As they quietly made their way to their transport sitting near the edge of the rocky, barren cliff, both Skywalkers thought about the recent turn of events. Bree was debating, while Anakin was brooding. "ARGH ANAKIN!" Bree suddenly cried out as they walked, Anakin stared at her in surprise.

"What?" he asked as the teen clutched at her head as if in pain, she just glared.

"Seriously, just get over it Anakin. What happened happened and you can't do anything to stop it. So stop mentally cursing yourself and the world and the bad guy and every godforsaken thing you can think of, you're giving me a headache." She rambled, still glaring at the usually light brown haired man, whose hair was currently caked in dirt and dust, much like her own similarly hued hair. Anakin actually broke out into a smile and was about to retort when an explosion went off a few feet away, the force of the explosion throwing the pair off their feet and several meters back, dirtying themselves even more.

Sitting up from their crumpled positions on the ground, they watched in silent horror as what once was their transport was now a flaming wreak teetering on the edge of the cliff for a couple of long seconds before tumbling over the cliffs edge.

"No!" They shouted, scrambling towards the ledge and throwing themselves on to their stomachs as the gripped the warm cliff edge watching the debris fall deeper and deeper down the chasm. Turning their heads, the ocean stared into the woods in utter shock; the ocean looking wild and desperate.

"Well?" Anakin asked staring hard at Bree, "Isn't this one of your 'isn't it obvious' moments?" he said slightly hysterical. Bree took one look deep into Anakin's eyes, stared down the dark abyss to where somewhere the remains of the LAAT sat for a long moment, before looking back at Anakin.

"Nope, sorry." She said shrugging, "but we're screwed." Anakin watched her with his mouth agape as she got up off the cracked ground, and dusted herself off. "Well I don't know about you but I'm walking." With that the girl turned away and started walking.

Anakin continued to lay there watching his sister walk away for a bit before he snapped out of his daze and called after her. "But the Base is more than an hour away!"

Bree turned her head slightly to the side calling back "Then I suggest you start walking!" without breaking her pace. Anakin continued to watch her walk farther and farther away, still shocked; until he finally too got up and ran to catch up with the younger Jedi Knight.

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