E/O Challenge Word:

busy /ˈbizē/ adj. – Excessively detailed or decorated.

Spoilers/Warnings: none

Disclaimer: Not mine

Word Count: triple drabble

That's right. Reality check. You know what I mean. Just keepin' it real. ~ Shaggy

"So, what do you think?" the woman asked; entering the room in a flourish of fabric and waving arms as she spun around and waited for the opinions of the entourage she had brought with her to the bridal shop.


"It's what?" the woman prompted excitedly; figuring her Maid of Honor was simply speechless from being dazzled by her exceptionally good taste in dresses.


"It's too busy."

The woman scowled at the unexpected response and turned to glare at the unfamiliar voice. "Excuse me?"

"Too busy," Dean repeated; having been there to interview one of the shop's clerks about a potential hunt in town but unable to resist letting this chick know her taste sucked.

"Dean..." Sam hissed in reprimand and smiled politely at the seething woman. "It's...lovely."

Dean snorted. "He's just being nice," he told the woman. "It's a character flaw I'm still trying to work on with him. But me...I'm honest, sister. And that dress..." He shook his head. "Crap."

"He's right," the Maid of Honor added; finding her boldness alongside Dean. "It's definitely too busy. I mean, a wedding dress is supposed to just be white...right?"

The woman glared, putting her hands on her hips. "I'll have you know patterns are all the rage in bridal gowns these days. Very cutting edge..."

"Hey. Whatever you gotta tell yourself, sweetheart," Dean commented.

The bride-to-be growled her humiliated frustration and stomped back toward the dressing rooms.

"Oh, don't go away angry..." Dean called after her. "Just go away," he added more quietly and chuckled at his own joke; glancing at the Maid of Honor as he did so.

The Maid of Honor laughed and smiled at Dean.

Dean winked back.

Sam rolled his eyes. "Dean..."

"Not now, Sammy," Dean answered distractedly over his shoulder. "Big brother's working."