E/O Challenge Word:

busy /ˈbizē/ v. – To keep occupied.

Spoilers/Warnings: season seven

Disclaimer: Not mine

Word Count: 100

It seems so sudden; but it's not, it's only grown. ~ Emmylou Harris

While Dean was busy obsessively researching everything he could possibly find out about Dick Roman, Sam was busy getting sick.

The kind of quiet, subtle respiratory infection that doesn't seem like a big deal until it settles in your chest and refuses to leave and makes itself known through gasping and wheezing and coughing.

The kind of virus that prefers weak immune systems and bides its time; waiting to attack when you're rundown from no sleep and then thrives because you're still not sleeping.

The kind of sickness that spikes a dangerously high fever and gets a big brother's attention...finally.