Bounty on Your Heart

By: Tracy Cook

Disclaimer: I do not own anything; these characters belong to the creators of Glee. Based very loosely on the movie Elektra (for the most part everything will be different, just the main concept is the same).

Pairing: Quinn and Rachel

Rating: M

Chapter 2

Is It Worth It?

Staring through the scope of her sniper rifle, she watched as the subject danced around the stage. She was singing with such passion and ambition. Quinn shuddered at the thought of being the cause of that passion ending, at being the reason that her voice would die out. She would get a final applause as she dramatically fell over, mid-song, and bled to death on the stage. It would be beautiful, downright artistic, but it would be a tragedy.

She did not know why her family cared to kill the woman who seemed altogether innocent. It caused her stomach to flip and she felt like she would vomit any moment now. She did not understand it, and she did not want to understand it, she knew what her job was and now she needed to execute the mission.

That was her priority. Not Rachel's future stardom.

This is why she was not to get close to anyone. She never knew who she was going to have to kill and the less that she knew about the individual the easier it was to kill them. Quinn did not know much about Rachel, but she did know that she deserved to live out her dreams.

No one with so much passion deserved to have their dreams end in such a morbid manner.

Quinn attempted to focus on the target as she moved the gun along with her as she danced across the stage. Finally, she halted in order to belt out a few lovely notes and Quinn knew that it was her chance to eliminate her. Yet, she could not shake the feeling that she was killing someone who had done nothing wrong. What could she have possibly done? These conflicting thoughts flooded her mind and caused her hand to start shaking, making it impossible for her to accurately aim at the beautiful woman.

Nothing like this had ever happened. She had taken out targets that were further away than this with ease.

Lowering her gun she steadied her breathing and closed her eyes trying to regain control of her mind and her hand. Then she let out a breath and refocused the gun, aiming it directly between Rachel's eyes as she sang, all that she had to do was pull down on the trigger and she would be dead. That was all she had to do.

She applied pressure to the trigger, but not enough to actually shoot the gun. Then, she let up on the trigger. She tried this many more times only to find that she could not do it.

Groaning out in frustration she lowered the gun and placed her hand to her forehead. This was not going to work. She could not kill Rachel Berry. She could not take away all of her hope, her dreams, her love of life. It was not fair to her. Someone else would have to finish the job. Standing to her feet she brushed off her leather and placed the gun on her back before climbing down the side of the building and disappearing into a dark ally.

No one saw her. She was too fast and too stealthy.

Pulling out her cellphone, she dialed the number for her agent. Knowing that it was a risky move, they were not supposed to contact each other this way. Someone could trace it. But, she needed to tell him that she was incapable of going through with the assignment.

She lifted the phone to her ear and realized that her hand was still shaking uncontrollably and that her heart was still pounding painfully against her chest. It was not a reaction she was used to. Quinn Fabray had slaughtered hundreds of people, some of them with her own bare hands. She had killed people in front of their own friends and family, and now she was not able to finish such a simple assignment? All she had to do was take out one person.

One insignificant human in a world full of seven-billion, and she could not do it.

She was ashamed. It was embarrassing. How could she be so pathetic?

"Hello? Fabray? What is going on, did you finish the assignment?" He asked on the other end of the line. He sounded just as worried as she felt. She never called him and if she was then he knew that something had gone wrong in the plan.

"I couldn't go through with it."

"What? Why not? You know that the business is going to pay us three million for this, right?"

"I am aware." She stated spitefully as she looked around the ally making sure that no one was watching her.

"That's a lot of money, Fabray. It is just one girl. She does not even have any fighting experience; it should have been a simple kill."

"Well it wasn't!" Quinn growled out angrily, her voice shaking as her grip tightened on the cellphone. Why couldn't he just accept that she did not feel inclined to murder this woman? Letting out a sigh she clenched her jaw and tried to calm down. "Look, I am aware that it is a large sum of money, I just couldn't murder her like that. Not without knowing what she has done to deserve it—"

"—Deserve it?" He laughed. "Who the hell are you and what have you done with Fabray? This is nonsense. You have never needed to know why someone deserved to be killed before, why now? And what do you mean "murder"? Is that how you look at this? You have never called it that before. Don't tell me that you are growing a conscience on me now." He berated her.

"No, I am fine with continuing to kill people. Just not her." Her voice was adamant and definite. She was not going to kill Rachel Berry.

"If you don't kill her, someone else will."

"I know."

"Fabray, that is a lot of money to just give to someone else for doing the job. I really think that you should reconsider—"

"—I am not killing her. End of discussion. Let someone else kill her, I don't care as long as I can pretend that she is alright."

"She won't be alright Quinn, she will die."

"That's why I said pretend. I gotta go." Quinn stated in a heartless tone as she closed her phone and hung up on him. She did not want to talk with him any longer. He was only reminding her over and over that even if she backed out of the assignment, Rachel Berry would still die. This caused her chest to clench uncomfortably as she grew dizzy and sick to her stomach. She was not supposed to react this way, she was stronger than this.

Still, she could not shake the feeling that she did not want Rachel to die. Not by her hand, and not by anyone else's hand either.

The guilt was suffocating.


Hazel eyes focused on the ceiling of the home that she was renting out whilst on assignment. She had attempted to lie down and go to sleep hours ago, but she was having no luck falling asleep. She had too much on her mind. Thoughts were rushing around inside of her skull and colliding painfully, she could not understand what half of them meant.

She was thinking about Rachel and about the mission that she had not gone through with.

She could not figure out what they could have possibly wanted the Broadway star for. Rachel did not appear exceptionally strong, nor did she seem to have a secret evil side, she just seemed like a sweet woman with a lot of ambition and a big heart that was ready to be crushed by someone. To kill her would be wrong, like kicking a small puppy or killing a child. It just didn't sit well with Quinn. Rachel did not deserve to die.

That was what was bothering her. Rachel did not deserve to die. Not by the blonde assassin's hand or anyone else's.

She had too much to live for.

These thoughts and emotions that the other woman elicited inside of her were causing her to reevaluate her entire life, her job, how important money was to her. How important saving Rachel was to her. She knew that it was ridiculous and irrational. She could not throw away an entire career just to save some woman that she hardly even knew, to become a fugitive and be hunted down endlessly by her family's business, but she could not live with herself if she did nothing.

It was horrifying to her just how willing she was to throw away everything that she had built over an entire lifetime in order to save Rachel. Perhaps it was because she was the first person who had made her feel an ounce of emotion over the last ten years, or maybe there was something more to it.

Regardless of the reasoning, she knew what she had to do.

She had to continue to watch Rachel Berry. To keep an eye on her no matter where she went and to make sure that she was safe. Someone else would come after her, three million dollars was a high bid for a human life, and she knew that if she did not collect someone else would try. She needed to stop them from doing so. Maybe she would have to kidnap Rachel and take her somewhere safe where no one would be able to get her, she didn't know, but she was going to save her.

This lifted some of the weight of the guilt that was settling in on her and suffocating her. But it did little to alleviate her anxiety.

Once she started killing other assassins and turned against the company, there would be no going back. Everything that she had grown to understand as life, to love, would be gone.

'Is it really worth it?'


Authors Note:

I know that this chapter is much shorter, but I hope that y'all enjoy it! :) I may keep the chapters shorter but more frequent. At least I will try and make them frequent. Thank you all for reading and please do leave me some encouragement! The next chapter will be longer and have some more Faberry interaction!

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