Holly's POV

"Here ya go," Holly said with a cheery smile as she handed the middle-aged man 3 colorful rings. She looked outside the booth as the man tried to throw the rings onto the empty milk bottles. The boardwalk was always packed on Saturdays, especially after dark. She brought her attention back to her job as the man tossed his last right. It spun on the rim of the bottle before falling into place, causing a shout from the man's son. The boy looked to Holly excitedly as she turned around for his prize. As she handed the boy his goldfish she saw a guy who looked about her age sitting on the bench across from her booth. He has hair that defied gravity, perfectly tousled bed head. She could see his dark eyes staring at her from across the boardwalk, and the moonlight bouncing off his naturally tan skin. He looked up and the two made eye contact, much to Holly's dismay. She looked away, smiling at her next costumer. She waited patiently for the teen girl to toss her rings and handed her a half-dead goldfish. After the next couple of costumers and a few more dying fish, her shift was over and the mysterious guy from across the way was gone.

Holly started her short trek home, but was distracted by a near by clothing vendor. She looked around the stall for a while before settling on a vintage bomber jacket. She slipped the jacket on and looked at herself in the mirror, satisfied with her appearance. She walked back out to the boardwalk and turned to go home. The road had a streetlight about every two blocks, but Holly knew the path well. She rounded the familiar corner to her road and was met by a tall, dark figure. She stopped short, slowly reaching for the mace she kept in her pocket. The figure stepped closer. For every step he took, she took on more move to getting out her weapon if choice.

"Put the pepper spray away, babe." The man chuckled.

He stepped even closer and leaned in to whisper into her ear. Holly's body tensed up, she closed her eyes and instinctively balled her fists.

"That jacket looks really good on you."

Holly opened her eyes fully expecting him to be right in front of her, but he was gone. She turned around, searching for him in the dark, but he was no where. Holly was definitely getting a ride home from now on.

Dwayne's POV

"That jacket looks good on you? What was I thinking?" Dwayne ranted to himself.

"What's up your butt, D?" Marko asked from across the room, laughing.

"I made a total fool of myself! That's what's up my butt! I was following this girl that I was gonna... you know..." Dwayne made an animated face and curled his fingers up to look like talons. "So, I was following her and when I got her alone, I-I just froze up and said, 'That jacket looks good on you'."

Paul burst into laughter. "That's the funniest thing I've heard all week!"