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Harry Potter wasn't happy.

Well, 'wasn't happy' was more of an understatement.

Harry Potter was pissed off.

He couldn't believe that after weeks without any contact from the magical world to which he belonged, that he would find out that the entire time he'd been back at Privet Drive that he was being followed…and the fact that Mrs. Figg (certified crazy cat lady) was a bloody Squib.

Harry paced the length of his room angrily, kicking away dirty clothes as he went. His anger was not directed at the dirty clothes, however, but more so directed at his so-called friends Ron and Hermione, and perhaps most of all Dumbledore, who apparently wanted to keep him in the dark about everything.

Harry gritted his teeth and flopped into the bed. "I better have three long, detailed letters full of explanations." He threatened the ceiling. And so with the full night of fighting off dementors catching up to him, he rolled over in bed, still fully clothed and fell asleep.

Unfortunately his heated threat to the celling hadn't guaranteed the letters.

After three days of being locked (still bloody pissed off) in his room, only allowed out for bathroom breaks; he felt strangely tired. It was the type of tired that made your limbs feel like floppy noodles and your mind strangely blank. So it was because of this when Uncle Vernon came to tell him that Aunt Petunia, Dudley and he were going somewhere that he couldn't find himself to care at all.

"We're going out," Uncle Vernon said wearing an outrageously fancy suit and had a disturbing smug expression on his face.

Harry raised a brow at him, "Sorry?"

"We-that is to say, your aunt, Dudley and I-are going out."

"Fine," Harry resumed his blank stare at the ceiling idly wondering why his Uncle was even telling him this, what with being locked in his room 24/7 it wasn't like it bloody mattered if they were in the house or not.

"You are not to leave your bedroom while we are away." His uncle continued.


"You are not to touch the television, the stereo, or any of our possessions."

"Right." Harry had a quick fantasy of blowing the house up before they returned but quickly dismissed it as his Uncle continued the list of rules (which he was honestly surprised that he didn't know them by heart yet, since his uncle had repeated them more times than he could count throughout Harry's life).

"You are not to steal food from the fridge."


"I am going to lock your door."

"You do that." Harry smirked.

Uncle Vernon glared at Harry, suspicious of his smirk and Harry's lack of argument but he didn't comment on it. He just turned and left, locking the door behind him.

After hearing the car leave, Harry amused himself by imagining different ways he could get Ron and Hermione to tell him what was really going on.

As the room grew steadily darker (it honestly seemed to fit his mood), however, Harry continued to lay there in a kind of stupor, thinking of nothing, suspended in misery.

And then, quite distinctly he heard a crash in the kitchen below.

Fatigue forgotten, he jerked into a sitting position. Thinking furiously, he knew it couldn't be the Dursley's, he hadn't heard the car. Harry slowly lowered himself off his bed and onto his feet listening with all his might (also trying to hear over his heart which seemed to be threatening to pound out of his chest).

It was silent for three heartbeats and afterwards he could hear people talking in low voices.

Harry snatched his wand from the bedside table and crept to his bedroom door resting his ear against and straining to hear more of what was going on.

The voices stopped abruptly and Harry held his breath listening for the creak of the staircase.

His heart jumped to his throat, however, when the door flew open from underneath his grasp.

Harry blinked his eyes twice trying to adjust them to the dark hallway and to make out the features of the eight or nine shadowy figures crowded in the hall.

"Lower your wand, boy, before you take someone's eye out," said a low, growling voice.

Harry didn't lower his wand even though he had instantly recognized that voice, "Professor Moody?" he asked haltingly, voice uncertain.

"I don't know so much about being called a 'Professor,'" growled the voice, "never really taught you anything, did I? Get down here; we all want to see you properly."

Harry lowered his wand slightly but maintained a firm grip on it. Considering that the first time he had met Mad-Eyed Moody it had turned about to be a Death Eater in disguise who had tried to kill him. Joy.

Trying to decide the best course of action, Harry's train of thought was derailed by a second, slightly hoarse voice.

"It's alright, Harry. We've come to take you away."

Harry's heart leapt. He knew that voice too, though he hadn't heard it in more than a year.

"P-Professor Lupin?" Harry asked disbelievingly, slightly stumbling over his words. "Is that you?"

"Why are we all standing in the dark?" a third unfamiliar voice asked before Harry got a reply.

"Lumos." The third voice, female, continued and in response to the incantation her wand tip flared, illuminating the hall with magical light.

Harry blinked, now seeing that the hall was quite crowded and the people below on the stairs were straining to get a better look at him (Harry struggled not to sigh and roll his eyes because honestly he should have expected it).

Remus Lupin stood nearest to him, even though he looked distinctly shabbier than when Harry last saw him he was smiling broadly at him and Harry struggled to return the smile through his shock.

"Oooh, he looks just as I imagined," said the witch who was holding her lit wand up. She was easily the youngest of the group besides himself. She was pretty with a pale heart-shaped face, dark twinkling eyes and most distractingly her short, spikey hair was a violent shade of purple. "Wotcher, Harry!"

"Yeah, I see what you mean, Remus," said a bald black wizard standing farthest back; he had a deep slow voice and wore a single gold hoop in his ear (plus he had that whole aura of complete and total confidence). "He looks exactly like James."

"Except the eyes," an old wheezy-voice interjected coming from the silver haired man in the back. "Lily's eyes."

Mad-Eye Moody who resembled a serial killer from a horror movie with his long grizzled gray hair and his nose had a large chunk missing from it, was staring at Harry suspiciously with his unwavering mismatched eyes. One was a normal small black, beady eye while the other was large round, and electric blue (plus it was magical and could see through walls, doors-even the back of Moody's own head).

"Are you sure it's him, Lupin?" He growled. "It'd be quite the mess if this turned out to be some Death Eater scum impersonating him. Someone ask him question only the real Potter would know unless one of you has any Vertiaserum on them?"

"Harry, what form does your Patronus take?" Lupin asked quickly before Mad-Eye could take his enquiries any further.

"A stag," said Harry nervously.

Lupin smiled, "That's him Mad-Eye."

Harry stepped down the stairs trying hard to ignore the increased fervor of the stares as he moved past the group, as he did so he absent-mindly stowed his wand in his back pocket.

"Don't put your wand there, boy!" Moody roared suddenly, causing everyone within five foot vicinity to jump in surprise. "What if it ignited? Better wizards than you have lost a buttocks, you know!" Harry resisted the urge to point out that he didn't know while the violet-haired women asked, "Who d'you know that's lost a buttocks?"

"Never you mind, you just keep your wand out of your back pocket!" snapped Mad-Eye. "Elementary wand safety, nobody bothers about it anymore…" he continued to growl under his breath as he stumped towards the kitchen. "And I saw that," Mad-Eye added irritably as the women rolled her eyes to the ceiling.

Lupin held out his hand and shook Harry's.

"How are you?" he asked, regarding Harry closely as if trying to see the changes in him from the last time they saw each other.


Harry was having trouble believing that this was all real; it had been four weeks without any hint of a plan to remove him from Privet Drive so a house full of wizards was a shock to his system. It seemed in fact as he regarded the wizards surrounding Lupin that this seemed to be a long-standing arrangement.

Harry pinched himself to be sure he wasn't dreaming, and once he'd confirmed that he was indeed awake he was suddenly aware that he hadn't combed his hair in four days.

"I'm-you're really lucky the Dursleys are out…" he mumbled.

"Lucky, ha! Lucky my broomstick!" said the violet-haired woman. "It was me that lured them out of the way. Sent a letter by Muggle post telling them they'd been short-listed for the All-England Best-Kept Suburban Lawn Competition. They're heading off to the prize-giving right now…Or they think they are."

Harry had a fleeting and very amusing vision of Uncle Vernon's face when he realized there was no Lawn Competition.

"So…are we leaving? Soon?" Harry asked because as amusing as it was to see Uncle Vernon angry he would rather be as far away as possible after his Uncle came home in a bad mood.

"In a moment," said Lupin, "we're just waiting for the all-clear."

"Where are we going? The Burrow?" Harry asked hopefully.

"Not the Burrow," said Lupin, motioning Harry to follow him into the kitchen. As they moved forward to do so the rest of the little knot of wizards followed suit (all of them who were still bloody staring). "Too risky," Lupin continued, "We've set up headquarters somewhere undetectable. It's taken awhile…" he cut off as they saw Mad-Eye Moody sitting at the kitchen table swigging from a hip flask, his magical eye spinning in all directions (Harry absently wondered if Moody believed Death Eaters were hiding in the Dursley's many labor-saving appliances).

"This is Alastor Moody, Harry," Lupin continued, pointing toward Moody.

"Yeah, I-er…I know." Harry stumbled through the sentence uncomfortably, it was odd to be introduced to somebody he'd thought he'd known for a whole year.

"And this is Nymphadora-"

"It's Tonks." The violet-haired witch said with a shudder.

"-Nymphadora Tonks, who prefers to be known as her surname only," finished Lupin.

"So would you if your fool of a mother had called you 'Nymphadora,'" muttered Tonks.

"And this is Kingsley Shackelbolt" – he indicated the tall black wizard, who bowed- "Elphias Doge"-the wheezy voice wizard nodded- "Dedalus Diggle-"

"We've met before," squeaked the excitable Diggle, dropping his top hat.

"-Emmeline Vance"-a stately looking witch in an emerald green shawl inclined her head- "Sturgis Podmore"- a square-jawed wizard with thick, straw colored hair winked- "And Hestia Jones." A pink-cheeked, black haired witch waved from next to the toaster (which Moody was eyeing with critical intensity).

Harry just nodded his head and gave them all an awkward half-wave in response, he hated the feeling of being onstage (plus he really wanted to know why so many bloody people needed to come).

"A suprising number of people volunteered to come and get you," said Lupin (Harry started a bit at that and wondered if being a werewolf let you sense emotions…) his lips twitching into an amused smile.

"Yeah, well, the more of us there are the better," Moony said darkly. "We're your guard, Potter."

"We're just waiting for the signal." Lupin explained to Harry while glancing out of the kitchen window, "We've got about fifteen minutes."

"Er-yeah right. Anyway, what's going on, I haven't heard anything about Vol-" Harry attempted to ask.

"Shut up." Moody growled, "We can't discuss anything here. Too risky." He turned his normal eye on Harry but his magical eye seemed to get stuck in place in its quest to whirl around the whole room. After getting Moody a glass of water to put his eye in Harry went upstairs with Tonks to pack his trunk.

"Funny place," she said, "it's a bit too clean, d'you know what I mean? Bit unnatural. Oh, this is better," she added, as they entered Harry's bedroom and he flicked on the light.

Harry's room was much messier than the rest of the house but Harry owed it to the fact he'd been in a bad mood, was confined to this place and he was a teenager.

As Harry shuffled around the room grabbing things to stuff in his trunk Tonks had wandered over to the mirror.

"You know, I don't think purple's really my color," she said pensively, tugging absently at a lock of spiky hair. "Makes me look a bit peaky…like a vampire I reckon."

"Erm-" said Harry, looking up at her over the top of a book on Quidditch.

"Yeah, it does," Tonks agreed with herself decisively. She screwed up her eyes in a strained expression and a moment later her hair turned a bright bubble-gum pink. This being even brighter than the purple color forced Harry to look momentarily away (it was a bit like staring at the sun).

"How did you do that?" Harry asked her as she opened her eyes again.

"I'm a Metamorphagus," Tonks said as she tilted her head to examine her new pink hair in the mirror. "It means I can change my appearance at will." She added as she caught sight of his confused expression in the mirror. "I was born one. When I was in Auror training I got top marks for Concealment and Disguise, it was great."

"You're an Auror?" Harry asked impressed and fascinated.

"Yeah," Tonks said proudly, "Kingsley is as well but he's a bit higher up then me."

Tonks ended the conversation by easily (though not very neatly) packing the rest of Harry's stuff in his trunk.

They headed back to the kitchen where the rest of the guard was waiting for them.

"Excellent," said Lupin, looking up as Tonks and Harry entered. "We've got about a minute so we should probably get out into the garden so we're ready. Harry, I've left a letter telling your aunt and uncle not to worry-"

"They won't," Harry said with a carless shrug.

"That your safe-"

"That'll just depress them."

"-and you'll see them next summer."

"Do I have to?"

Lupin smiled but didn't answer.

After Moody placed Harry under a Disillusionment charm (something that makes you look like a human chameleon) the guard trooped outside and mounted there brooms as bright red wand sparks colored the air.

As soon as green sparks replaced the red everyone had kicked off and were flying through the cold night air.

One crazy, cold, and hectic broom ride later they landed on some unkempt grass in the middle of a small square.

"Where…where are we?" Harry asked Lupin quietly glancing around but he just shook his head and put a finger to his lips.

Moody handed Harry a small slip of parchment. "Read quickly and memorize."

Harry looked down at the parchment, it read:

The headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix may be found at number twelve, Grimmauld place, London.

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