Chapter 1…..The Choice

So I've had the worse writer's block for weeks now, but today while cleaning the house, this idea popped into my head. Now I warn you ahead of time you may not be happy with our dear couple, but as in all my stories they will be just fine in the end. I like to think that my writing takes you on a journey with them. So with that being said, I hope you like this new one and that it feeds your CARYL addiction!

This is set two months after Daryl rips apart Carol at his campsite. They let Randall go; the farm will be overtaken, but not just yet. Most of this story will be told in both Carol and Daryl's POV, with my main focus being on Carol. Remember we are dealing with Carol, who lived for years with physical, sexual, and emotional abuse at the hands of dead husband Ed, and Daryl who suffered physical and emotional abuse at the hands of his brother and his father. Neither one has really ever had someone to love them….and our journey starts.


Carol woke that morning to the same sensation that had been hitting her every morning for the past two weeks, her stomach rolled. She stayed still resting her hand on her stomach and taking deep breaths. It was hard to hide being sick with them all huddled up in Herschel's house now that the autumn air had began chilling them all to the bone. She was laying on the couch in the large living room; she could hear Glen snoring in the corner where he and Maggie had bed down. It was in these quiet hours that she thought about Sophia.

Sophia her beautiful dirty blonde, blue eyed angel. It seemed that no matter how long her little girl was gone, she still found herself thinking of her. The pain felt as fresh as the day at the barn, she wiped at single tear rolling down her face. She wondered what she would be doing if she were still alive, no doubt camping out with Carl every night and chasing after Herschel's animals. Carol could almost see her little girl laughing and running after the chickens.

The rolling in her stomach snapped her out of her train of thought. Trying to be quiet about her new 'illness', she stood and slipped on her sweater and made her way outside. She grabbed the bucket they used for water and began making her way across the field to the old water pump. She glanced up and nodded to TDog who was keeping watch on the windmill.

Once she got to the water pump she filled the bucket and fell to her knees, waiting. It didn't take long for her to throw up. This had been the morning ritual for the last two weeks. She sighed as the tears began to fall, there was no question now, Carol was pregnant with Daryl Dixon's child.

She could see that night almost like it was happening right that second. Daryl had finished screaming at her, telling her Sophia's death was all her fault. He kept screaming at her that all she had to do was keep an eye on her. When he moved forward, Carol flinched knowing that he was going to hit her. But instead of him hitting her, he crushed his lips to hers; grabbing the hem of her shirt as his mouth tasted every inch of her.

She knew then that it wasn't love between them that night, but a way for both of them to comfort each other. Sophia's death had destroyed Daryl just as much as it had Carol. When she woke in his tent the next morning, Daryl turned as she dressed.

"I'm sorry about last night." Daryl choked out, as if it was part of his last breath. "I like ya Carol, but this here, it can't happen again."

Carol finished buttoning up her shirt, with her back to him. She won't cry in front of him, she had been a fool to think that she hadn't fallen in love with Daryl. But standing in his tent dressing herself, she knew she had fallen for the rough and tumble redneck. Carol squared her shoulders and forced herself to stand straight, head held high, she never turned to look at him, "Don't worry Daryl. We'll never speak of it again." With that she left the tent walking back toward camp.

Now sitting on her knees on the ground she felt another wave hit her, she doubled forward and heaved. She had been so busy in her own head and throwing up that she didn't hear him come up behind her. She felt a hand on her back and she turned staring into his cobalt blue eyes.

Daryl had seen her when he made the clearing; he knew the woman had been sick. He had heard her several times in the past few weeks sneaking out of the house every morning. He had chalked it up to the lack of proper nutrition. The woman was always giving her food away to others; she was nothing more than a bag of bones.

He gave her a worried stare, "Ya been gettin' sick a lot. Ya should have Herschel look at ya."

Carol turned her back to him slapping some water from the bucket on her face. They had hardly said two words to each other since that night. Carol gave a small snort of disgust, "Don't worry about me Daryl. I'm just fine."

She stood up and grabbed the bucket of water and carried it back toward the house. He stood in disbelief, god damn woman was crazy. They fucked once and not a word from her since. He figured it would be the start of something between the two of them, but he had no idea how to go about being with someone. Hell he even told her he liked her, but she was cold to him, distant.

He glared at her small retreating form, yelling toward her, "Sorry I fuckin' cared." He turned heading the opposite way into the woods, he needed to kill shit. His thoughts were on Carol though as he hunted, if she won't tell him what was wrong then he would have Rick talk to her.


That afternoon Carol was in the kitchen alone when Rick and Herschel came in. She turned around and smiled at the two of them, "Can I get you two some lemonade? I just made some."

Herschel shook his head and gave her a gentle smile. Rick took a step forward; his smile was soft, "Carol, some of us are worrying about your health."

Damn it, she thought to herself. Daryl had gone to them after her episode this morning. She couldn't believe him. She forced a small smile on her face to mirror Rick's, "I'm fine. I know Daryl saw me this morning. I know it's because I haven't been taking care of myself."

Herschel moved to place a hand on her back, "Carol, Rick and I would feel better if you let me have a look at you."

She sighed, "Really I'm fine. I just hate to eat food that could go for others that work harder."

Rick put his hand on her arm, "Carol you work just as hard as everyone else. It's my job to take care of you, so please just have Herschel look at you."

She knew they won't just let this go. She nodded her head silently and let Herschel guide her upstairs to his room. She sat on the edge of his bed and waited nervously as he checked her blood pressure and checked her throat and took her temperature. She fidgeted nervously as he directed her to lie down. She did as he told her too; he began gently probing her stomach with his hands. She prayed to God above that he couldn't tell, she took a deep breath as he finished. Carol sat up and waited for him as he put his things away.

Herschel pulled a chair up so that he could sit across from her, he took her hands in his, "Carol darling, you need to eat. I think a few days of regular meals will help you. I'm gonna ask Rick to pick up some vitamins for you in town. You need to eat."

Carol took a deep breath and smiled at him, "I promise Herschel I'll take better care of myself."

That night at dinner she made sure to eat every forkful of her meal. She smiled up at Rick and Herschel as she walked her clean plate into the kitchen. She saw Daryl glare at her, she knew he knew she was up to something and that was going to be a problem.


That night after everyone had gone to bed, she went upstairs to Rick and Lori's room. She could hear them talking inside so she knocked softly. A few minutes later Rick opened the door, "Carol, is everything alright?"

She smiled at him and then at Lori lying in the bed, "Yes, everything's fine. I wanted to ask you if I could go to town with you tomorrow. There are a few things I want to stock up on for the group."

Rick shot her a clouded look; he glanced over at Lori who was staring at Carol. Rick leaned against the door, "Carol with how sick you've been lately, maybe you should stay put."

Carol took a deep breath, "I know I've been sick, but I really need to get out of here for a while. Going a little stir crazy. It would really mean the world to me and I promise to stick close to TDog. I already talked to him earlier and he said if you were alright with it then I could hang with him."

Rick looked at the small woman; everyone had been handling her with kid gloves since the death of her daughter. She was trying to move on and he couldn't hold her back, everyone in the group needed to carry their weight and Carol was just trying to do her part. Rick smiled at her, "Alright, but you carry a knife and stay with TDog."

Carol almost jumped up and down, "Thank you Rick. You don't know what this means to me. I won't let you down. I swear."

Rick watched her disappear back down the stairs and he couldn't help but grin. It was good to see Carol happy again; maybe there was hope for all of them.


Daryl stood at the cars listening to Rick his eyes never leaving Carol. When Rick had told him that she was coming with them, he had blown his stack. She was nowhere near ready to go on a trip to town. The stupid bitch had gone around him, asking both TDog and Rick when he wasn't around. She knew damn well that he would never let her go. Now he stood staring at her, her eyes were on Rick as he talked.

As they started to move toward the cars loading up he caught her arm, his voice a low hiss, "Don't think I don't fuckin' know what you're up to! I'll be watching you out there."

She pulled her arm out of his grasp, "I'm not your worry, take care of yourself Daryl." She climbed into the truck with TDog.

Daryl huffed as he got into the car with Rick, Shane, and Glen. Rick glanced back at him, "She'll be fine Daryl she's just trying to pull her weight like the rest of us."

Daryl growled as he looked out the window, "If anything happens to her out there it's on your head." Rick gave him a small smirk. Even Shane smirked noticing the worry in the redneck's voice. It was going to be a very interesting day.


When Carol got out of the truck in town she waited as the men made a sweep of the area. She had packed her bag the night before. Her plan was to grab a pregnancy test and confirm for herself what she knew in her heart to be true. Her plan was to slip away as soon as she knew it for sure. She couldn't stay there knowing that Daryl didn't want her. She planned on finding a safe place and holding up there just till she had the baby. It was a crazy plan and she would probably get killed but it was better than trapping Daryl. He was a good man and he would take care of her and the baby, but she wanted him to love her for her, not feel like she was a burden to him.

TDog came up next to her and got her attention, "Come on we need to get a move on. You take the pharmacy while I keep watch."

Carol nodded and made her way into the pharmacy. She pulled supplies into her bag while she watched TDog; once he was looking away she grabbed one of the pregnancy tests and hurried behind the counter. TDog glanced back at her and she made herself busy looking at drugs on the shelves hoping he would think that she was searching for something. Once she saw TDog look away she hid behind some selves and opened the stick, she took the test and set it on the countertop. She smiled at TDog, the man opened the pharmacy door, "Everything alright?"

Carol smiled at him, "Yeah sure I'm looking for some vitamins that Herschel wanted me to grab. Just a few more minutes."

That's when she heard Rick and Daryl yelling. TDog looked down the street and saw a small group of walkers. He glanced back at Carol, "Stay put." She nodded and watched him go down the street toward them. She glanced down at the test and the positive sign staring at her. She took a deep breath, it was now or never.

She made her way thru the back of the pharmacy the knife that Rick had given her in her hand. She could hear the guys in the street still working on the small group of walkers. She kept her head down and moved quietly thru the back streets. She made her way toward a small auto shop, she searched the desk until she found a set of keys and set to trying them in every car on the lot. When she found a small yellow Jetta she prayed, putting the key into the ignition it turned over. Just as she was shutting the door, she heard Daryl scream her name. A tear fell down her cheek, it was too late, she had to do this, she put the car into drive and headed out of town in the opposite direction of the farm.


Once they had taken down the small group of walkers they all regrouped in front of the pharmacy. Daryl glanced inside, then he looked at TDog, "Where's Carol?"

TDog snickered, "She's probably hiding under the counter. I told her to stay put."

The men made their way into the pharmacy. TDog yelled out, "Carol, its all clear come out."

Daryl felt fear tug at his heart; he rounded the counter and saw the pregnancy test sitting there. He put it into his pocket and scanned the back room. He looked up at Rick, "She's not here."

Rick tried to calm him, "It's alright she's probably hiding nearby. Everyone pair up and look for her. Yell out if you find her."

TDog, Shane, and Glen went out the front door. Rick and Daryl headed outside the back door. Daryl found her trail fast, "She's moving this way."

Rick looked pissed, "Why would she go this way?"

Daryl growled at him, "She's runnin'."

Rick stopped short, "Why the hell would she run?"

Daryl couldn't look at him; he scanned the horizon for her small frame, "Because she's pregnant with my baby. CAROL! CAROL!"

Rick just stared at the man as he made his way across the clearing to the next street, Carol was pregnant and the baby was Daryl's. What the hell and when the hell had that happened? He jogged to catch up with Daryl, the man was standing in front of an old garage, Daryl turned and looked at him, his face pale, "She's gone."

Ok, don't kill me….just something different from the other fics. Next chapter we find Carol in Woodbury with some new and old faces. And yes this fic will have lots of Merle! Hugs for all the love and support my readers give me! My twitter sisters who support me and for all the news readers! Let me know what you think! Kaye