflage." Holmes shook out a shirt then folded it. "That is my tale to tell of the past four months. Your turn" He said as he looked at Watson expectantly.

Watson sighed then spoke "Well, you already know what I was doing the first month and a half of our separation. As soon as it was clear to me that I would not find you, I came home as fast as I could. When I arrived home, Mary was just finishing the gigantic task that you set her and Lestrade. She finished it about three weeks after my return. We then spent the next month or so going around town, shopping for our lost items." Watson glared at Holmes then continued his narrative. A month after my return, people started to come to ask if would help them with their problems, much like they were doing with you when we first met."

'When they first started to come, I had not a single clue what to do, but I found my way. Eventually I found going around town when I wasn't with Mary or shopping and investingating helped. I see now why you love detective work." Holmes smiled. "Look at that, we are done. Not a moment too soon." Right as Holmes said that, Mary walked in and looked at them. "I see you guys are done packing, good. John, it is time to go." She smiled and said good – bye to Holmes and left the room. Both men looked at each other. A look of understanding passed between them. John nodded then took his bags out to the taxi. Holmes followed and said his good byes. He left to go get his clothes. He had John's permission to follow on his honeymoon.