After destroying the Skull Heart and had a friendly conversation with her best friend Marie before she disappears from the world and duking Mafia's secret weapon Black Dahlia, Peacock settled her life in the Anti-Skullgirl Lab where the doctors had created the new robot version of Dr. Avian with his memories of his past life. She has become the Lab's best creation and teacher to other new creations. Later on, Peacock fell in love with Leduc and the two had a daughter named Sarah. Dr. Avian and Peacock were shocked to learn that Sarah has the same biomechanical and unprecedented weaponry as her mother and her love of cartoons has shaped her toys (rabbit, fox, tiger, and cheetah) into an gang of female fighters. Peacock uses a strand of Marie' hair to create a clone of her friend named Kira, who became best friends with Sarah. As Kira finished her training, she became concerned about her true origins and visions about her mother, she escapes and set out to find her true destiny. Then, Peacock and Luduc must train their daughter to become more powerful than Kira.

Years later, Sarah was now an cartoonish thirteen years old watching cartoons on TV with her rabbit humanoid friend named Tiff as her parents and Dr. Avian behind her talking about her progress.

"Peacock, Leduc." Dr. Avian spoke. "Your daughter has equipped with two synthetic parasites but it's much more powerful than yours."

"More powerful?" Peacock echoed with a shock. "What's that supposed to mean?"

"The Argus System can provide to shift as many powerful weapons she can desire." Dr. Avian explained. "But I'm not sure if she can handle it."

"So she can use her eyes as anything as she wants?" Luduc asked. "How interesting."

"Guys!" Sarah called out, turning her head around to glare at the doc and her parents. "Shut your mouth! I'm busy watching my show!"

Dr. Avian, Peacock, and Leduc watched Sarah turned her back at the TV. She was watching one of her mother's favorite cartoon shows with Tiff who was laughing up hardly that she couldn't breathe.

"She sure got your attitude, Peacock." Leduc said with a grin.

"No kidding." Peacock replied, rolling her eyes with a slight grin.

"Well, just like you, she's doing thing the same thing that I didn't think it's possible." Dr. Avian explained. "She's the next perfect experience."

"Just think our daughter would able to defeat the new Skullgirl once and for all." Leduc said with great courage.

"Maybe but she'll have to face the fact that she must also find Kira." Peacock whispered with a frown. "After all, she may be the next Skullgirl just like her mother." Then, she left the room.

Next morning, Sarah was still asleep and was in her dream of meeting a young silver-headed woman wearing a black silt dress uniform. She held her hand out and asked Sarah to join her to defeat the new Skullgirl. Sarah was very relucant of her decision and wondering who that woman is, but let her hand out until she felt someone was shaking her. When she opened her eyes, it was Tiff.

"Sarah, wake up!" Tiff shouted. "The detector is picking up a huge reaction downtown!"

"It's her, boss!" A female tiger humanoid named Cassie said, walking in the room. "The Skullgirl is on the move!"

"Oh, damn!" Sarah groaned. "Get ready to start the car!"

Sarah got up and put on her mother's gloves. Then, she puts on a purple hat, purple leotard that has three parts that resemble bombs with a red ruffles at the top of the thighs, and black shoes. She ran up onto the car with Tiff, Chessie, Melissa (fox), and Zoey (cheetah).

"Alright, ladies." Sarah said with a smile. "It's time to paint the town red!"

With that, they drove out.