Hi, everyone! I'm actually going to change things up a bit. I wanted to dedicate two chapters to the rest of the Grease songs, so I'll be moving my original Chapter 5 over to Chapter 7, "Dynamic Duets," since it does coincide with the idea of graduates' Homecoming and students' Battle of the Bands duos and trios. Chapters fixed as of 11/19/2012.

So, Chapter 5, an addition to "The Role You Were Born to Play" will feature 6 of 12 Grease songs I'm writing in. The only songs I will not be using are "Summer Nights," because I feel like the song has been done very well by Samcedes; as well as "It's Raining on Prom Night" because I feel like it'll have promise as an addition to a prom episode.

The night of Mercedes and Mike's return was a night well-spent. Artie had summoned everyone interested in auditioning for Grease to the auditorium for a script read-through with Finn. Then, they went on to a vocal warm-up with Mercedes, and finally, a brief dance routine with Mike. Artie supervised the entire thing to take notes on the aspiring cast. After a full afternoon of work, the three graduates stayed behind to talk about some of the roles, and the next day, they were back to run the first batch of auditions.

However, the graduates walking through the school brought back a bittersweet feeling. They had returned to their home for four years; but this time, it wasn't as students, but rather as alumni, having all been put in their separate directions. But one thing was for sure, friendship brought them all back together.

Song: "Alma Mater"

Mercedes: As I go travelling down life's highway {Mercedes pulling into parking lot}
Whatever course my fortunes may foretell
I shall not go alone on my way
For thou shall always be with me Rydell
{Getting out of car, smiling at the school}

Mike: When I seek rest from worldly matters {Mike setting up the gymnasium}
In palace or in hovel I may dwell
And though my bed be silk or tatters
My dreams shall always be of thee Rydell
{Mike casting a reminiscent glance on the auditorium}

Finn, Mercedes, Mike: Through all the years, Rydell {Singing separately down the hallway}
And tears, Rydell
We give three cheers Rydell for thee

Through everything Rydell {The three grads coming together on stage}

We cling, Rydell
And sing, Rydell to thee

And so, the rest of the day was spent running auditions. The first three were auditioning for Sandy and Rizzo, and they were just pitiful; but, Marley and Unique totally fueled up the game and made their impression. Following them was a humorous acting montage by Sugar for Frenchy and a rigorous dance routine by Brittany for Cha-Cha.

"I think those two have such wonderful chemistry," Mercedes said. "Who knew they could make an awesome crazy girl couple?"

"Honestly, I'm borderline unwilling to give Frenchy to anyone else. Sugar and Didi Conn could be identical twins," Artie said.

"Same for Cha-Cha. None of the other girls could even compare with Brittany's dancing," Mike said.

"And we need to give Sam the part of Kenickie," Mercedes said.

"Well, that's everyone for today!" Artie said.

Later that night, Finn went solo to a movie viewing of "Fat Kid Rules the World."

He didn't exactly know why he chose that movie. Maybe it was those fat jokes that Sue kept throwing at him earlier; but seriously, he had lost a lot of weight by being in the army for those sixteen days. But maybe it was just the fact that, since Finn was useless as an actor and as an army soldier, maybe he could rule the world! A man could dream, right?

Well, not really. Finn hated the movie. Partly because it reminded him of the many times he and Rachel had seen movies together. He tossed his empty popcorn bucket in the trash on his way out of the theater.

Song: "Alone at a Drive-In Movie"

I'm all alone {Finn walking out of the movie}
At the drive-in movie
It's a feelin' that ain't too groovy
Watchin' werewolves without you... (werewolf howl)
Gee, it's no fun
{Finn walking through the mall, seeing other teen couples}
Drinkin' beer in the backseat
All alone just ain't too neat
At the passion pit wanting you.
{Finn looking at a picture of Rachel in his wallet}
And when the intermission elf moves the clock's hands
{Finn working at the tire shop}
While he's eating everything sold at the stands,
When there's one minute to go
'Till the lights go down low,
{Finn shutting off the shop lights}
I'll be holding the speaker knobs
Missing you so-o-o!
Can't believe it,
{Finn watching a movie at his house, alone}
Unsteamed windows I can see through.
Might as well be in an igloo,
'Cause the heater doesn't work...
As good as you...
{Zoom into Rachel's picture on Finn's bedside table}
(Baby, come back)

Jake and Kitty had just finished their audition for Danny and Sandy. Tina was waiting backstage to audition for Jan, and she could see the jealous face of Marley across the way.

"Oh my gosh, we're so gonna get those parts," Kitty said to Jake as they both passed Kitty.

"Hey, good luck!" Jake whispered as Tina went on stage.

Tina grinned back at Jake and found herself at center stage, staring up at Artie, Finn, Mercedes, and the face she didn't really want to see right now, Mike.

"Hi! My name is Tina Cohen-Chang and I'll be auditioning for the role of Jan," she said. "I've chosen one of Marty's songs, 'Freddy, My Love.'"

"Good choice," Mercedes said, before whispering to the other three, "Because I've gotten sick and tired of everyone using Jan's numbers in auditions."

Tina pulled the microphone close to her lips as she beckoned Brittany and Sugar on stage to be her backup singers.

Song: "Freddy My Love"

{Concept: Tina solo, girls backing up, occasional glances to Mike's face}

Freddy my love, I miss you more than words can say.

Freddy my love, please keep in touch while you're away.

Hearing from you can make the day so much better,
Getting a souvenir or maybe a letter.
I really flipped over the grey cashmere sweater,
Freddy my love, Freddy my love, Freddy my love, Freddy my love.

Freddy you know you're absence makes me feel so blue.
That's okay though, you're presents make me think of you.
My mom will have a heart attack when she catches,
Those petal pushers with the black leather patches.
Oh how I wish I had a jacket that matches.

Freddy my love, Feddy my love, Freddy my love, Freddy my love.
Don't keep your letters from me, I thrill to every line.
Your spelling's kinda crummy, but honey, so is mine.
I treasure every gifty, the ring is really nifty.
You say it cost you fifty, so you're thrifty,
I don't mind.

Freddy you see. You'll hold me in your arms someday.
(Freddy my love)
And I will be wearing you're lacy lingerie.
(Freddy I'm yours)
Thinking about it, my hearts pounding already.
Knowing when you get home we're bound to go steady.
And throw your service pay around like confetti.

Freddy my love (12x)

"Thank you, girls," Artie said into the microphone as he finished taking notes.

"Thanks!" Tina said, grinning as she ran off stage with Brittany and Sugar. When she turned around, she could see Mike and a regretful face.

"You alright, dude?" Finn asked, noticing Mike's furrowed eyebrows.

"Yeah, it's just…" Mike began.

"It was the song, wasn't it?" Mercedes asked. "I know. It was really hard for me to all of those 'Summer Nights' auditions."

"Yeah," Mike said with a nod. "Everything that song said… It made me realize that I haven't really been fair to Tina, as a boyfriend, as an ex-boyfriend, not even as a friend."

"Dude, we've all been there," Finn said encouragingly.

"I know," Mike said, a little downcast. "And truth be told, I've missed her a lot. Not only did this song make me realize how she was feeling, but it made me realize how I've been feeling these past few months."

The next day, everyone had auditioned, and the directors put a list together of all the cast members through to the final callbacks. Everyone was almost guaranteed their role of preference except for the two finalists each for Sandy and Danny. Their callback was scheduled for 4:15. The 3:30 call was for everyone else who was already assured their role in the T-Birds and the Pink Ladies.

The people present at the 3:30 call were Joe for Doody, Sam for Kenickie, Wade "Unique" Adams for Rizzo, Sugar for Frenchy, and Brittany for Cha-Cha.

"Alright, everyone, welcome to the callback session! We would first like to see how this group in particular can mesh as a group. This will determine the final casting call," Artie explained.

"We want to start off with a number that features both the T-Birds and the Pink Ladies," Mike said.

"We're going to have Joe run through 'Those Magic Changes' and you will all have to interact at the level we expect from our cast ensemble," Finn further explained.

"So, good luck to everyone!" Mercedes said sweetly.

The aspiring cast took to the stage.

"Hey, Doody, where'd you get the guitar?" Kenickie asked.

"I started taking lessons this summer!" Doody explained.

"Can you play anything on it?" Kenickie asked.

"Uh…" Doody said hesitantly, in character. "Sure!" He strummed the C-chord. "That's a C!"

"Hey, that's pretty good!" Frenchy said excitedly.

"And uh…" Doody continued. "That's an A, and an F, and a G!"

"Hey, do you know how to play, 'Tell Laura I Love Her'?" Cha Cha asked.

"Sure, has it got a C in it?" Doody asked humorously. The four directors laughed hysterically.

"Come on, let's hear a little, Elvis!" Kenickie demanded.

Song: "Those Magic Changes"

Joe: What's that playing on the radio?
Why do I start swaying to and fro?
I have never heard that song before
But if I don't hear it anymore

It's still familiar to me
Sends a thrill right through me
Cause those chords remind me of the night that I first fell in love to
Those magic changes
My heart arranges
A melody that's never the same
A melody that's calling your name
And begs you please come back to me
Please return to me don't go away again
Oh, make them play again
The music I wanna hear as once again you whisper in my ear
Ooh my darlin'

I'll be waiting by the radio
You'll come back to me some day I know
Been so lonesome since our last goodbye
But I'm singing as I cry-iy-iy

While the bass is sounding while the drums are pounding
Beatings of my broken heart will rise to first place in the
Oh my heart arranges
Oh those magic changes

Whoa-whoa-ah-oh yeah

The four directors leapt to their feet, except for Artie, who just applauded with his hands over his head.

"Oh my gosh, Joe!" Mercedes exclaimed excitedly. "I cannot believe you just hit that High E!"

"Great range, man!" Finn said. Mike literally took his hat off and bowed.

Well, the news was broken. Marley and Ryder were thrilled with their lead roles. Unique had finally trespassed upon Sue Sylvester's 'protective' blockades, and Sugar finally got a part that actually speaks!

Well, for Jake and Kitty, things weren't so easy. For Jake, losing Danny meant prolonging his 'friend zone' status with Marley, while she was on stage kissing Ryder. Ugh. And of course, for Kitty, now she had to admit to herself that her plot to ruin Marley's life had failed! That mud-haired stick-figured boyfriend-stealing blue-eyed suck-up got everything, including the role of Sandy. The film-version of Sandy was blonde, for goodness's sake!

It came as a huge surprise for Kitty when Marley marched up to her locker.

"Hi," Marley said quietly, seeming to be timidly nervous.

"What's up?" Kitty asked, trying her best not to sound like a total bitch.

"I'm sorry you didn't get the role of Sandy," Marley said.

"Oh, it's no problem. I heard your duet with Pre-Op Precious went well. Even I have to admit, Jake and I totally screwed up during 'Hand Jive' and our cheater attitude landed us where we are today," Kitty said, somewhat calmly, as she extracted her Biology textbook out of her locker and slammed it shut.

"Well, I was just talking to Brittany, and she said she wanted all the girls to meet up to practice the Rydell Fight Song. And, since you and Brittany are top Cheerios, the directors thought it would be appropriate for you two to choreograph the routine with Mike!" Marley explained.

"Oh, well that sounds fun!" Kitty said with a false tone of excitement. "When should we start?"

"How's about after school?" Marley asked.

Kitty grinned. "See you there."

And so, later that day, they met up in the school auditorium. Mike and Mercedes were supervising.

"Hi, girls!" Mike exclaimed.

"Mike and Brittany are going to get right down to it to help you with the routine," Mercedes instructed, sitting back to take notes.

The group consisted of Marley, Kitty, Brittany, and a few extras who performed relatively well in Mike's dance auditions, but didn't make the final cut.

In no time at all, Mike was already leading the girls in the basic choreography, and Brittany stepped in to teach the girls the moves that only a real-life cheerleader would know how to execute. Kitty actually proved to be a big help.

"Marley, you should really stretch out before, or else you won't be able to ace those high kicks," Kitty said.

"Got it," Marley said shyly.

"Alright, do you think we can run through it and see how it looks?" Mike asked.

"Sure!" Kitty said excitedly. "Here's the best Betty Kimsox coming at you."

"Patty Simcox," Marley corrected.

"Yeah, whatever. At least I don't have dyslexia like Ryder," Kitty retorted.

"Yeah, come on, let's practice," Marley responded bitterly.

"Alright!" Brittany began. "A 5-6-7-8!"

Song: "Rydell Fight Song"

Hit 'em Rydell Ringtails

Tear 'em apart, green and brown

Bash their brains out

Stomp 'em on the floor

For the glory of Rydell evermore

Fight team fight!

Chew 'em up, spit 'em out!

Fight team, fight!

The execution was awful. Marley could not do the moves right to save her life, the background dancers were always either a line behind or ahead, and Kitty looked too busy trying to trip Marley. Only Brittany was doing everything right.

"How was that?" Kitty asked smugly up to the two directors.

The two held an awkward pause before Mercedes uttered the words, "Horrible."

"Yeah… We've got a lot of work to do," Mike said with a wince.

"We're going to have to schedule an extra practice for this," Mercedes said, stressfully scribbling down notes.

"Until then, please remember all of your lines!" Mike said, packing all of his papers up.

"Yes, we'd like to be off-book within a week," Mercedes said. "And that includes lyrics and blocking instructions!"