I am playing with Mau in my room… suddenly I see such an odd shaped closet. I know this new house is old and filled with nooks and crannies, but I've never been so enchanted by such a secret. I practically didn't notice it until I played with my cat Mau, using a really bright laser. It left a mark on the wall, and when I checked to see if I damaged, I saw the smallest pattern. It looked like an ancient maze. It was a good thing I'm really good at mazes, and cheating. I followed the trail with my finger and it lead to a detailed symbol that looked like an R. It looked slightly loose and it was so ancient looking. I decided to tell mom and dad about it later… and maybe my sister Kellomo.

I gently pushed on the R, it gave way. Satisfied, the closet moved inwards and to the right, ripping the wallpaper along with it. Leaving a coffin shaped passage way. It was narrow and filled with dust and spider webs. I entered the dark entrance way and the only way out shut. I was surrounded by darkness. Soon though, the passage way was illuminated with glowing blue moss. As I found no way out, I continued further down. I reached a dead end. Somehow, after the discovered secret, there was no way there is going to be any dead ends. I inspected the room. It had a low ceiling and it slanted down. This time there were no mazes, but there was a big R, like the one from before, except upside down. When I tried to push the R, it didn't budge. After a while, I realized the problem, and I grabbed the R, twisted it upright, and pressed hard on it. The room shook, and another secret passageway was revealed.