Abby's P.O.V

To Kaelin: Hurry up!I don't want to go in my basement alone!

"I'm home!"Kaelin yells walking straight in.

She never bothers to knock any more. We grab some flash lights and headed into my normaly aren't allowed in the basement because it's 'dangerous.' But today my mom finally let us go down here because we are both 13. Kaelin and I are twins. Yup thats right but I'm a blonde and she is a ginger.

"What's this?"Kaelin asks.

"It looks like some sort of wardrobe. Lets look in it."

We opened up the wardrobe to take a look inside of it. It kinda looked like there was a tunnel in the back of it.

"Do you see that hole?"I ask Kaelin to make sure I'm not seeing things.

"I see it to."Kaelin answerd."Lets go inside."

I follow Kaelin into the tunnel. About five minutes later were out of the tunnle.I have no idea were we are but it is beautiful.

"I don't think we are in Scotland any more."Kaelin say sounding worried.

"This place is beautiful though! Lets go and look around!"I say.

We walked around for 20 minutes just looking around we hear people talking.

"Who are you two and how did you find Narnia?"A guy that sounded no older that 18 said.

"Peter you don't have to be so rude to them!"A girl who looked around 17 said,"Will you two come over here please.?"

Kaelin and I walked over to them.

"I'm Abby."I say shyly.

"And I'm Kaelin!But you can call me Ginger if ya want!"Kaelin says being her cheeky self.

"I'm Susan Pevenise and this is my brother Peter."Susan said,"Peter were is Lucy and Edmund?"

"I don't know I think The White Witch found them!"Peter seemed worried.

"What the heck is going on here?One minute I'm in my basement with my sister and then the next I'm who know how many miles away from my home in Scotland!Were in the hell am I any way?"I scream completely confused.

"Well you two are in Narnia."Susan tells us.