Ok just gonna see how this goes so I hope you enjoy it :D P.S. if you really wanna know this fic is sort of inspired by the Lizzie Bennet Diaries on youtube check it out. It's Amazing!

I straightened my hair a bit and looked into the camera ready to film my first vlog for youtube.
"Ok you can do this Gen people do it all the time why can't you" I told myself. I took a deep breath again and pressed record.

"Hello there internet I'm Gen and-"
"What are you doing?" my best friend Peter asked me as he walked into the room.
"And this my bestie Peter" I said throwing him down in front of the camera with me. He looked at the camera awkwardly and waved.
"Are we even allowed to do this?" he asked me.
"Last week we ditched yearbook to get some burgers and no one cared I think we can do this" I told him.
"Why are we doing a vlog?" I turned to the camera.
"Anyways I'm Gen spelled G-e-n but pronounced like Jen or Genevieve. Which is the stupidest name ever cause it sounds like the name of a french poodle" Peter laughed at that. I stuck my tongue out at him.
"Now to answer my bestie's question I'm making this vlog to get into film school because they told me to start making videos on youtube so they could see some film experience on my resume. Does that answer your question?" I turned to Peter.
"Why are you so smiley?" he randomly asked.
"Because people smile on youtube and I'm glad you're here with me because you're a nerd and people like nerds. We could be like the vlog brothers"
"No" he laughed.

" And what was that you were saying about me being a nerd?"
"Oh please yesterday you were writing out the formula for the Molotov cocktail"
"No I wasn't"

I was testing out my camera making faces into it and I saw Peter doing something in the background.
"What are you doing Pete?" I asked.
"Writing out the formula to a Molotov cocktail. And no it's not a drink it's an alcohol bomb"

"Did we have to do that for homework?" I asked.
"No just testing this out myself"
"Nerd" I mouthed to the camera.

"Hang on let's see what type of shirt Gen's wearing today since she's having so much fun calling me a nerd" he unzipped my jacket revealing my Captain America t-shirt.
"Oh look at that a Captain America t-shirt. Clearly we all know now who the real nerd is and by the way I have footage of you being a nerd too"
"You took my camera?" he smiled mischievously at me.

Peter grabbed a hold of Gen's camera while she was working on the computer. She barely noticed him grabbing it since her headphones were up so high. This moment was too good to not be on camera.

Peter started imitating my singing.

"At least I'm prettier than you" I shouted over his loud obnoxious singing
"Really Gen? Really?" he asked I shoved him on the shoulder making him chuckle.
"Nerd" I shouted at him.
"Bigger NERD" he shouted back.
"Anyways this is the yearbook room where I will be shooting most of my videos because the last things Peter and I tend to do in this room is work on yearbook" I muttered to the camera. We sat in silence for a moment.
"So that's it hope you enjoyed my first vlog youtube bye" I waved to the camera.
"Bye Gen's mom aka the only person who'll watch this" Peter waved to the camera.

Yeah woooo there's the prologue alright hope you liked it bye!