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Loki sighed, he was feeling a mix of emotions and they did not all feel like his. He finally managed to still his hands completely and took a few deep breathes. He knew something was wrong with his emotions but chose to ignore it. He did not want anyone coming in and treating him like a child. He called for the guard to dispose of his plate and once the guard was gone he went to his desk and started reading a defensive spell book.

A few hours had gone by and Loki was happy everyone was leaving him alone. 'Maybe they'll respect my wishes and actually leave me alone for the whole day.' His hopeful thought was short lived when he heard a knock on the door. He sighed and told the person to enter. He was annoyed until he saw that the person was his mother. He stood up. "Hello mother. Is everything alright?"

Frigga looked at her son. She was so happy she had both of her boys home, but she could see a difference in her youngest that she did not like. He was always secretive and guarded, but now he seemed even more cut off from her. This broke her heart a little. "Nothing is wrong Loki. Can't a mother just come visit with her baby?"

Loki smiled and walked up to her. He was not one for hugs but his mother was the exception. He embraced Frigga and felt her wrap her arms around him. He took her presence in and sighed. Out of everything he had missed of home, he missed her the most. He never doubted his mother's love for him. She never judged him or thought his magic was cowardly. He pulled away and guided his mother to the seating area by his fireplace. They both sat on the couch and he stared blankly while waiting for her to speak.

Frigga loved when she received a hug from Loki, it was rare so she cherished it. She sat on the couch with him and noticed Loki attempt to close himself off. So, she did something she has not done for him since he was a boy, she combed her fingers through his hair. She smiled when he instantly relaxed under her touch. He looked at her and she could see the turmoil going on in his mind. "What is bothering you Loki? You seem even more distant then normal."

Loki sighed. He missed the days when he could just tell her anything and she could fix it. He stayed silent for a moment, taking some time to enjoy the comforting feeling. "I am fine mother. I've just been through quite an ordeal and I need to sort through my thoughts."

Frigga pulled him close and laid his head on her shoulder. She continued to stroke his hair, knowing this would keep him calm. "I can't imagine what is going through you mind right now Loki. But you must know you can always come to me and your father. We love you."

Loki could feel the anger bubble up inside of him at the thought of his adoptive father. He gently pulled himself away from his mother and started pacing in front of the fire. "Father doesn't see me as a son. He sees me as a way to bring peace between us and those creatures. He never cared for me like he does Thor."

Frigga frowned and stood up. She placed herself in front of Loki to stop his pacing. She put her hands on his shoulders. "Your father did think that you could bring peace when he brought you home. But he was telling the truth before. He fell in love with you and those plans no longer mattered. I swear that is the truth. I may not have carried you but you are my baby and no matter how old you are you will always be my baby boy. Your father feels very guilty for how he handled things with you Loki. I hope one day you two can move past all of this."

Loki took his mother's words in. He didn't know if he should believe her or not. She was his mother and he did not believe that she was capable of lying to him about something this important. "I believe you mother. But I still cannot get over what Odin has done. He may love me but he has never cared for me as much as Thor. I will never be a worthy son." He saw the hurt in his mothers eyes and he sighed. "I will try to mend things at some point, but for now this Is how it has to be. Know that I never doubted your love. I am very happy to have you as my mother."

Frigga felt like crying and beating her husband senseless for causing her little boy so much pain. She was determined to have words with Odin later. She could tell Loki wanted to get back to his books. "I understand. I will leave you to studies now. Promise me you'll at least join us for dinner?"

Loki nodded. "Yes, have Thor meet me here and we will walk together." He gave his mother a kiss on the cheek and walked over to his desk.

Frigga smiled. She loved how devoted Loki was to his books. Before she left she told him she loved him and then closed the door behind herself.

Frigga moved through the palace, determined to speak with her husband. She found him in the throne room and ordered everyone out. Once they were alone she addressed him. "We need to discuss Loki."

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