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Twilight sighed as she closed her newest book, "The dimensional Warrior" Its an informational guide.

The only pony who's ever seen what she looked like was Princess Luna, and she said in the story that she was The only other alicorn known besides herself, Princess Celestia, And Princess Cadance.

She was light tan, with Black And white hair and the brightest amber eyes. Her cutie mark was of a portal and she was very distinctive. If your lucky, you might see her on the full moon.

Twilight sighed as she looked out her window. It would still be a while till dawn. She caught a shadowy figure in the moonlight. Twilight gasped. It was a tan alicorn.

Amber eyes turned to meet hers. They weren't unfriendly, more like generally curious. The alicorn began to walk into the forest, looking back one last time at twilight before disappearing.

The mane six walked up to the forest Were twilight saw the alicorn, twilight leading. The forest was the exact opposite of the Everfree forest, but it was rather... silent.

"are you sure bout' this, Twi?" applejack asked. "of course! It must have been her. Luna was right. She's incredibly distinctive."

A flash of tan caught her eye. She bolted towards it until she reached a clearing with a beautiful lake.

"hello." A soft voice whispered. They turned to see the pony Twilight discribed. In the sunlight, they could fully make her out.

She was all light tan with a black and white wavy mane and tail. Her amber eyes were full of friendship and warmth.

She showed no sign of anger or aggression. Her cutie mark was a violet and blue portal.

"Are you the dimensional warrior!?" Rainbow dash blurted out. Her amber eyes widened in alarm but she nodded.

"My name i Lightfeather. You?" "Mah name is Applejack. but ya'll can call me AJ." Applejack told her. She was gentle with her, as though trying not to scare off a cat. She shook her hoof and turned to Fluttershy.

"m-m-my n-name is f-f-f-fluttershy..." Lightfeather smiled and slowly shook her hoof.

"My name Is Rainbow Dash! NUmber one flying in Equestria!" She stated proudly. Lightfeather shook her hoof and turned to Pinkie pie.

"Hi I'm Pinkie Pie!" She giggled. Lightfeather giggled with her and shook her hoof. "And I know your... Twilight, right?" "yes. Nice to meet you."

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