Beep. Beep. Davis groaned as he pounded on his night stand hitting everything but the damn alarm clock. "Ugh Davish shut that thing up." Demiveemon groaned as Davis continued to pound on his night stand. "I'm trying demiveemon." Davis grumbled opening his eyes to see his alarm clock wasn't on his nightstand. He groaned sitting up and seeing it was on his dresser. Demiveemon yawned and sat up as well. "Who the hell moved my alarm clock?!" Davis grumbled getting up to see it was six thirty. He walked over and slammed his fist on the alarm clock causing it to break. "You did Davish remember you said something about it being to easy to shut it off and wanted a challenge." Demiveemon said as Davis groaned. "Next time I decide to do something that interrupts our sleep stop me." Davis said not realizing he had crushed his alarm clock.

"Um Davish." Demiveemon said as Davis looked at him and raised an eye brow. "Ya Demiveemon?" Davis asked turning to see the crushed alarm clock. "Crap Jun's gonna kill me!" Davis nearly yelled as he opened a drawer and pulled out some clothes. "Quick Demiveemon maneuver x3 triple speed." Davis commanded changing from his night clothes into his usual outfit. Demiveemon jumped off the bed and began preparing Davis's stuff for school. After Demiveemon was done he opened the window and by that time Davis was finished changing. Demiveemon tossed Davis his d3. Davis easily caught it and walked to the window. "You ready?" Davis asked as he heard pounding on his door. "Davis!" Jun's voice rang out. "Well we don't really have a choice." Demiveemon said jumping out the window.

Davis quickly followed him as his door flung open to reveal an angry Jun. "Davis!" She yelled at the fearless leader. Davis and Demiveemon began to fall towards the ground. "Davish now would be a good time to execute the second part of the plan!" Demiveemon yelled as Davis nodded. "Digivolution Activate!" Davis yelled holding his digivice towards the ground. "Demiveemon Digivolve to: X-Veemon!" Demiveemon yelled out digivolving strait to X-Veemon skipping Veemon completely. Davis grabbed X-Veemon's shoulder as X-veemon began to fly.

"So what's the time?" X-veemon asked moving Davis completely onto his shoulder as he flew. Davis looked down at the stop watch in his other hand. "Two point four seconds!" Davis yelled happily. "We beat our previous record for digivolving strait from in training to Champion!" X-Veemon cheered as the people looked up and shook there heads. They were used to Davis flying on X-Veemon's back since he defeat Malomyotismon and started doing it the very next day.

"Since we left hella early we still got an hour to kill so what you wanna do Davis?" X-Veemon asked as Davis thought for a second. "Wanna get some coffee and breakfest since we had to leave before we got a chance to eat?" Davis asked as X-Veemon nodded. "Then lets stop my work and get a discount!" Davis shouted pointing towards the direction of his work place. X-Veemon went even faster towards the direction and began to fly lower as it came into sight. X-Veemon stopped a few feet from the coffee shop and dedigivolved into Veemon. Davis smiled landing on the ground.

"So what do you want today Veemon?" Davis asked as they entered the coffee shop to see it was basically empty except for the one employee who was standing behind the counter. "Hey Davis want your usual three bagels, three cinnamon rolls, and then everything else for Veemon?" The voice asked as Davis looked up to see Tai standing there. "Nah not today Tai last time I let Veemon have that much sugar the people at the nursery charged me for babysitting him." Davis said as Veemon looked up at him with puppy dog eyes.

"Phease Davis I'll be good I promise." Veemon begged looked up at him. "Thats what you said last time and the time before that." Davis said reminding Veemon of how many chances he had given him. "So just two plain caramel frappuccinos with four cinnamon rolls?" Tai offered as Davis pondered the thought. "Make it six cinnamon rolls and two caramel frappuccinos with extra caramel." Davis said as Tai rung up the order and Davis paid for it. "It'll be ready in a moment." Tai said as Davis nodded. "You know Kari and the others have been asking about you." Tai said making the coffee.

"Oh really?" Davis asked nonchalantly. "Ya especially Kari I mean shes kinda worried about you." Tai said as Davis raised an eyebrow. "She shouldn't worry about me; she's got her perfect boyfriend remember?" Davis asked as Tai sighed and put the coffee on the counter while he went to grab the cinnamon rolls. "Ya but you've been going to the digital world on a regular basis by yourself." Tai responded as Veemon growled. "Sorry with only Veemon." Tai corrected putting the cinnamon rolls in a bag and handing them to Davis. Veemon hopped up and grabbed his frappuccino. Davis grabbed his own and smiled. "Tai I've got a great life I mean I'm working at an awesome coffee shop part time, I'm getting strait A's and to top it all off I'm a world famous celebrity who could get any girl he wants what could be wrong?" Davis asked with a hint of sadness in his eyes.

"Ya I guess your right." Tai said as Davis turned to leave. "Hey tell Kari I'm moving next week." Davis called out as he was walking towards the door. "What but your still in high school for another four months." Tai called out. Davis simply raised his hand in the air as he and Veemon walked out of the coffee shop drinking their coffee. "So Davish we still have an hour to kill what do we do now?" Veemon asked as Davis thought for a moment. "Wanna head to the house for a little bit?" Davis asked as Veemon's eyes lit up like stars. "Are we gonna finish painting the room while were there?" Veemon asked hopefully. "We would but I still have to look halfway decent for school." Davis responded as they began to walk down a street. "Man Davish it's hard to believe that we got a million dollars from Geni for saving the digital world." Veemon said as Davis smirked.

"Thats only because were super awesome." Davis said smirking. "But everyone else got a million dollars as well." Veemon responded as Davis drank some of his coffee thinking for a moment. "But we used ours first to buy a house." Davis said as Veemon smiled. "Thats right Geni wouldn't let anyone else use the money but he let us use it after only three hours of begging." Veemon said remembering the whole three hours they had spent begging. "Yep it would've taken the others at least six or seven hours." Davis said with a cocky grin. They stopped at a large white house. Davis pulled out a set of keys as they walked up to the door way. Davis unlocked the front door and smiled before opening it. "Honey I'm home!" Davis yelled into the obviously empty house.

Davis smiled looking at the barren house. "Davish when we move in are we going to have a huge party?" Veemon asked as Davis nodded. "Yep but no stealing candy or soda from anyone remember you have a strict five two litter limit." Davis responded making Veemon pout. "How about 10 two litters?" Veemon bargained. "7 two litters is the max I'm willing to go." Davis said as Veemon pouted knowing he couldn't change Davis's mind anymore. Davis looked at the time and nearly screamed. "Crap were gonna be late!" Davis yelled causing Veemon to look bewildered. "But i thought we had an hour." Veemon yelled obviously shocked. "No aparently we have ten minutes to get you to day care and five minutes for me to get to class!" Davis said as Veemon growled. "I prefer to the term raising kids to be almost as awesome as Davish." Veemon responded causing Davis to smile.

"Can't argue with that logic but we'll need Raidramon so were not late. Veemon dashed out the door and Davis locked it up before holding his d3 out. "Digiarmor Energize" Davis yelled causing Veemon to armor digivolve to Raidramon. Davis hopped onto his back. "Onward to school and raising kids to be almost as awesome as me class!" Davis exclaimed pointing in the direction of the school. Raidramon and Davis took off a smile on both their faces.

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