I'm scared.
Scared that I might do something stupid.
And leave.

I'm broken, Ava.
I have been since I was 6.
I realized the situation you're in, but did you want to kill yourself when you were 9?
Didn't think so.

Okay, I get it. My parents fight. They always will. But still.
My 15th birthday… kinda special, huh? Not as special as 16, but still.
But you two… because of you, I might not get a 15th birthday party. Because I can't plan when you two are fighting about car dealers.
And nobody wants to listen to little ol' Amy, do they?

This isn't really a Thirteen Reasons Why fan fic, but it kinda is. In the following chapters, I'll put real-life events experienced by me.

I hope you don't mind, it's just that I feel that I need to vent and share what I've been through.

If anybody wants to talk, just message me on here or my Facebook page. :)