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Stanton Parish could adjust to any unexpected situation, adapt to any idiotic loss, and accept any surprising gain.

He had intended to ensnare Nina Theroux in young Jason Miller's neuro-net. To manipulate a manipulator of her talents would have been perfect. Stealing away one of Rosen's closest and long-term patient-employees would be a bonus. He had hoped to gather Gary Bell into his flock. He even tried to reason with Rosen, as a gesture of goodwill to Danielle,

Yet the shared link between Stanton and Lee was a good gain – small, but good. Granted, the time it took to gleam Lee's life-history was a mere blink in Stanton's eye. But the information gathered would be worth a token or two.

Matthew Hurley, Jessica Elkhart and others were just some of the names and faces Stanton glimpsed at. So many patients, so many failures, so few successes.

Elkhart, the mother who could kill by pulling back her love, was in the regular population, whereas Healy, the boy who could create riots filled with hatred, was in isolation, unable to benefit from the escapees. ' Then there was the cassette collection in the briefcase marked 'Binghamton.' Half of them were sent to Building 7. Some had escaped. Some had not.

Stanton smiled at the possible 'reunions' that could be arranged for Lee's benefit, beginning with a 'love-hate' meeting involving Elkhart and Hurley. Maybe another time, another place, he thought.

Marcus Ayers was a dead man. Leave it to such a talented alpha to be so misguided in the interpretation of events that lay ahead. At least Stanton learned who planted the seed of daring decisions in Lee's head.

The many ways Lee had lost in his – and D.O.D's – attempts to shut down Red Flag were telling and predictable to a certain degree. To discover how Lee fell to various alphas' powers around him was interesting, especially the significantly strong 'push' by Miss Theroux. Learning that dear Rachel Pirzad had grown thanks to Stanton's device required further study as well.

Studying the 'wallpaper' in Lee's cell amused Stanton. Some of it was on mark, some of it was close, and some was far beyond the conceived plans – yet plausible. Had there been no interference, Parish would have loved to see his opponent descend into madness.

If only Danielle hadn't served her role of double-agent so well.

Stanton knew Danielle was Lee's Achilles' heel as well as heart, soul and driving force for why the doctor did what he did. But the glimpse into the caring, fractured, and mending relationship between father and daughter proved to Stanton that the pieces were played properly and that the one guaranteed way to kill Lee was with Danielle's death.

It wasn't his intent to gain full access to the book that was Lee Rosen's life, but the good doctor had better learn the hazards of give and take. For now, Stanton would continue with the battle plans in place.