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"Ikuto?" I look over at the blue-haired man who is sitting on the opposite side of the elevator. He returns my gaze, and thoughts of our dance together rush back into my head. I quickly push them aside and focus, "D-Do you have anything else to eat?"

He shrugs his shoulders in a way as if to say 'sorry' and sighs, "Nope."

I sigh as well and glare at him, "You're not even acting hungry! We've been stuck in here for almost two days and all we've had to eat was one granola bar each!"

He shrugs again, then smirks at me, "Well I'm not acting hungry cause I'm not cubby."

I glare at him, but also feel kind of disappointed he said that. I know he's just teasing, but I didn't really like that one, "You should be a little nicer sometimes," I stare at the elevator floor.

There's a slight pause, then he starts talking again, "Okay," I look up at him and he's smirking. He sits up and holds out a hand to me. I hesitantly take it and he brings it up to his mouth, "Ohh, you make my knees go weak when we touch!" he says dramatically and a bit sarcastically. I blush and giggle at his change in behavior.

Ikuto brings my hand to his nose and sniffs it, "Oh, you smell awesome," he smirks and I giggle some more, "I love how soft your skin feels when I run my hand over it!" he grins and I pull my hand away, laughing and blushing.


"You make me feel like a child at an amusement park!" he starts moving a little closer and I look away, embarrassed but still giggling a bit, "I start the day off with you on my mind and end it with you in my dreams!" he smiles at me, "You're so cute when you laugh."

I'm not sure if that last comment was a joke or not, but it still made me blush.

"Shall I keep going?"

"No!" I smile and look away.

"But your cute smile makes me melt!" he emphasizes the world 'melt' and I feel almost as if something inside me is melting as well. I can't place what it is, though. Maybe it's my face, because so much heat is rising to it right now.

"Man do I wish I met you years ago. You're so much fun to tease," he smirks and I look at the elevator floor again, smiling.

A comfortable silence follows, and we both sit there. I feel somewhat relaxed with my surroundings in a way.

"The little love-god lying once asleep," Ikuto mutters and I look at him, confused.


He continues without answering, "Laid by his side his heart-inflaming brand,

Whilst many nymphs that vowed chaste life to keep

Came tripping by; but in her maiden hand

The fairest votary took up that fire,

Which many legions of true hearts had warmed;

As so the general of hot desire

Was, sleeping, by a virgin hand disarmed.

This brand she quenched in a cool well by,

Which from love's fire took heat perpetual,

Growing a bath and healthful remedy

For men diseased; but I, my mistress' thrall,

Came there for cure, and this by that I prove:

Love's fire heats water; water cools not love." Ikuto finishes and looks at me, smirking. I blink with admiration and smile.

"That was Shakespeare, wasn't it?" he nods and I smile wider, "That's so cool you can quote Shakepeare!"

"Yeah, it's sonnet 154. I used to study Shakespeare's sonnets in college."

"So what does it mean?" I ask, confused by all the jumbled up sentences and strange words.

Ikuto places a finger to my lips and grins, "You'll have to look that up some other time."

I sigh and shrug, "You know, I think I'm finally getting used to being stuck in here with you." Ikuto smirks and I lean against the wall when I suddenly start feeling a little tired. I struggle to keep my eyes open as I look over at the blue-haired man sitting in front of me, "Ne, Ikuto? I'm getting tired again…"

"Here," he stands and walks over to me then sits down beside me. He motions for me to rest my head on his shoulder or lap, and I look at him uncertainly, then rest my head gently on his shoulder. I'm amazed at how well it fits between his shoulder and head, and I feel very comfortable, causing me to be even more tired, "Night, Amu." He says. I close my eyes and doze off, hardly noticing Ikuto interlock his fingers with mine.


"Amu, wake up," I hear Ikuto's velvety voice next to me and I slowly rouse from my sleep. Ikuto's nudging me, so I open my eyes to tell him that I'm awake. As soon as I pry my tired eyes open, the first thing I notice is the regular elevator lights are turned on. I quickly look up to which floor we're at and see that it's no longer 18, but G. I gasp and instantly sit up.

"Th-The power came back on?" I ask and Ikuto nods. I can't ignore the unnecessary pang of disappointment. I'm supposed to be happy that we're free! Somehow, I feel sad about something.

The doors to the elevator open and I see people rushing over. I quickly stand up and move away from Ikuto so no one will notice we were sleeping next to each other. I grab the plastic bag with my mom's clothes and turn my head to Ikuto.

He must have noticed something was wrong by my facial expression because he asks, "What's wrong?"

"I-It's nothing," I blush for some reason and Ikuto grabs his suitcase. I turn and exit the elevator finally, kind of hoping Ikuto was following me.

"Amu, wait!" I turn and see Ikuto walking to catch up with me, "What, no goodbye?" he smirks.

"G-Goodbye," my voice cracks and I blush in embarrassment. Why did my voice just crack? I clear my throat then look back at him.

"Can I have your number?"

I blush a bit more and turn my head, "But you have nothing to write on…" I have no idea why I'm arguing to give him my number, because part of me really wants to give it to him, even if he won't remember it!

"I'll just put you on my contacts list," I look up and find him taking a cell phone out of his suitcase. I stare in astonishment at the devise then glare at him.

"You said you didn't have a phone!"

"But if I said I did have a phone, we would have been rescued sooner probably."

"Yes, exactly!" I scowl at him.

"But then we wouldn't have gotten to know each other," his expression turns serious and my gaze softens, feeling a bit guilty about getting mad at him.

To tell the truth, I liked spending time with this strange blue-haired man. I guess you could even say I didn't want it to end yet. Maybe that's why I was so disappointed to see the elevator is working again, "Um, I have to go. My mom's probably at my apartment worrying." I turn and start walking when his hand grips my wrist. I turn again and stare at Ikuto, who quickly presses his lips against mine.

I know it's lame, but at this moment I see fireworks and warmth spreads throughout my body. Suddenly, I'm not so hungry or desperate to leave anymore. Ikuto kisses gently but eagerly, wanting me to kiss back. Not wanting him to get the wrong idea, I quickly kiss back and stand on my tip-toes to make the kiss deeper. It's not that I'm so short I have to get as tall as possible, I just want to get as close to him as I can.

We finally part for air and I stare into his eyes, blushing. I notice my hands grabbing his shirt and I quickly let go then look away, embarrassed.

"I've been wanting to do that ever since I first saw your smile…" he whispers sensually and I shiver but more heat rises to my face as well.

"677-9467" I say quickly then turn on my heel and run out of the building, smiling stupidly to myself and hoping he caught all the digits.


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