Chapter 6: Awakening

Minato had decided to go to Tartarus after his chat with Ikutsuki. Alone. He always was ready to go to Tartarus because he wasn't like his comrades. He never got tired, he never needed sleep. He was more machine than man… 'That thought doesn't feel right. Am I truly more machine than I am man?' Minato thought before dispelling the thoughts to focus on entering Tartarus. The tower was so tall. It reminded Minato of something he learned in school. It had been when Mr. Edogawa had taught, but still. It reminded Minato of the Tower of Babel. When humans tried to build a tower to heaven, but failed. God had intervened and divided the people by making them speak different languages. Heaven is not something that you can simply build a tower to enter. 'So… where is Tartarus supposed to go to?' Minato asked himself.

As he opened the door, he was greeted by the familiar stairs and floor. And the blue door. He decided to ignore it and go straight to testing out his new armors he had recently obtained. He grinned at the thought of what he could now do. He walked up the stairs and pulled out his lyre. He began to strum a simple yet joyous tune. He had decided to learn to play it himself in his free time. It was a secret activity. He had thought of the knowledge transfer Orpheus was capable of, but he felt that he needed to be able to do it himself. Every individual needs some semblance of independence, after all.

Minato continued to walk.


His skin, hair, and the limbs turned a light blue while his torso turned white. He wore a blue belt around his waist, one that looked to be woven in a pattern that formed raindrops. On his head sat a silver crown with a blue gem in the shape of a water drop set in it. His scarf turned to translucent. His body became thinner, more flexible, like the body of a dancer. Overall, he felt he looked cool.

He entered the area where the Shadows sat in wait. Minato had been able to detect this Persona's powers easily, a gift he assumed could be attributed to Orpheus. Minato smiled. He always wanted to do this since that first day of combat practice.

"BUFU!" Ice shot out from underneath him, launching him high into the air. He twisted his body mid-flight and was soon looking down at the Shadows as he was rising. He was beginning to quickly approach the ceiling. Minato smirked. The second part would be the best part.

"BUFU!" Ice shot out of the ceiling in a column. Minato's feet touched the platform before kicking off it with enough strength to shatter it. And then he was gone.

Like a bullet, he sped towards the Shadows, aided by the downward acceleration of the Bufu spell and gravity. Bright light consumed his lyre as he shot towards the enemy. His lyre was now in the shape of a golden stop sign. 'Thank you, Shinji.' Minato grinned, silently thanking the man strong enough to rip out the weapon and allow him to copy it. Lots of Shadows were going to die.


Minato had new armor. Ikutsuki's opposition and destruction of something that Minato had put a lot of thought into was aggravating. Shadows caused Apathy Syndrome, of that he was certain. The less there were, the better people would become. Those were his reasons, but… it was mostly the first two reasons.

"ANGEL!" Light swallowed him, quickly revealing his new armor. Wings as white as snow sprung out of his back as his armor turned to black. He had a choker in place of his scarf that had a long chain extending from it. His hair had turned gold and a black blindfold formed over his eyes. However, he did not need to see. It was as if all his senses were sharper. He knew where all the Shadows were. 'This must be what Mitsuru feels using her Persona.' Minato felt like his Persona was a combat-sensor type, much like Mitsuru's.

Minato used his wings to adjust his descent to fly straight through the Shadows, swinging the stop sign quickly as he did so. He landed a few feet away from the large group of Shadows as he heard the sound of the Shadows being vaporized, a sign of their death. Minato heard the roars of more Shadows coming at him from his right. One was in the shape of a table. Minato smiled. He grabbed the chain extending from his choker and flung it at the Shadow, essentially capturing it as the chain wrapped around one of its legs. He turned the stop sign back to his lyre and put on his back. He was going to need two hands for this.

He pulled on the chain and began to swing it around, using it as a very large flail. He swung it clock-wise and the table Shadow flew straight through all the encroaching Shadows. Minato kept swinging the table monster in a circle of death until it died and evaporated. The Shadows roared as they all began to close in on him.

"Garu." It was a wind spell. He did not send towards his foes, however. No, he sent it towards his own wings, propelling him towards his foes as his lyre now took the shape of a short sword. Minato didn't need anything else to kill all these Shadows.

He wasn't captain of the kendo team for nothing.

Many slaughtered Shadows later, the Shadows stopped coming. Minato was surprised. This never happened before. It was eerily silent, like a horror movie before a jump scare. Perhaps he had stayed too long?

Chains were rattling.

Minato heard them easily, clearly. He knew that the sound of chains were supposed to elicit fear. They were meant to foretell something bad. Imprisonment, violence, death. Minato would have felt scared… but right then he was just a machine. Annihilating Shadows was his job. The Orpheus armor was equipped at this time, the armor that made him solid, unfeeling steel. He would be safe. It was only the first floor. Nothing could even hope to harm him on the first floor.

Chains were getting closer.

Perhaps he shouldn't stay and attempt to fight whatever this being was? He had no information on anything that used chains, save for his Persona Angel. He doubted there would be another Wild Card just randomly training without his knowing. Mitsuru should be with him. Angel's sensor ability was rather weak. He didn't dare turn into that armor; it was too weak.

Chains were getting closer still.

It would be logical to run away from this entity. A tactical retreat. It could be far more powerful than Minato.

Chains had arrived.

Floating in mid-air was a being wielded two long-barrel revolvers. Its face was shrouded in bandages, with only one ominous yellow eye with which to view its surroundings, to spot its prey. It wore two long steel chains each across its left and right shoulders, forming a cross. It seemed to exert a pressure into the air, its pure power surrounding and trapping Minato. It felt like death. Minato forced all his energy into his limbs and began to run.

The gun fired, a crater appearing where Minato had just been. He continued to flee, no, it was a tactical retreat. He kept telling himself that, but it no longer calmed him. He couldn't lie to himself anymore. He was fleeing. Minato turned around a corner, looking for the exit as huge craters were appearing all around him, the booms preceding them shaking the very air. Minato equipped Pixie's armor and hopped a few inches off the ground. Once in the air, he zoomed forward as fast as he could, getting farther and farther away from the mysterious being. Was it even a Shadow? As Minato turned another corner, he narrowly dodged a humongous blast of light that destroyed the wall, the crumbling pieces staying in midair before being sucked back towards the wall. The wall was slowly repairing itself as Minato turned yet another corner.

'Where is it?! Where's the exit?! Come on wings don't fail me now!' Minato's thoughts were frantic as continued to be chased by the being, somehow still able to dodge the attacks that destroyed everything around him. Either the gun wielding being was a bad shot or there was something worse going on.

It was playing with him.

That thought made Minato begin to understand something. He was feeling something he had not felt since the night his parents died 10 years ago.


Gunshots continued to rang out, this time they were laced with elemental attacks. Fire, ice, lightning, wind, darkness, and light raced towards Minato, narrowly missing him. Minato spotted the quickly approaching exit and sped towards it, excited that he was finally going to be safe.

One last shot rang out. It hit Minato square in the back, knocking him towards the exit as the light in his vision vanished, consumed by darkness.

Minato reappeared in the lobby of Tartarus.


April 9th, 2009

Mitsuru woke up. She yawned as she extended her arms and sat up. She promptly got ready. Getting ready quickly was a skill she had to perfect if she wanted to sleep in slightly later. Or not keep Minato waiting. For a metal man who never aged, he could be quite impatient. Mitsuru smiled. She hadn't been spending a lot of time with Minato lately. To be honest, she wasn't quite sure what their relationship was. He was more of a father to her than Takeharu was, for Takeharu Kirijo was always busy. Yet he couldn't be accurately described as a father, perhaps a brother? Mitsuru felt she would die of embarrassment of she started calling him big brother.

Perhaps she liked him? The very thought made red tinge her cheeks.

Mitsuru wasn't quite sure of it herself. She had never "liked" anybody before. Minato was a constant in Mitsuru's life. Mitsuru wasn't sure if she "liked" him or not, but one thing was for certain. He was hers. Her bodyguard. She could afford to be a bit selfish every now and again. Mitsuru nodded her head as she opened her door and began to walk towards the stairs. She would walk to school with him today. It seemed unfair to always escape him when it was his job to protect her. Yes, she would help Minato do his duty properly.

She headed towards Minato's room on the second floor. It was rather early. She would have to wake him up. Mitsuru suppressed a laugh. It was funny, thinking that he slept. Mitsuru often forgot Minato wasn't human. It was a common occurrence. He seemed… truly alive sometimes, as if he was just another human being. But Mitsuru knew this was false. He was an ASW. He was made, not born.

Minato's room was empty. Mitsuru had been slightly surprised by this. Perhaps he had woken himself up and was already waiting for her downstairs? Mitsuru headed to the first floor.

Minato wasn't there. He wasn't anywhere. Akihiko was in the kitchen, eating a protein enriched meal. Labrys was sitting on the couch attempting to understand a teen fashion magazine. Aigis was eating a bowl of cereal slowly, her hair standing straight up. She looked like she had just woken up. Yukari was probably still getting ready.

"Have any of you seen Minato?" Mitsuru asked the group. They all shook their heads, Minato was gone. Mitsuru felt a spike of worry. He'd be at school right? He never ditched.

Minato was in the Velvet Room. He must have been called in his dreams. He didn't remember going to the blue door. When did he go to sleep? Although he never needed it, he considered sleep a luxury. It was boring being awake all night. But still, when did he sleep?

"Young man, there is someone calling for you in the VIP Lounge. It is the door closest to you on your right. Please, do not keep the guest waiting." Igor said. Elizabeth was gone. How odd.

"Where is Elizabeth-san?" Minato asked Igor, suspicious of the reason behind her disappearance. Igor's grin began to widen eerily.

"Looking to raise your Social Link? Do not worry. She is merely on break. You do not honestly think we work non-stop here, do you? Even I must take an occasional break. It is extremely rare, however, for a guest to be present when one of us is on our break, so consider yourself lucky." Igor motioned to the door, the one containing the VIP Lounge. "There are several rooms you must pass through to get to the one calling for you. The guest is also a VIP, such as yourself. The guest will be waiting for you at the farthest room, the one with the sealed door."

Minato nodded and went to the door on his right. He opened the door and walked in.

It was an exact replica of the Velvet Room except it was empty and hauntingly quiet. Instead of blue, purple was the color motif of the room. The air was thick with a sort of tension, something indescribable and subtle yet impossible to ignore. Minato spotted a door at the opposite side of the room. He opened it and stepped through.

It was another copy, this time green. The tension increased.

Minato saw another door and continued on. Next was an orange room. Once more, the tension increased.

Then there was a white room. Minato stumbled under the sudden pressure of the tension.

And then a violet room. Minato slowly moved forward, finding the impulse to move forward impossible to resist.

Minato opened the next door and walked in. This room was different. The tension seemed to have disappeared. It wasn't an exact replica. It wasn't an elevator, for there were solid, unmoving walls and even windows, one on each side of the room. Black velvet tapestries hung all over the ceiling and down the walls, falling in upon a carpet that was the same material and color. The window panes were a deep blood color. The only light came from the heavy tripods, opposite from each window, that each held a brazier of fire, glaringly illuminating the room. At the couch where Igor would have sat was another being. One that had its two, long-barreled revolvers laid down upon the table. And a bandaged face.

Minato felt fear once again.

"Come, sit down. We have a few things to discuss, boy." It talked. It's voice sounded as if a multitude of people were talking at once, some male, some female. Minato did as requested (he found that refusing would most likely result in a bullet to the face) and took the seat opposite of the couch. 'This is the VIP Lounge? You got to be kidding me.' Minato thought incredulously. Then he turned to the being across from him. Its body language spoke volumes. It was happy to see him. 'Happy to finish the job, most likely. I better find out what I can about this crazy VIP.' Minato tried to think calmly.

"Who are you? Why did you call me here? And how are you a VIP?" Minato asked, pushing more effort into making the machine to take over, to squash down his fear. The other VIP laughed, apparently amused by Minato.

"You may call me… The Reaper. I called you here to congratulate you. You managed to live after facing me alone. That is a feat that very few can accomplish. And you are... different. By far you are the most unique being I've witnessed enter these halls. And you are the only other one with access to this room. May I ask why you are a VIP?" The Reaper asked, an amused tone in its voice. The Reaper didn't seem so bad after all. Then Minato remembered the gunshots.

"I... don't know. This guy, Philemon, told me things happened that weren't meant to. I guess it was just a pity present." Minato stated, now realizing the confusing nature behind his becoming a VIP. Why did Philemon appear? How were things meant to have actually happened? Would it have been better if things turned out the way they were supposed to? And since when was he talking with the guy/girl/thing who nearly killed him?!

"Minato, things have changed. You are unique, now. If things had gone the way they were supposed to, your fate would have been sealed, but, as it is now, your story is unpredictable. Any ending is possible. You can now change destiny. And that is a heavy burden." The Reaper finished, a mournful tone in its voice. Wait, what?

"How do you know my name? And what do you mean 'unpredictable'? And why the hell did you shoot me?!" Minato asked as darkness began to fill his vision. Minato thought he heard the Reaper laugh before a familiar chant sounded in his skull, shaking the very marrow in his bones.

"Thou art I... And I am thou. Thou shalt have our blessing when thou choosest to create a Persona of the Death Arcana."


Mitsuru was beyond worried. Minato was nowhere to be found. Where could he be? He wasn't at school, or anywhere on Port Island. Mitsuru had informed Labrys and Akihiko of Mianto's status and the three of them were searching the entire island.

"Maybe he was trapped in Tartarus? Had too much fun killing Shadows that he forgot the Dark Hour was about to end?" Akihiko suggested.

"Why would he go to Tartarus alone?! We never go to Tartarus alone! That's just... idiotic and arrogant!" Mitsuru was angry. She didn't know why she was lashing out on Akihiko. She was just really tense. When a constant is removed, the equation becomes unbalanced. Minato was, apparently that constant in her life. Akihiko didn't look hurt, however. It was as if he'd been expecting it. Expecting the 'Ice Queen' to have a meltdown. Labrys backed away slowly, not wanting conflict. But she was worried. Far more worried than anyone else could ever know or even hope to guess.

"He goes there all the time, Mitsuru. Even if we're too tired to go. I caught him sneaking out one night. He made me promise not to tell you... but now's not the time to be concerned with promises."Akihiko said calmly. When dealing with Mitsuru, it never helped to get angry.

Mitsuru was shocked. Minato was an ASW. An ASW could omit the truth, but never lie. What about all those times he said he never went to Tartarus alone?

Or when he asked for a bed? ASWs don't sleep.

'Minato... What are you?' Mitsuru didn't know anymore. She just knew she needed to find her bodyguard.

Aigis was sitting in the lounge, thinking. She'd had a strange dream. And then the white-haired boy, Minato, seemed to have vanished off the face of the Earth. Were the two connected? Aigis sighed loudly. She didn't want a whole confusing sub-plot with strange white-haired boys and long nosed, bug-eyed men! She just wanted a normal school life. But that wasn't possible. She wasn't a normal person. She'd figured that out long ago. Having no memory was possibly one of the worst things Aigis felt a person could go through. Any bonds she had before the age of 7 were gone. And there was something else strange she always wondered about.

If her parents were dead, how did they die? And why didn't she have any relatives? Why didn't anybody bother to tell her?

Aigis had a feeling it would be a long night.

Mitsuru and Labrys decided to return and wait. Akihiko was going to go out and continue to look for Minato. Mitsuru was very vocal about not willing to leave the search, and presented many reasonable arguments as to why she should stay, but there was only Yukari and Aigis left at the dorm. Neither could very well defend themselves against Shadows. Labrys was not willing to leave it solely up to Akihiko either, but she kept her opinion to herself, as she often tended to do. Except around Minato. ASWs had to stick together after all.

Ikutsuki wanted to spend another night in the command room 'watching over' Aigis to see if she had the Persona and not just the Potential. Mitsuru reluctantly agreed. She needed to make sure Aigis would be okay, a little privacy was a small price to pay. The thought didn't stop Mitsuru from feeling disgusted, however. Especially when Yukari voiced her own thoughts on the matter.

"But... we're treating her like a guinea pig." Yukari was obviously very uncomfortable about the whole thing. She was spying on her classmate! How would she ever face her tomorrow?!

"I understand your concern, but it's imperative that we recruit new members. I heard she's your classmate... Wouldn't you be more comfortable working with someone from the same grade?" Ikutsuki seemed fully behind his ideas. Mitsuru felt a small amount of dislike towards Ikutsuki. He was pleasant most of the time, but when he did things like this he was eerie. It had been his idea to plant cameras and mics in every single room, after all.

"Yeah, I guess. But, still..." A beep cut off Yukari's response. Mitsuru was the first person to push the button to open up the comms channel.

"Did you find him, Akihiko?!" Yukari and Ikutsuki were surprised by the melting of the 'Ice Queen' front Mitsuru put on. Mitsuru didn't mind. She just wanted to if her bodyguard was safe. Wasn't he supposed to keep her safe?

"No... But I found something! It's huge! I don't have any time to talk... It's chasing me... I'm on my way there!" Akihiko's voice went from regretful to panicked in an instant. The transmission cut off after he said his piece.

"Prepare for battle!" Mitsuru was tired, angry, worried and over all stressed out. She was not having a good day.

She needed something to take it out on.

"R-right! Be careful!" Ikutsuki said, fearful of the huge monster that Akihiko was bringing. Yukari looked equally frightened.

Minato woke up outside of Tartarus. He was laying in the middle of the street surrounded by the coffins that indicated it was still the Dark Hour. 'How did I get here?' The last thing Minato remembered was being shot... then he met the Reaper. He honestly hoped he wouldn't have to face that guy again. Or girl. He didn't know the gender. The voice was layered or something. The Reaper could even be genderless. Or a girl. The thought of a female Reaper made Minato shiver.

He stood up and took stock of his surroundings. It would take him a few minutes to get back to the dorm using the Pixie armor's flight ability. Or Angel's, but Minato felt Pixie's was more suited for speed. Minato decided against using his armors. He hadn't been out long, for it was still the Dark Hour. Then he heard the roar of an outrageously large Shadow off in the distance. He equipped Pixie's armor and hopped into the air. He took off at an inhuman speed towards the dorm. However, had he not been too focused on the strange things that had occurred that night, an impossible feat indeed, he would have noticed something odd about his hair. There was a thin, blue, vertical line in his fringe.

"Wake up! Sorry, I'm coming in!" Yukari waking her up was the last thing Aigis expected. And she was armed. And the world was green as well. 'That's right. She and the other girls weren't coffins before. Does that mean everyone here can see this world too?' Aigis pondered as she tore off her covers. She had fallen asleep in her uniform. Again. She still didn't care. Yukari, on the other hand was frantic. She practically pulled Aigis out of bed and handed her a... machine gun? It was an AK-47. It looked to have been heavily modified though. How and why does Yukari have this?

"We need to get out of here, now! We'll go downstairs!" The girls rushed towards the stairs. The ground shook, knocking the two momentarily off balance. They continued to run, reaching the first floor before Mitsuru's voice came out of the transceiver Yukari was holding.

"Be careful! There's more than one enemy! The one headed your way isn't the one Akihiko saw!" Her voice brought wth it a grim declaration. They needed to run. The ground shook once more. Aigis was freaking out. 'Enemy?! What's coming?! Why are there enemies attacking?!'

"Why can't I just have a normal life?!" It came out louder than Aigis intended it to, but she was stressed. She didn't ask for this at all! Yukari looked at her, a shocked expression on her face, before the ground shook again. The girls looked at each other and nodded before heading towards the second floor. Downstairs wasn't safe. There was only one way to go.

The two continued upwards until the reached the roof, the ground shaking the entire time. Aigis and Yukari slammed the door shut, hoping what it was that had been chasing them had ceased its fervent pursuit. 'Wait! We're on the roof with nowhere to go! Stupid! Stupid!' Aigis cursed her idiocy in going to a place that would trap them with no escape route. Yukari, on the other hand, looked relieved at this outcome.

"We're finally safe." Yukari said, a sigh of relief escaping her lungs. Aigis began to think that, from Yukari's confidence in their being safe, they had nothing to worry about.

They were sorely, sorely mistaken. A being made of darkness crawled onto the roof. It was a multitude of shadowy arms, writhing and flailing in excitement at having found its prey. One arm held a blue mask. It was a terrifying, disgusting abomination. It moved in a grotesque fashion, crawling towards them on its arm that extended from the bottom of the dark mass. It terrified the two girls, nearly freezing them on the spot.

"Those creatures... we call them Shadows." Yukari said, finally explaining

Then Aigis realized something. She had a machine gun. A heavily modified AK-47 was right there in her arms, begging to be used. Aigis did the only sensible thing she could do in the situation. She pulled the trigger. And held it down. Bullet after bullet tore through the abomination in front of her, causing the creature to wail in pain. She wanted the thing to die. It wasn't natural. It shouldn't exits. It couldn't exist. And, if Aigis had anything to say anything about it, it would soon cease to exist.

Yukari held her own pistol to her head, the wails of the Shadow and the roar of the machine gun seemingly too much for her. Aigis only noticed this right as Yukari was about to pull the trigger. Aigis turned her head, the word "STOP!" forming in her throat when yet another strange thing happened. Blue tornadoes manifested around Yukari, their power seemingly too much for her and knocking her back. Aigis saw Yukari's chest moving up and down (she was alive!) and then turned her attention back towards pumping lead into the myriad of limbs before her. The Shadow then started to move towards Aigis, the pain from the bullets unable to stop it anymore. It crawled toward her, screeching its defiance against her attack. Then something bad happened.

Click. Click. Click.

The machine gun was out of ammo.

The Shadow seemed delighted by the lack of bullets raining down upon it. Aigis threw her gun at it in order to stun it and stop its advance in order to pick up the object near her feet. It was Yukari's pistol.

"Go on, Onee-chan! Show that creep who's boss!" The strange little girl's voice excitedly pounded the inside of Aigis' skull as she saw a vision of the child bouncing up and down in excitement. Aigis lifted the gun to her right temple, finger on the trigger. 'One of us is going to die, no matter what. It didn't kill Yukari. It might kill this disgusting monster.' Aigis concluded. She clenched her left hand into a fist to stop the shaking. She resolved to pull the trigger.

A word echoed in her mind as she pulled the trigger. A word that made her face turn into a feral smile, an expression she never did.

"Per... so... na."

The release she felt at the sound of glass shattering was akin to ecstasy. It felt... nostalgic. Like an old friend finally coming to visit.

"Thou art I... And I am thou. From the sea of the soul I come forth. My name is Palladion, Eternal Guardian of Mankind."

A celestial figure of steel manifested overhead. It was ready to defeat the evil being before it.

Then a crack appeared in the stalwart protector. And darkness seeped through. Aigis clutched her head in anguish, screaming at the top of her lungs, the wonderful feeling from before being replaced with excruciating pain.

Then more cracks appeared.

And her screams got louder while Yukari watched paralyzed in fear... and awe.

Labrys had been absent from the horrifying scene. She had been absent since a few minutes after her and Mitsuru had returned to the dorms. She would not let Minato be left to die in Tartarus. Akihiko was weaker than Minato, weaker than her. His presence would not make a difference, Labrys knew that. She decided to take matters into her own hands. She had seen enough of her kind die, killed enough. What use was a being made to protect if it could not even protect one of its own kind? Labrys would make sure she would never see the corpse of one of her friends again. If there was one thing Labrys absolutely was, it was viciously protective of those she cared for. Anything that stopped her would face her axe.

If Minato couldn't kill it, Labrys would make sure to destroy it, whatever it was.

Labrys felt closer to Minato, strangely enough, and, though she did not realize this, the image she had of Minato in her mind began to separate from the image of #24.

Labrys was running down the street towards Tartarus when she spotted something moving toward her at an impossible speed. She recognized its colors and her face brightened greatly. She picked up her pace and held out her right hand, her left still clutching her axe. The speeding entity grabbed her hand as it continued forward, bringing her along for the ride. They continued to the dorm.

Akihiko watched the fight. Akihiko never watched fights unless it was to learn. More often than not, he did the fighting. But these were kids! Their kohai! They had to go save them!

"Wait. Watch." Ikutsuki had told them to watch the horrific scene. Akihiko clenched his fists, his knuckles turning whit beneath the gloves. Mitsuru was biting her lip, resisting the urge to go and help her underclassmen. Ikutsuki was insistent that they stay just a moment longer. Then Aigis picked up the Evoker and, without any prior instruction, summoned her Persona. Then something went wrong. The trio watched as the Persona Aigis had summoned cracked, black matter flooded out of the crack and created more cracks. The Person exploded and in its wake was a new Persona. Its face was a skull and it wore black with a cape made of coffins and a large sword in hand. Aigis was no longer in pain. The Shadow was decimated, torn to bits, ripped to shreds piece by piece at the hands and sword of the Persona. It was a gruesome battle, no, it wasn't a battle. A battle implies that each side stands an equal chance of winning.

It was a massacre.

Then the Persona vanished, turning back to its previous form before disappearing, leaving a determined Aigis to face the remains of the previous Shadow, which had created new Shadows. Then Aigis fainted, the strain of the battle, the running, and the stress finally taking over. Akihiko began to move towards the door when Mitsuru suddenly gasped and ran out the door. He turned around and on the screen was...

When Yukari learned about her Persona powers, she was ecstatic. She was special! Then she learned she had to blow her brains out first. That was a downer. She had failed to materialize a Persona when she needed to do so the most. She let Aigis do all the fighting. Now, she was going to die. She was a failure. Yukari felt the full sting of her inability to do anything even now that she has power. It would be her end. She couldn't reach the Evoker. She couldn't fight with her fists like Akihiko.

She couldn't do anything. And she would die because of it. The Shadows began to close in on her and Aigis. There was no hope.

Then, a miracle happened.

A giant axe flew out of nowhere and completely destroyed one of the Shadows. Attached to it was a familiar girl.

"Minato! Nice throw!" The girl, the usually quiet Labrys, shouted out to the air. Labrys hefted her axe over her shoulder and began to destroy the Shadows near Yukari. She dodged the swipe of one and slice its mask with a horizontal sweep of her axe, then jumped up and smashed her axe vertically into another.

The Shadows near Aigis were sliced apart by an invisible force, wind. An angel appeared. Yukari's eyes widened. Minato, the polite captain of the kendo team, was floating with angelic wings protruding from his back, his white hair now golden. He landed in front of the unconscious Aigis and his looked changed back to its original. A multitude of large fireballs shot forth from his hand towards the Shadows, annihilating them in an instant. Minato turned towards Yukari, the danger now gone and smiled.

"I'm home."

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TomoyaJintanUshio: The Death Arcana represents deep change, regeneration, and psychological transformation. Think about it. It's more than just a character the story revolves around. Look at the P4 Death Link. :D

Guest: It's you! The one who suggested Rio! I'm glad you like the Omake. It was when inspiration hit me. I wait until inspiration to hit me before I write an omake, so I get the best quality work. And yeah, Yukari. I'll do my best to make her likable. :D

The Shard of Flame Ice: I responded in a PM, this may become a regular thing at this rate. I love your long reviews. They are awesome! :D

BlackFang27: People keep talking about the Great Seal. I'm thinking about one of Ryoji's final lines for my ultimate ending (The ending of this story and any sequels). Can you guess which? :D Also, glad you like it!

review provider: You just blew my mind. Ghosts... entirely possible. Hmm. Or maybe they aren't dead at all... OMG I MIGHT HAVE A PLOT TWIST! Probably. Don't expect one though. It gets boring if you expect a plot twist. Takes the twist right out of it.

Twinkle Ace: From the bottom of my heart, I truly thank you. I SHALL KEEP IT UP! FOR NARNIA! *King charges into battle against Shadows astride Aslan*

Ouroboros: I truly considered Apollo. I really did. But then I learned that Apollo is the ultimate of the P2 protag. Now that's no fun. And yeah, it is someone you know.

Well, that's all folks. But finally...

Question of the Chapter: Which Persona armor do YOU want to see?

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