"Are you sure about this, Cedric?" hermione said to cedric nicely.

"Yes, i am sure about this, Hermione." Cedric said also nicely to Hermione.

When the spring hoildays had finished. Cedric met Olivia in the hall to discuss some things. And Cedric went of to find Hermione, who was sitting by the lake reading a book.

"Cedric, what are you doing here?" Hermione says in shock.

"I was about to ask you the same thing."

"Hi, i'm Leavender." she says.

"Hi, i'm Hermione Granger." Hermione says politely to Leavender.

Before lunch started they went to their dorms, exccept for Hermione and Cedric. They both went to the libary. Draco came in and sure that Cedric was falling for the Mudblood.

"Hi, Granger." Draco says nicely.

"Hi malfoy." Hermione says unfairly to Draco.

"Hi Draco." Says Cedric trying to be nice to Draco.

Cedric was about to say something when Hermione walked away. Cho walked up to Cedric trying to keep an open mind!

"Hi, Cedric." Says Cho with a small smile.

"Hi, Cho. And why a sad face?" He said to Cho.

"It's nothing. Just forget it, Cedric." Says Cho still upset and walks away.

Dumbledore made annocement about tri-wizard tordement, after lunch people started to talk about it.

"Hey, Harry have you seen Hermione by any chance?" Cedric asks Harry.

"Last time i saw her. She was going to sit by the lake. And yes i did see her." Harry said to Cedric.

"Harry, Cedric wants to know. But i did see her talking with Ginny my sister. Before heading down to the lake." Ron said to Harry and to Cedric.

"Thank you, Ron." he said to Ron.

"Your welcome, Cedric." Ron said to him.

"Thank you, Harry."

"Your welcome."

He went to find Hermione. Who was sitting by the lake. Where Harry had said she was.

"Hi, Hermione." Cedric said to Hermione who was looking behind her to see him looking at her.

"Hi, Cedric." She said as Cedric set beside her.

"Hey, can i ask you something?" Cedric says questioning Hermione.

"Sure you can, Cedric. You can ask me anything." Hermione says intellingently to Cedric.

"Well, i was wondering if you would like to be girlfriend?" He asked her.

"Yes, i would like to be your girlfriend. And would you like to be my boyfriend?" she asked him.

"Yes, i would be honored to be your boyfriend." He said to her.

"How comes you haven't entered the Tordement, yet?" She asked him.

"Because i don't want to be in the tordement. If i don't want to be."