It was the most dreadful thing, to come home and see your sister in law,Rosalie, stood infront of your 2 beautiful baby girls who are crying they're eyes out. Not knowing what has happened i suddenly got very worried, Rosalie looked at me with tears in her eyes and i knew she was afraid for the girls.
I rushed to their side and saw a bruise forming on the side of Rosalie's face, she immediately told me she was fine and to calm down Edward. Without knowing what had happened i walked into the livingroom and was crushed by the sight.

Emmett, my brother in law was shouting at my husband telling him to get it together, i knew something major must have gone on for Edward to get this angry. Emmett suddenly saw me and asked me to help, i started talking but before i could utter one word, i saw a remote fly though the air and hit me directly in the middle of my head. Shocked by who hit me, i ran to his side and crushed him to my chest.

Edward sensing it was me suddenly started weeping and crushed me to him and wouldn't let go. We was sat there for 5 minutes before Emmett decided to open his big gob, he said something that broke my heart, he decided to pull the plug on Elizabeth,
Edward's Mother, this started Edward off again and he started thrashing in my arms begging for me to let go of him, i refused and he suddenly gave up and started weeping.

I immediately hugged him and told Emmett to leave us alone for a while, 10 minutes later Emmett, Rosalie, Masen and Renesmee all went to Emmett and Rosalie's house. Me and Edward sat there for about 2 hours before Edward muttered something "She's Gone" i immediately started comforting him and he suddenly looked at me and started caling himself a bad person for hitting a women, never in my life has Edward threw something at me but he was angry so i knew he didn't mean it.

I was reassuring him i was fine but he proceeded to carry me into the kitchen and clean up my head which has a big gash across it, he is always looking after me and now i wish he would let me look after him. After cleaning up my head, he picked me up and placed me onto the bed he then decided to curl upto my chest and didn't move for the rest of the night.

The End