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Thor and Loki appeared in front of Heimdell. Thor greeted the gatekeeper warmly. Loki hesitantly approached the man. "Hello Heimdell. I would like to offer my sincerest apologies for whatever I did to you the last time we saw each other."

Heimdell stared at Loki. "You did not willingly do any of the things you feel guilt for young prince. Therefor, there Is no need for apologies." Heimdell bowed his head and walked to the edge of the bi-frost.

Loki smiled and walked towards the exit. He barely made it two feet before he was tackled by someone and held In a tight embrace. Loki was not usually one for hugs, which is why he was confused for a moment before realizing the person who was holding him was his mother. He relaxed and wrapped his arms around her and buried his face into her blond curly hair and mumbled. "I missed you mother."

Frigga held her youngest tighter. "I missed you more than you will ever know my sweet baby."

Thor snickered behind his mother and Loki lifted his head and glared at him. Which only amused Thor more.

Loki and his mother finally pulled apart and Frigga moved aside. Odin walked toward Loki and the two just stared at each other for some time. No one in the room moved or broke the silence for a good five minutes.

Loki shuddered, a single tear slid down his cheek but he quickly wiped it away and composed himself before bowing his head in shame. "Father, I'm sorry. I was weak and I couldn't fight it."

Odin's heart broke at the sight of his son. He put his hand under Loki's chin and forced his youngest to look him in the eye. "No my son. You are not weak. You never were. Not many people would have been able to overcome such power."

Odin's words made Loki happy and the god was about to hug Odin when a memory flashed through his mind. Loki was so focused on what was going on in his head that he did not hear his father call his name with worry. The flash finished and Loki realized it was the memory of Odin telling him why he took him from Jotunheim when he was a baby. He remembered why Odin took him that day but seeing it flash before his eyes brought his pain to the surface. He looked up at his father with tears in his eyes. "You really did take me so you could bring peace? You didn't really want me?"

Odin looked saddened. "I did at first but then I got you home and really looked at you. You and your mother instantly bonded and Thor was so happy to be a big brother." He paused. "I was going to distance myself from you but I couldn't"

Loki was shaking at this point. "Why? I was just a relic to you. What changed?" Loki was visibly shaking at this point and his breathing quickened.

Odin sighed. "When I looked down at you in your mothers arms and you looked back at me. I finally saw you for what you were, a abandoned child who needed a family and I was overwhelmed with love for you. Love that only a parent can have for their child and in that moment I discarded my original plan and became your father. I never wanted you to know because I never wanted you to think that we did not care for you."

Loki backed away from his father. He was having a hard time processing everything he had just heard. His head was spinning and he was still recovering. Loki was not sure how more more his mind could take.

Thor looked at his father with a angry shocked expression. Blood or not Loki was his brother and even though their father had changed his mind, he still took Loki in an attempt to stop a war. Thor felt sick and decided he was not going to forgive his father easily. Thor was snapped out of his thoughts when he heard his mother ask Loki if he was alright.

Loki heard his mothers concerns but when he opened his mouth to answer nothing came out. His body was still weak and his mind was overloaded. He could see black spots in front of him and knew his body was giving out. The last thing he heard was his family screaming his name before his knees gave out and everything went black.

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