Generation Justice

Some characters are from amalgams comics, so I edit, or made up all together, like Speed demon, isn't Etrigan the demon like in dc comics merge, because he is just the power source no body seem slow to me, slow and bulky,

Speed Demon POV:

I'm Wally West, I am Kid Demon, (the kid flash, and the second Ghost rider mix, and my uncle is he is Speed Demon, We are both merge with demons, his Demon isEtrigan, and my demon is Zarathos, (which is an insane, Angel,) my best friend is a chick name, Sparrow, (Robin and Jubilee crossover,) the Daughter of DarkClaw, (Wolverine and Batman.)

My girl name is Artemis Maximoff, her code name is Scarlet Tigress, her powers have a habbit of not being control so she just used the bow, Eagleshot (cross between Hawkeye, and Green Arrow,) gave her, she have a rivalry with Red Colt, (cross Two gun kid, and Red Arrow,)

Artemis has a fear I will fall for Sparrow, not true, beside she has a crush on Card Trick, (crossover of Zantanna, and Gambit,) Jubilation (Sparrow,) and Rémy (Card Trick) that his father, Zatara Xaiver is Doctor Strangfate, (Doctor strange, Professor x, Zatara, and Doctor fate mix,)

There, Tempest, (Aqualad, and Valeria Richards,) he the son of Ace Storm (Sue Storms, and Ace Morgan), who was kill by, Doctor Doomsday, (Docotr doom, and doomsday,) hire by Tempest father Black Shark, (Black Manta, Tiger Shark,) he is the sidekick of Aqaumariner, (Aqauman, Namor,)

There is Spider boy, (spider man or Scarlet Spider, and Superboy,) A Clone of Super Soilder (Superman Captain America,)

SpiderBoy is dating, White Martian, (Emma frost, and Miss martain,) the niece of Mr. X (Professor X, and Martian Manhunter,)

Ever since the indent with Aqaumariner, things been pretty quiet, we got a new member, other than Card Trick, and Artemis, Hornet, (Rocket, Wasp,) the sidekick, of Beetle, (icon and Ant man,)

Of Course we have Villains, Sparrow and Dark Claw have, Hyena, (Joker Sabertooth) and his girl Harley Raven, (Mystique and Harley Quinn,) Uncle Barry Blaze, has the terrible three, or the Terrible Two After Siliconman death (Plasticman Sand Man,) by Two Face Goblin, (Two Face Green Goblin,) AND Scarecrow, (Both universes Scarecrow,) and I'll tell more you later, TO Be continued.