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"Do you, Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III, take Astrid to be your bride?" Gobber asked the small skinny Viking.

"I do," he responded.

"And do you, Astrid Hofferson, take Hiccup to be your husband?"

"I do," the blond Viking responded.

"Then by the power of Odin I now pronounce you, man and wife. You may kiss the bride." Gobber grinned and closed the book he was holding. But Hiccup didn't even think he could read.

Hiccup swept his new bride off her feet and kissed her low to the ground, making the crowd go wild. "And now, for the public consummation!" Gobber exclaimed. Hiccup froze mid kiss and dropped Astrid. She gave a small yelp as she hit the ground.

"Did you say consummation?" Hiccup asked nervously.

"Just kidding!" Gobber laughed. "Stoik made an exception because he knew how shy you were."

"Gee, thanks dad." he said, only half joking. The Viking Chief gave him a thumbs up and a smile.

"If this was my wedding, I would strip Astrid right here right now," Snotlout grumbled from the audience. Astrid picked herself up and dusted off her blue wedding dress she had been forced to wear, making her band-less breasts, bounce hypnotically.

"Good job buddy," Hiccup heard Toothless' voice pervade in his mind. "And nice self-control. I don't think I could have survived this long."

Hiccup could see Toothless' wink from the Dragon roost above the alter. Hiccup laughed to himself and apologized to Astrid. "Sorry honey. Gobber just caught me off guard." Hiccup rubbed the back of his head.

"It's okay. But you owe me," she said, poking him in the chest.

"Of course. Now, we should probably greet the guests." Hiccup gestured to the audience who were waiting patiently.

"Sure baby. Lets go," she said, punching his shoulder roughly. He rubbed his shoulder in pain.

Minutes after some awkward exchanges between his new in-laws and relatives that he never knew he had Astrid pulled him close, her boobs pressing against his small shoulders.

"Should we, uh, get out of here?" she whispered huskily in his ear.

"But, the wedding..."

"It'll only be a minute. I promise. We'll be back before they notice us gone," she promised.

"All right. Sure thing babe," Hiccup complied.

Astrid grinned. "Good. I've been looking forward to this forever." Ever since Hiccup had eaten the mystical fruit, the two lovers had only been fooling around, never actually having sex. This pissed Astrid off to no end, but she endured for Hiccup's sake.

And now that that moment was here, she would waste no time getting down to it. The blond Viking pulled at Hiccups arm and dragged him around the wedding site for a while before finding a perfect spot close to the wedding site but far enough that they would have some privacy. It was a clearing, surrounded on almost all sides by trees. They picked one and Astrid threw her new husband against it.

Astrid grinned and began kneel before Hiccups small frame. Hiccup smiled and went along with it, well familiar with Astrid's new favorite snack. His mind went back to the day she first gave him a blowjob after he had tried the fruit.

Insert Flashback Transition Here

Astrid walked toward Hiccup, purposefully swaying her hips in a seductive manor. The grin on her face told him that she wanted him. And he was more than willing to give it to her. Hiccup smiled and tried his best not to look like an idiot in doing so. Astrid kept coming, so he seemed to be doing okay so far. However he was still worried about screwing things up.

"Hiccup!" came Toothless' sharp mental bark. "Just relax and let the fruit do its job."

Hiccup took a deep breath as Astrid stopped in front of Hiccup. Grabbing his shirt, she roughly pulled him into a kiss. Hiccup went limp as Astrid's sweet lips collided with his and he quickly returned the kiss.

"Toothless, could you give me and Astrid some privacy?" Hiccup nervously asked the dragon who was looking down at his rider from above.

The dragon mentally chuckled."Are you kidding me? Why would I watch when I have my own booty call to attend to." Hiccup heard him say as he flew off.

Hiccup almost chuckled but he became preoccupied as Astrid's mouth left his. And began to travel downward. Hiccup quickly removed his shirt and threw it to the side, grateful for the privacy of the blacksmith forge. He reached over and switched the sign to Closed just as Astrid pulled down his pants and boxers in one swift motion. His large cock bounced a little as it was released.

Astrid once more chewed the inside of her cheek. She had no idea why she was doing this, she just felt the overwhelming urge to do the nasty with her boyfriend. Astrid briefly had a mental look of shock on her face. Did she really just use the phrase, 'do the nasty'?

She had no idea what was wrong with her, but at the moment, she didn't care. All she knew is that she wanted to taste Hiccup's cock again. And by Thor's Hammer, she was going to.

Astrid licked the entire underside of Hiccup's cock. Hiccup shuddered and carefully placed his hand on the edge of the table so as not to accidentally lose his hand by griping a sword blade. Astrid's tongue somehow expertly ran along Hiccup's shaft, hitting all of his most sensitive spots on his foot-long member.

Her tongue raced along his member several times before she reached the head again. She flicked the head with her tongue lightly and Hiccup groaned. Astrid, whom only the night before had found the taste of cock to be disgusting, found the taste to be surprisingly good.

She had no idea what Hiccup had done to his dick to make it taste good, but whatever it was she loved it. So much in fact she had to have more. She grabbed the base of Hiccup's shaft and licked him from base to head one last time.

Astrid licked her lips in anticipation as Hiccup looked down with his large pleading eyes. Astrid grinned and stared at the monster cock in front of her. Giving the head of his girth a quick flick with her tongue, she prepared herself. Hiccup groaned and clenched the table harder.

Once the blond viking knew her lovers eyes were closed, she quickly engulfed his entire head in her mouth. Both teens' eyes rolled into the back of their heads. Hiccup's because of the pleasure of having a warm mouth wrapped around his cock once more. Astrid because of the taste of his bulbous head.

If his shaft was good, then his head was amazing. It was a lot sweeter and a hell of a lot tastier. She had no idea what had happened. Maybe Hiccup dipped his cock in a vat of candy. She didn't know, and right then, she didn't care. Whatever he had done, she was loving it.

And Hiccup sent about a thousand silent prayers of thank you to the heavens and any god who was willing to listen. He felt like he personally was in heaven right now. He never would have guessed that Astrid would have wanted to do this again so soon after the last time.

Astrid continued to work her mouth down the thick member, slowly stuffing inch after monstrous inch into her wet orifice. She moaned at his taste, sending vibrations shooting down his cock and into the primitive pleasure zones of his young viking brain. Astrid mouth was stretched to the max around Hiccup's cock as Astrid continued to give her second blowjob.

Hiccup clenched the table hard and closed his eyes in pleasure as Astrid finally managed to stuff all twelve inches of his cock into her tight mouth. Astrid felt his cock hit the back of her throat about the same time her nose brushed Hiccup's stomach. Astrid tried to swallow his cock, her throat pulling at his head and tugging it. Hiccup couldn't resist any longer and he placed his hands on the back of the blond and pushed her face onto his cock, stuffing more of it into her mouth.

Astrid moaned loudly as she felt Hiccup's cock swell in the back of her throat, revealing the tell tale sign of an approaching orgasm. "Astrid," Hiccup began.

"I know!" she tried to say, but with a mouth full of cock it was basically incoherent. However, the resulting sensations succeeded in bringing forth Hiccup's first large blast of jizz. The blast was nearly cup size and it was shot straight down her throat, not allowing Astrid a taste. Astrid pulled slightly off just in time for blast two. The jizz filled her mouth almost instantaneously, swelling her cheeks like a chipmonk.

However, the taste was like the sweetest candy multiplied by about a hundred. Astrid moaned and squealed (very un-Astrid-like) as she tried to swallow more and more of his jizz. She could not swallow it all unfortunately before the next blast caused a lot of his cum to overflow from her lips. As it spilled out from her lips, Hiccup, had he not been so engrossed in a heavenly orgasm, would've noted that it had the same pinkish tint to it that Toothless' did. But Astrid didn't either because she was still trying in vain to swallow all of Hiccups cum. Cum oozed out the blonde's lips as Hiccup slowly came down from his orgasmic high.

Astrid slowly licked Hiccup's shaft in her mouth as she slowly pulled off of his dick. It was miraculously still hard. Astrid cleaned off all the cum from her face and tits, using her fingers and tongue as Hiccup continued to breath hard and grip the table. When the small viking opened his eyes again, he looked down and saw a look of pure bliss on his girlfriend's face.

"So was it good for you?" Hiccup asked Astrid.

"Hold fuck Hiccup! What the hell did you do to your dick? It tastes soooo good!" Astrid reveled a huge smile on her face as she licked his shaft once more.

"I can't tell you..." he said nervously.

"Whatever it is, it sure is working!" Astrid had her mouth on his cock once more.

"I could get used to this," Hiccup said in bliss as Astrid began to suck his cock once more.

End Flashback

Hiccup gave a small grunt as Astrid began to take all twelve of his inches into her mouth. The blonde had gotten surprisingly good at deep throating in the past couple of months. Once three fourths of his cock was in her mouth, she used the back of her throat to try and swallow his cock, pulling at the head with her throat. Hiccup gulped and gripped the nearest hand hold which happened to be Astrid's hair.

Hiccup grinned and got a evil idea that could very well end in disaster. But oh well, it would be worth it.

The viking grabbed his wife's head firmly and quickly thrust his hips forward, driving his full cock into her mouth and making Astrid moan loudly around his cock. Hiccup slowly pulled out and thrust back in, slowly building up tempo until he was basically fucking her mouth with reckless abandon.

"Shit Astrid, I'm cumming," he grunted.

Astrid responded by grabbing a hold of Hiccups rear end and pushing all of him into her mouth as she began to suck furiously on his head once more. Hiccup just lost it.

He groaned as he began to cum inside Astrid's mouth. Astrid, who had gotten better at cum swallowing in the months since then, began to suck and swallow furiously trying to get more of Hiccup's candy flavored jizz.

The blonde used her tongue and continued to please Hiccup in infinite ways. Once Hiccup came down from his orgasmic high, he pulled Astrid up to him, and roughly pulled down the top of her dress, making her large breasts spring loose. The viking grabbed his wife's tits and kneaded them in his hands, his palms rubbing against her nipples.

Astrid moaned and kissed her husband passionately. Hiccup, who had been working out since their engagement and now was only slightly stronger, picked up Astrid and settled her along his waist. The blonde wrapped her long slender legs around Hiccup and pulled his wedding tunic off of him, revealing a nice set of beginner abs. Astrid smiled and ground her wet pussy against his toned stomach.

"Are you ready?" Hiccup gasped as Astrid gripped his shaft to help guide him into her.

Astrid pulled up her dress and gently lowered herself down so that his head was prodding her pussy. "Born ready." she gasped as she slowly sank down on him, barley popping the massive head into her tight virgin pussy.

"Holy shit Hiccup!" she said as her pussy was being spread open just from the head. "Damn." she grunted. Hiccup opened his mouth to speak but was interrupted by Astrid. "No we are not doing this some other time. We are doing this now."

She emphasized her statement by sinking even lower onto his rod. Her pussy was being split in two, and she was loving every minute of it! Astrid gasped loudly and her pussy clenched on Hiccup's dick as she was thrown into a mind blowing orgasm.

Hiccup clenched the branches of the tree tightly in an attempt to prevent himself from cumming because of the tight wet orifice around his dick. Astrid dug her face into Hiccup's neck as she slowly sank further onto his dick. Biting the skin she screamed. Hiccup did not mind one but as her tight pussy enveloped his dick.

Due to the many years of rigorous dragon training, Astrid had lost her hymen but Hiccup still knew that she was a virgin because of the sheer tightness of her pussy. It didn't even feel like she masturbated very much. Hiccup could literally feel her cunt being split as his head drove farther and deeper into her pussy. The young viking gasped loudly as Astrid suddenly dropped down hard on his dick. Astrid whimpered very un-Astrid-like as his massive fuck stick began to poke against her cervix. Astrid pulled away from Hiccup's neck and kissed him passionately.

"Hold on tight babe," he whispered into her ear. Astrid nodded and bit Hiccup's bottom lip. The blond closed her eyes and prepared for what Hiccup was going to do.

Hiccup took a deep breath. Stroking Astrid's hair, he whispered, "Please don't hit me," right before he sharply thrust his hips upward, driving his cock deep past the barrier.

Astrid screamed loudly in pain and pleasure as the massive appendage intruded into her womb. Once she recovered from her initial shock, she slowly ground her hips on Hiccup's cock as she sank even slower down.

"Holy shit Hiccup. I can't believe you did that. That took balls baby. And I can see you have plenty to spare," she said with a grin.

"Heh, Heh. Glad to hear it hun," Hiccup laughed nervously. He began to slowly thrust upward, little by little stuffing more and more of his fucker up into her.

With each thrust Astrid gave a small whimper. She continued to kiss Hiccup and they were trying desperately not to scream. But when Hiccup bottomed out inside her, his cock deep into her womb, Astrid let loose a scream that Hiccup was surprised didn't bring the whole village running toward them. Astrid panted and groaned as Hiccup pulled his cock back out of her and quickly thrust back into her, her pussy being spread in two opposite directions as Hiccup's dragon sized member slowly entered her once more.

Astrid began to moan as Hiccup's pace began to increase until he had a steady but quick tempo going, his cock being swallowed by her tight pussy and slowly retreating only to pound her pussy again.

"What the fuck Hiccup? What are you a pussy? Fuck me!" Astrid yelled at him.

Hiccup grinned once more. "You asked for it," he said. Astrid began to regret saying that.

Hiccup picked her up once more and set her on her hands and knees on the the ground. Retreating his cock from her swollen pussy lips, he stroked her hair, his confidence slowly gaining. His smile spread as he prodded his tip against her pussy once more and with the speed of a Night Fury, thrust deeply into her pussy once more and quickly pulled out. And he thrust back into her tight lips. And then pulled out, her pussy clamping his cock in a futile effort to keep the quickly retreating cock in her. This process kept repeating, his cock pounding her pussy with speed matched by no one else in the village.

Astrid continued to scream in bliss as Hiccup's dick spread her pussy and she immediately stopped regretting spurring the young stud on. She was in absolute Valhalla. The young blond could not get enough of his dick in her tight pink pussy.

Astrid began to spasm with an orgasm as Hiccup pounded her ruthlessly. Her pussy squeezed and milked his cock, trying to get all of his seed into her. Hiccup grunted but managed to hold back. Astrid could no longer hold herself up and collapsed onto the ground face first, her glorious ass sticking straight up at Hiccup.

The small Viking grinned as he saw his massive cock literally spread her lips far apart as he continued to furiously pound her pussy. Astrid grunted with each hard thrust and her tits swayed under her as her body racked with another orgasm. After that one subsided, Astrid obtained the look of a thoroughly fucked stupid bitch.

After about another ten minutes of Hiccup's massive cock abusing her pussy, he began to feel the familiar stirring in his massive balls.

"Baby, I'm about to come," he said, not losing a single beat.

"Spray your delicious cum deep into my womb baby. Get me pregnant you dragon-dicked stud." Astrid said with the fucked-stupid look on her face.

Hiccup grinned and bottomed out in her as he shot his first string of cum in her pussy. Astrid spasmed with another orgasm as he began to fill her womb with his seed.

Many minutes later of Astrid's pussy milking his cock for his seed, both of the married couple collapsed on top of each other.

"I love you baby," Hiccup said, kissing the sleepy Astrid.

"I love you more hun," she responded before falling asleep.

Meanwhile at the Wedding

"Wedding's over folks!" Stoik said, listening to Astrid's screams from the bushes.

Everyone at the wedding, except Snotlout grinned to themselves as Astrid's screams reached the wedding site, ending the wedding ceremony as if she had said it herself. Meanwhile, the arrogant young viking was pouting, knowing once and for all that he had lost his chance.