"Welcome to Dragon training!" The tall and skinny viking lifted the gate to the arena now turned training grounds. "Now as you all know, Vikings used to fight Dragons. But we now use them for a multitude of purposes. Military, gathering and hunting food, ect. And one day, you will know how to use the dragons you are currently riding properly. Today Astrid," Hiccup gestured to the blond next to him who promptly waved. "will be my assistant. And the next day. And the next." Hiccup began to blush and Astrid giggled. "Your know what, Astrid is my assistant."

A hand shot up. "Yes, you on the Gronkle," Hiccup pointed to a larger looking kid on the sausage-like dragon.

"Yea, is it true you and Astrid are dating?" he asked snidely. It was obviously an attempt to make the class laugh. And it worked. Even Hiccup laughed. But he was laughing at the boy who now had the head of an ax to his throat. And said boy was terrified.

"Yea. Got a problem with it?" Astrid said with a evil smile. The boy swallowed and began to nod but thought better of it.

"Yes ma'am," he stuttered nervously.

"Good." She straightened up and patted the boy's shaggy brown hair, who flinched at her touch. "Now if any one has any problems with me and Hiccup," she twirled her ax threateningly. "Speak up now."

A wave of shaking heads went through the gathered kids. Even the Dragons looked terrified. "Alrighty then. Hiccup?" she asked, waving her hand to the still smiling viking.

"Thank you Astrid. Now, today's lesson will be about how to stay on your dragon. Now each dragon is different in the ways of how, where, and what to ride on. Gronkles for example..."

The lesson continued as normal and at the end of the day, Hiccup retreated into his new office, one of the old Dragon cages. As he sat down to work he began to wonder why he hadn't seen Astrid leave, but he also hadn't seen her around either. But then again, she was sneaky. So he thought no more of it.

However unbeknownst to him, a tall, sexy and blond babe was sneaking her way under the table. Hiccup gasped sharply as he felt a swift tug pull down his shorts leaving him in only his boxers.

"Um, Astrid?"

"Yes?" she asked, her tongue out in concentration as she tried to get his boxers off.

"What are you doing?"

She stopped. "Well, Ruffnut was telling me about how she gave Snotlout a blowjob and it was great, so I wanna try it."

"But we've never even seen each other naked," Hiccup whispered.

"One, no one's here. Why are you whispering? Two, would it help if I did this?" she asked, and removed her blue striped shirt off. Hiccup's eyes nearly bulged out of their sockets as he gazed upon the blond beauty. It was dark, so he didn't even notice she didn't have her breast band on.

While most breast bands, used for viking teens, make them look completely flat, Astrid still managed to show a couple of small bumps, making her appear as an a A-cup.

But now her breasts were exposed and she looked more like an upper C-cup. Hiccup reached down and cupped them, feeling her erect nipple under his palm.

"Y... yes." he stuttered as he began to massage the soft globes. Astrid moaned slightly at his stimulation. "I suppose it couldn't hurt," he tried to reason. And the fact that his boxers were felling way too tight, was not helping his reasoning.

Astrid grinned wickedly and looked down. She nearly gasped at the size of the bulge in the Viking's boxers. My eyes must be lying. She tried to deny Hiccup's size. But when she pulled down his boxers down, she was nearly uppercutted by a nearly foot long cock! "Holy shit Hiccup!" she said louder than she meant to.

"What! What?" she looked sorry, as if he had done something wrong. "What did I do? Am I too small?"

Astrid gave him the biggest, 'really?' look she could. "No. If anything, your too big!" she grasped the long appendage and marveled at it's girth. "Damn. This is gonna be a challenge." But she was Astrid. And she never backed down from a challenge. She stroked up and down on his massive rod and Hiccup released his massaging grip on her breasts so he could grasp the edge of the table.


"What?" she asked, still stroking Hiccup.

"Please don't stop."

She stopped. "Hiccup?"

"Um, yes?"

"Shut up," she told him as she resumed her stroking. She loved that boy to death, but he really didn't know how to handle women. She continued to stroke his massive member as she debated when she should really start. Now would be good.

She bent over and as her mouth encased the head of Hiccup's dick, Hiccup thrust his hips up sharply, driving five inches down Astrid's throat. It's a good thing she lacks a gag reflex. Or she would've been coughing and forced off of Hiccups dick. But she didn't. She just stayed there. She pondered the taste and found it to be a little bit bitter. But Ruffnut did say the best part was the climax.

She moved her head downward on his dick and continued to engulf his entire prick into her mouth. Above her Hiccup groaned. Astrid moved her left hand up and down the part of his dick that wasn't covered by Astrid's warm orifice. Once she got as low as she could, about ten inches, she stayed there and began to administer a technique Ruffnut taught her.

Hiccup, meanwhile, was in heaven. The girl of his dreams was giving him his first ever blowjob. Never really been knowledgeable in the sexual arts, he didn't know what was happening. He felt a stirring deep in his groin, almost like he had to pee, but more pleasurable.

"Astrid, somethings happening," he warned her.

"Your gonna cum," she said, her mouth still planted firmly on his cock. "Go ahead,"

"Alright," Hiccup said, a little unsure he continued enjoying the blowjob for about another minute before he shot his load into Astrid's mouth who immediately coughed and removed her mouth from Hiccups dick as he finished cumming on her face and tits.

"That was disgusting!" Astrid proclaimed. "How the hell did Ruffnut enjoy that?" she looked up to see Hiccups eyes filled with disappointment.

"So it wasn't good for you?" Astrid put her shirt back on and backed out of the room.

"Hiccup, I'm sorry but I have to go." Then she turned on her heel and ran out.

"Astrid wait! Astrid!" Hiccup leaned back in his chair and groaned. "Great, Hiccup the useless strikes again.

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