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"Amu, could you please grab me a change of clothes from my house and bring it to the office? I think I'm going to be staying overnight. It's on the 29th floor."

"Yes Mom, I know. Okay I will, but don't work yourself too hard," I hang up my cell phone and a couple seconds later, it buzzes. I look at the screen and see the familiar blinking, indicating low battery. I sigh and plug in my phone, then grab my keys and head out the door of my apartment.

My name is Hinamori Amu, and I'm 19 years old. My dad is a famous photographer, so he's hardly ever home with my mother, but instead out taking pictures. My mom is a business woman, and she's almost always at the office, anyway. I lived with my parents up until one year ago when I graduated high school. I moved out and found an apartment that is close to the collage I have been accepted into. It's summer vacation so I stay in this apartment until school starts, then I move into a dorm. I visit my family often though, but my sister and I don't really get along.

I back out of the parking lot and drive to my parents' house, which is empty. My dad's probably out taking pictures, although I don't know why because it's really ugly out; it isn't raining yet but it looks like a storm is coming. I probably should have brought an umbrella… My sister's most likely off doing who knows what. I shrug and unlock the front door.

I say hello to my sister's cat Iku, then run to my mother's room. Knowing mom's company, she'll probably have to wear something nice and formal. I pick out a purple collared blouse and a black skirt that goes down to about her knees. I hold the outfit up in front of me and sigh. Wow, my mom is very skinny. I could probably fit into these…

I take the clothes and fold them up. Putting them in a plastic bag, I walk out of the house and lock the door behind me.

I arrive at the building where my mother works in a good 10 minutes, however it takes a while for me to find a parking spot. It is a Tuesday afternoon, but work day isn't over yet. For some people, their work day starts now, and they're just arriving.

I lock my car and walk inside the large building. It's got to have about 40 floors at least. It's not like I've never been to my mom's company building before, but I've always been amazed whenever I come here. To be honest, I'm not even really sure what kind of work my mom does here…

I jump with surprise as the sound of rain erupts from outside. I look around and notice that the clouds finally gave. Wow, it's lucky that I got inside just in time! Hopefully the rain will stop by the time I go back to my car, though.

I walk to the front desk and tell the workers that I brought a change of clothes for my mom. They call her extension and my mom says that it's fine to send me up. The people behind the desk smile and point me in the direction of the elevators. I walk over to the elevator and press the 'up' button, then I wait for the elevator to arrive on the ground floor. It doesn't take long, so it must have been near the floor already.

As the doors slide open, I'm grateful to see that it's empty. Call me antisocial, but I find it awkward to be standing in an elevator with a stranger in complete silence as you wait to arrive at your floor. I don't know, it's just weird.

I step into the nice elevator and press the button that has a '29' on it. I press the button that makes the doors close, but just as they begin to shut, a handsome man with blue hair starts walking toward the elevator. I sigh and decide to hold the doors for him.

"Thanks, strawberry," he smirks at me and walks into the elevator.

My eyebrows tilt downward and I glare at the handsome man, who doesn't look too much older than me; probably 4 or 5 years older. Who does he think he is? "Um, I'd appreciate if you didn't call me that, thanks," I mumble, although loud enough for him to hear. He chuckles and leans over to me. I back away slightly as he hits the button that says '33' and I sigh. Great, now I'll be with this jerk the whole time I'll be on the elevator.

The doors close and it takes a moment for the elevator to start moving. For the first 5 floors, the man and I stand in silence. But of course, the man has to spark a conversation, "So where are you going to?"

The tone in his voice is friendly, but I still can't forgive him for calling me strawberry. I mean, who calls someone that when they just met them? "That's none of your business." I lean against the elevator wall and sigh.

"Well I'm going to a meeting," he says and sets down his suitcase he was holding, "I work here, do you?" he looks at my clothing. Seeing that it's casual, he has a doubtful look.

"No I don't," I say. Well, it's not like we'll ever see each other again, so there's no harm in having a conversation, "I'm just bringing my mom up a change of clothes. She works here on the 29th floor."

He nods and leans against the other elevator wall, "So does your mom work overnight often?"

"Sometimes," I glance at the digital number above the elevator doors to see what floor we're on. It says we're on floor 12. How long exactly are we going to be talking? I mean, I don't really mind, it's just kind of awkward.

"So where do you work?" he asks and I glance at him. Doesn't he think he's asking somewhat personal questions? Whatever, I don't mind where I work. It's not like he's going to judge me or something.

"As a summer job, I work part-time at a café down the street from here, but I'm going into my freshmen year of college."

"Really?" he looks at me and stuffs his hands in his suit pockets, "You look older than that," he smirks, "But not in a bad way."

My cheeks flush a light shade of pink and I focus my eyes on the floor number. We're now on floor 15.

Then we're silent. I'm guessing that he noticed I'm feeling a bit uncomfortable so he stopped asking questions, because he seems like the kind of person who always knows what to say next. I mentally thank him for keeping quiet, then curse myself for being so shy. I'm never going to get through life if I act shy all the time.

17th floor.

The second digit changes to 8 and suddenly there's a jerk in the elevator. I hold onto the bar next to me as the lights start to flicker. A yelp of horror escapes my lips and the elevator halts in the middle of floor 18. The lights go out for a couple of seconds, then dimmer lights take the place of the brighter ones. These must be from a generator.

My heartbeat starts beating faster as realization floods through me, "The rain must have caused a power outage," the blue-haired man says and I gasp.

"W-Wait, we're stuck in here!?"

~Chapter End~

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