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Pairing: Sticy (Sting xXx Lucy)

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Chapter 1: A Not So Pretty Beginning

Lucy was not exactly certain as to how it happened, but it did. She did not expect to fall for such a guy, especially, not for him. He was the worst possible man for her to fall for and she knew all too well that her teammates could only agree more. He was the enemy, and she was, in a way, their princess. They considered her to be strong, but they also knew she was not strong enough to handle anything too dangerous, and he was, in their book, fatal. And yet, although there was no possible way they could ever possibly end up in each other's arms, she had fallen for Sting Eucliffe of Sabertooth.

Maybe it was that one night that they had encountered each other in the streets of Magnolia. She had witnessed that way he and Rogue had tortured a man into succumbing to them and providing them with the information they needed. All she could do was hide behind a wall, and watch the pain and torture the man was put into. She didn't want to watch, in fact, she had considered running away from the scene, but of course, with her horribly bad luck, they had caught her.

She didn't know when or how they had gotten to her side so quickly, but before she could take another breath, she found herself face-to-face with the blonde dragon slayer. And just as quickly as he had come, the same speed could be applied to how quickly he had grasped her neck with a single hand and had nearly choked her to death.

"Well, I knew your guild was in this part of Fiore, but who would've thought we'd run into you, fairy," Sting had on his lips a smirk, filled with humor and a voice heavy with disgust.

Lucy could not speak a word and was desperately trying to take in oxygen, her small hands trying to pry away his hand. She was lifted into the air, her legs moving, trying to feel the ground she could no longer reach. She could feel her mind giving in, her vision slowly starting to fade, but she had seen it. She had seen the was his eyes flickered with guilt and regret and she had felt the way his grip had loosened, although very slightly, enough to get her to breathe in more oxygen.

"Enough, Sting," Lucy could only guess that it was the shadow dragon slayer who had spoken. She couldn't be certain because as soon as Sting had let her go, she was gasping for air, her vision still unclear, and had run away from them. As she ran, she could hear them laughing and could only assume that it was because she was so weak.

From then on she had feared the twin dragon slayers of Sabertooth, but even more so, she was afraid of Sting. She could not stand to even hear his name, but every night he would cross her dreams and she would wake up screaming, sweat trickling down her forehead. It was always the same vivid dream: Sting tightly gripping her neck, preventing her from taking in oxygen and all she could do was writhe while he held her above the ground with a single hand, his fingers tightening around her throat. Then, she would awaken. Sometimes she would be screaming, other times, she would wake up as if she had held her breath for quite sometime and desperately tried to breathe in all the oxygen around her.

But of course, that was before she had fallen in love with the white dragon slayer of Sabertooth. Although her dreams had bothered her immensely, she could never bring herself to despise him.

"Lu-chan, are you sure you're okay?" Levy sat beside her best friend, who's head was cushioned by her arms on the bar table. A week has passed and the script mage had observed her friend walk into the guild each day, noticing the circles under her eyes that seem to get darker.

Mirajane, who had also noticed the change in Lucy's appearance could not help but worry about her friend. It was no surprise that Lucy would come in each day and sit by the bar, but to have her fall asleep and wake up with alarm after a few minutes was beginning to worry the take-over mage. She became even more alarmed with the way Lucy had begun to dress. She would come to the guild in sweats or pajamas as if to try and get some more sleep than she already had. Of course, only few members of the guild noticed the girl's lack of sleep.

"I'm fine Levy-chan. I'm just worried about my rent. I haven't had time to go do a job lately," Lucy tried her best to come up with an excuse. In truth, she really had tried to avoid taking job requests, in fear that she would encounter Sting during those jobs. Especially, if Natsu were to go with her. She knew just how much Sting thought of him as a rival. It was only common sense that he would go around searching for the fire mage in hopes of a re-match after being defeated at the Grand Magic Games.

Levy eyed her friend with great suspicion. She knew better, "Lu-chan, you do know what a horrible liar you are right? There's no point in lying if we can see right through you."

"Lucy, I'm very worried about your new fashion sense. What happened to all your cute clothes?" Mirajane could not help but ask a rather...irrelevant question. She was more worried about how difficult it would be for Lucy to encounter the love of her life without the proper attire.

Lucy let out a heavy sigh. The truth was, she wanted to look her best every day, because it was just in her nature, but ever since the day she unexpectedly encountered Rogue and Sting, she has not really given anything else a thought. "I just haven't been feeling myself lately. I've been having nightmares..." she confessed.

"Nightmares? Maybe you just need to tell someone about them. Do you mind telling us what exactly they're about?" Mirajane was both curious and worried at the same time. The nightmares would explain the circles under Lucy's eyes, but she hasn't heard anything about Lucy experiencing anything traumatizing that could cause her to have such dreams.

The questioned stellar mage looked a way, a slight tint of pink on her cheeks. She couldn't bring herself to say it out loud. It was embarrassing for her to have to tell them that she was constantly dreaming about Sting even if they were nightmares.

This, of course did not go unnoticed by the two female mages who were quietly observing the stellar mage. "Lu-chan, tell us." Levy begged her best friend, knowing full well that she would eventually give in.

Lucy sighed, "Well, you see...I've been having nightmares about...Sting Eucliffe." Both girls had to take a moment to take in what the stellar mage had said. They looked at each other wondering why, of all the men in the world, their precious Lucy Heartfilia was dreaming about one of the twin dragon slayers of Sabertooth. It was, though unwritten, a taboo.

Fairy Tail's greatest rival is Sabertooth. From the moment the missing mages had returned after seven years of disappearance, Sabertooth has become Fairy Tail's biggest rival. The tournament between guilds alone was enough to provide a visual of the growing tension between the two guilds.

"Lucy...Did something happen? No offense but you've been looking a little...off lately. It obviously isn't anything good," Mirajane tried to question the stellar mage, hoping to at least get a clearer view point on what was going on with her, but to no avail. Lucy simply shrugged and slumped against the table.

Both Levy and Mirajane looked at each other once more and sighed in defeat. There was no getting information from their friend, though they were very much tempted to bombard her with questions.

After a long, awkward silence, as if on cue, Natsu placed an arm around the sleepless mage, "Yo! Luce! Let's go on a job. Gramps says he wants us to do a weird thing task for him." Lucy, who had looked up at her teammate, frowned at his lack of vocabulary.

"Master?" sighing, she lazily stood up and agreed. She could not imagine ever turning down a favor from Fairy Tail's master. She was practically indebted to him for taking her in as if she was his own child.

The two mages walked into Makarov's office, at first knocking for permission to enter. He was seated behind a desk, almost tall enough to where you couldn't see him at all if far enough. "Ah Lucy, Natsu, I'm glad you can make it. Gray, Wendy, and Erza have already gone ahead and will be meeting you there. I assume you're both agreeing to this favor I have of you?" They both nodded, allowing the Master to continue, "Six of you, will be representing Fairy Tail as a whole. As you know, each month, every guild master must meet to discuss relevant events and problems among the guilds. We have decided that, for every guild, we will assign, a maximum of six members to represent each guild, to gather together and...bond? Get to know each other, see how well the other guilds build teamwork, and so forth. Are we in understanding of your task?"

Once again, the two mages nodded. Makarov was more than happy that Lucy had decided to come along, noticing the fact that Natsu had stopped listening to the details of their task after the first sentence. "Very well, you may go."

After heading out the office, Lucy stopped in her tracks. Natsu looked at his friend in confusion, "Lucy, what's wrong? Uh...What was it that we're supposed to do again?" He laughed softly and scratched the back of his head.

"Master said that there would be six of us, so...who's the sixth?" The two did not have to go back to the office to ask, because standing in the hallway was the second generation thunder dragon slayer of Fairy Tail. Laxus was leaning against the wall, with a bored look on his face.

He turned to face Natsu, and then Lucy, taking more time than necessary, "Wow. You look awful." Lucy grimaced and glared at him.

"Laxus! Fight me!" Natsu jumped between them and aimed to punch Laxus, but instead was hit by a bolt of lightning. He fell to the ground, face first, burnt nearly to a crisp. "N...next time Laxus!" he raised a fist in the air as if to encourage the other to fight.

Lucy could only shake her head at the two, "I'm heading home to get ready first. I wouldn't want to look horrible in front of the other guilds," she shot a glare at Laxus and made her way to her apartment.

Lucy was beyond amazed at the sight before her and the two dragon slayers. It was a large, beachside resort. The water was clear, corals clearly visible. For once she felt as if all the stress and worry had gone away in just a mere second and was glad that she had decided to pack her bathing suits. Though she was not able to spend as much time getting ready for the trip; having only put on a spaghetti strap and short shorts; it seemed as if there weren't very many people around to find her looking...average.

"Gah! Luce, do you think there's going to be lots of food in there?!" Lucy simply nodded at Natsu's question. She could not be certain though, but it looked extremely luxurious, so she could only assume that they served plenty of food.

"Man, for once I don't regret doing something for the old man. I'd give anything to get away from that crazy guild every once in awhile. Then again, you and Gray are here," Laxus lost his sense of joy after having realized that two of the loudest and most destructive members of Fairy Tail were at the resort as well. Trying to forget his change of luck, he examined the female blond beside him and "casually" placed an arm around her shoulder, "So babe, how about you and I enjoy a little fun in the water later?"

Lucy felt chills slowly make their way up her spine at the rather unexpected gesture from the thunder dragon slayer. True, he was always unexpected, but to be so flirtatious and act like it was an everyday thing, was scaring her. "Please, refrain from calling me babe, Laxus."

Natsu looked at the two and formed a wide grin on his face, "You liiiiikkkeee her." This in turn, earned him a smack on the head from the blond, female mage. "What the heck was that for Luce?"

Lucy opened her mouth to speak but was interrupted, "Well, didn't think I'd be seeing you again. Thought you'd be dead by now." Sting was making his way towards them, along with Rogue, Orga, Rufus, Minerva, Lector, and Frosh.

Lucy backed away, her heart pounding loudly in her chest. She had completely forgotten about Sabertooth during her talk with Makarov. The air around her seem to get lost, and she felt as if she was being suffocated. Unconsciously, she reached for the base of her neck, where Sting had held her during their last encounter.

Natsu and Laxus had noticed Lucy's actions. There was a look of fear in her eyes as she watched Sabertooth's mages approach them. She was backing away and held on to Laxus's arm for support, hiding behind him.

Laxus ignored the urge to pull away from Lucy, and instead glared at the approaching mages, "What the hell are you doing here, Sabertooth?" Both Natsu and Laxus growled.

"We wouldn't be here, if Jiemma hadn't ordered us to. Besides, I wouldn't miss the chance to show you who's the better guild!" Sting and Natsu shot each other a piercing look.

"Laxus, Natsu, let's go please. Erza and the others are waiting..." the said mages looked at Lucy, who seemed to have a hard time breathing. She had choked out the words and looked close to tears.

"You going to run away again, blondie?" Sting smirked and made a move towards Lucy, who instinctively backed away.

"What do you mean by 'again'?" Laxus and Natsu were both gritting their teeth in anger. Sting ignored their question and reached for Lucy's arm, pulling her away from the already angry fire and thunder mage.

The white dragon slayer wrapped his arms around the stellar mage and placed his face near the base of her neck, inhaling her scent. Lucy felt the heat rise to her face and tried to pull herself away from Sting's hold. Images of the night when she had watch the twin dragon slayers of Sabertooth violently torture a man were flashing in her mind.

"Sting, let go of her. Don't waste your time on trash," Minerva spat out. Sting, did as he was told and pushed Lucy to the white sand, causing her to cry out in pain. She examined her left leg, where a burn was now visible.

"You bastard!" Natsu charged forward, his fist engulfed in flames, towards Sting, but was pushed back by Minerva's magic. Laxus attempted to attack them with his lightning, but was nullified by Orga's "black lightning." They stood there for a while, glaring at each other, before Sabertooth walked away.

Natsu walked towards Lucy and picked her up in his arms, "Luce, what did that bastard mean when he said that you were going to run away again?" He noticed how his teammate looked down, her eyes avoiding the gaze given by her two fellow guild members. "Lucy, tell us."

"Natsu...Sting almost killed me...before...If Rogue hadn't stopped him, I would be dead by now..."

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