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"Alucard, a man who insists on putting Himself into an eternal sleep and

Runs from his fate, whether cursed or not,

Is not a man, but a coward."

- Carlisle Lucian Fahrenheit

Wallachia, Transylvania, Romania

The year is 1800, three years after Alucard, son of Dracula, defeated his father. Alucard, born Adrian Fahrenheit Tepes, planned on returning to his eternal slumber, that is until he met Laterose Drake, the last female Vânt Dancer in existence. What happened had been strange and something the Dhampir could not explain: he fell in love with Laterose and she with him.

Laterose Drake, she who is Vânt repriza Dancer, had been taken from her ruined City-State of Lună Nouă by her elder brother Cecilio when she was nought but a baby. Sixteen years later, she met Alucard and fell in love with him.

Cecilio Drake, born five years before his younger sister, brought her to Carlisle Lucian Farenheights, a doctor in Wallachia. They were then taken by the good doctor and his wife.

Carlisle Lucian Farenheights is a doctor in Wallachia who's intelligence surpasses even the most intelligent person. In the Fifteenth Century, he used to be a pirate and when he disobeyed his captain, he was put to death. He had been saved by Alucard. The young doctor has known Alucard since the Dhampir was a baby.

Richter Belmont, a vampire hunter of the Belmont clan, defeated Count Dracula in 1792 and in 1797, under the control of the dark priest Shaft, attempted to bring the Count back. Since then he has been in terrible grief over what he did.

Annette, Richter's wife, is worried about her husband's health. She is concerned that he'll always be grieving for something he couldn't control. She and her husband have four children.

Neculai Balcescu is a book keeper who is in love with Maria Renard.

Maria Renard is a young woman who went to search for Richter after he disappeared. She is in love with Neculai though she denies this.

The fates of this young people have intertwined. For good or ill.

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I only own Carlisle, Cecilio, Neculai, Laterose, and the idea of this story. The city-state of Lună Nouă is fiction. I own the made-up village.

Also: Translations

Vânt repriza Dancer - Half Wind Dancer

Lună Nouă - New Moon