With confidence, she had entered into the catacomb and finds a bizarre blue light coming from a teenage silver-haired girl who is waiting for her. She was sitting on the throne made of bones where there was a field of skulls around her. She seemed to be a thirteen years old and had gray hair with skulls beautifying her hair to keep her ponytail curly and neat. She's also wearing a mid-thigh length tight dark green dress and knee-length dark green boots and had a blue light hanging on of her back. Keeping in with her killer status, she carries a blue feather fan made out of bones. Her eyes were bloody red, but it has the outline of a semi skull in both pupils. She stares calmly at Sarah once she walked in the middle of the room.

"Kira!" Sarah called out.

"Sarah, you shouldn't have come." Kira calmly spoke. "My life is nearly ending anyway."

"Puh-lease." Sarah said, rolling her eyes. "My mother took her best friend Marie's hair DNA before her death and uses it to clone you to be part of the family." Her teeth gritted angrily and gave Kira a dead glare. "But I was born to stop you after your powers went out of control that almost killed my parents. So, I'm worried about the Skull Heart affecting you!"

"Look, Sarah." Kira said, taking a deep breath. "You'll understand that this is my destiny that my mother couldn't succeed. Now, please leave. I can't guarantee you arrival any longer."

Sarah let out a big sigh. "You should been know that I can't do that. That Skull Heart will turn as bad as your origin mother. Guess I have to beat you down!"

Using her powers, several thunder clashes with more of the blue glowing light. Sarah looked around and she was no longer in the catacombs, but on a weird blue level surface that looked like it was made of veins. Various statues of the Divine Trinity were disintegrated and crushed once each of them begins to hover. The full moon was observable from the room and skulls were trashed on the ground beneath them.

"You shouldn't be here." Kira said, summoning gigantic skulls and creatures to surround her. "I'm warning you."

"Don't think I'll go easy ya!" Sarah stated.

Sarah begins to charge forth and use her gun to fire as many as deadly bullets as she can and attacked her body by throwing mini bombs where the skulls didn't guard her. Though Kira kept sending mini skulls and some skulls from the blockade, Sarah continues to fight her off by sending her bombs and firing many miniature blasts from her arms. Then, Kira's eyes glowed bright red and now had a distantly humanoid silhouette made out of the veins on the ground behind her and command it to attack, and a shadowy figure shot up to smash Sarah with a dynamic punch. Getting up, Sarah charged forward again and two eyes come out of Sarah's arms and shaped into a mallet to slam Kira in the stomach hardly for multiple times. Finally, Kira started to cry out in pain as her eyes glowed again with blood. Now she was nonentity more than a group of bones encircling the Skull Heart. Dodging the summoning skeletons and flying demon skulls, Sarah had used one of the eyes to turned into an enormous bomb that detonates towards Kira once she use her gun to fire and quickly jumped behind her into midair to shaped one of the eyes into a cannon to assault straight at the Skull Heart. Kira had accepted her defeat and let out a painful scream once her body finally vanished.

After defeating the Skullgirl Kira, Sarah was confronting the defeated Kira and gave her a victory smile.

"Told ya I'd win, Kira!" Sarah said. "Thanks for putting up a quick fight anyway!"

Sarah turned around to face the Skull Heart as she took a long look at it. She was wondering about making her wish, but spotted a young silver-haired woman appear behind the Heart. Sarah gasped once she realizes that the woman was the same figure that was in her dreams.

"Hello, Sarah." The woman greeted.

"Are you Marie?" Sarah asked.

"Yes." Marie replied. "My spirit was sent here by my daughter when she was wielding the Skull Heart as her destiny instead of having an impure heart like I did. Now the Skull Heart is waiting on your decision. Go head. Make your wish."

"Well…" Sarah muttered. Suddenly she grinned cruelly as if she wanted to do something violent. "Hmph, I don't need wishes. I'm already stronger than my mother and that's all that matters."

With that, Sarah uses the eyes to shift into laser gun to fire a powerful energy blast that flared the Skull Heart into tiny pieces.

"Your heart was pure, but don't even think that this is over!" the Skull Heart spoke loudly.

After that, Sarah then faced the spirited Marie and vanishing Kira.

"Hey, Sarah." Kira spoke. "I'm sorry that I ran away after your parents created me. They had created me to be the best creation for the lab but I become corrupted with anger and almost killed your parents." Then, she turned to her origin mother with a grin. "But now I've chose to make things right for my mother once the Skull Heart was unable to control me."

"I'm so proud of you, Kira." Marie smiled, hugging her cloned daughter.

"We're good! You'll always be my best friend, Kira." Sarah grinned. "I don't have a purpose anymore and I'll tell my mom about my trip."

"That makes me happy to hear about your mother." Marie said with a bright smile. "She was my best friend."

"Thanks, Sarah." Kira smiled, staring to disappear with her mom. "You will always remind me of a sister I've never…known."

With a tear of her eyes once Marie and Kira vanished from the world and the catacomb went back to normal, Sarah was proud for seeing her best friend and her mother one last time, but mostly did enjoy the fight she had with Kira. With a grin, she and her crew headed out of the church and went to home.

Few days after her journey in defeating the Skullgirl, Sarah was back at the Anti-Skullgirls Lab to celebrate the victory with Dr. Avian and her parents, who only Peacock can tell that her daughter was secretly crying about Kira once she explained what happened to her and Marie and went to comfort her.

"It's okay, Sarah." Peacock said quietly, hugging her daughter tightly. "I miss them too."

Later on, Sarah was defeating the other new creations that Dr. Avian had provided while Dr. Avian, Peacock, Leduc, and Painwheel were watching Sarah from the control room to check on her status. She didn't found them valuable and tough as she thought. However she did find one person who is extremely tough, but she was amazed when the girl was about to walk in.

"Hey there!" Sarah greeted. "You look pretty dangerous but fun to play with!"

"The name's Danielle." The girl spoke in a guttural voice. "The daughter of Painwheel and I'm ready to take you on."

"Great!" Sarah smiled. "I'm Sarah, the daughter of Leduc and Peacock! Let's say after this we can go and share a red velvet cake. K? You can be my new best friend!"

"Sure." Danielle shrugged. "You look like a good friend to me."

"Your daughter has coming just like you, Peacock." Painwheel stated.

"I'll say." Dr. Avian smiled.

"As if." Peacock disagreed mockingly as she rolled her eyes with a smile.

"But I'm sure that Sarah and Danielle will become great friends as well as great partners." Leduc declared.

Then, after training, Sarah was chilling with her crew as well as Danielle while they were watching their favorite cartoons on the high-screen TV until Peacock came in to join them with some junk food snacks. Sarah may miss Kira, but she still has other friends who care for her.