The Sandlot 4: Another Swing at the Bat


In the summer of 1962, Smalls isn't the only one who had the best summer of his life.

June 6th, 1962

T.J. Martin grabbed a box out of the moving van, and then walked to the front door. He was new to the neighborhood, and to make it worse, he moved here in the summer. He had no time to make any friends before he moved, which meant he'd be spending his time at home before school started. He walked inside, and places it on the floor.

"Look's good, honey." She kisses him on his forehead, which after he looks up at her and smiles. "Thanks, mom." He says. "That was the last box. I'm going to go up to my room." He starts to head upstairs, but his mom stops him.

"I already unpacked your things. Why don't you go outside? Maybe you should try to meet some of the neighbors."

That's the thing. He would, if he was brave enough. Anyone would. But nobody just "tries" to meet everyone for the first time. It just sort of happens.

He looks down at his feet. "Um, no thanks. I'll just be upstairs." He then darts upstairs, leaving her sighing.


"Ready, Mikey?" David says as he hits home base with a bat.

"Ready." Mikey lines himself up, takes a deep breath, and throws a fastball at him. David waits, then swings, hitting the ball to the outfield. Freddy, already waiting there, catches it.

"Nice one, Fred." David says. "Keep going."

The boys sigh. "It's 100 degrees out." Jet says.

"Yeah." Says Steven, but everyone calls him Gutsy. "I haven't even eaten lunch yet."

"Jay agrees." Says Jay, adjusting his cap. Gene stands behind him, silent.

When the boys lined up, each one is very different from the other. David was the hotshot of the group. The star. He never made a mistake, and he wasn't afraid to boast about it. He was twelve, almost thirteen, had shaggy blonde hair, and was tall. Mikey had dark skin, and curly black hair. He had the fastest arm on their "team". He was the quiet one, but when he said something, it was always something worth talking about. Freddy and Jet looked the same. They both had brown hair and the same look on their face. Don't call them brothers, because they aren't. Last but not least, there was Gutsy, who was on the heavy side, and wore glasses. He's not afraid to speak his mind though. Gene was the only normal one. He only had one problem: he was the smallest of the group, so he gets picked on a lot. The only thing they had in common was the fact that they were all wearing mitts, and they loved baseball.

"I'll play with you, David!" Exclaimed Riley. They all turned around, looking at the little girl who stood behind them.

David scoffed. "Sorry, Riles, you can't." He patted her head. "No time for that."

"But, I' been practicin' for it!" She yelled, and then kicked the ground.

"Run home, little girl. Your mama's going to get worried." Said Gutsy.

"Cry baby." Jet said, rolling his eyes.

"I'm no cry baby!" Riley yelled. "Let me play or I'll… I'll… I'll get my big sister to beat you up, all of you!"

Then, a voice was heard. "I'm already here."

Becky came out from behind the gate, and walked into the sandlot. She was wearing light blue jeans, a red shirt, and her brown hair was tied up in a ponytail. She was the toughest girl in the neighborhood, even if she was only 12. She sets people straight, and she wasn't afraid of anyone. The boys were slightly scared of her, but also respected her. David, on the other hand, hated her.

"Rebecca." He snarled.

"Dog." She likes to push his buttons. "I hear you don't want my sister to play ball with you guys. Afraid a nine year old girl can do better than you?" She pats her head. "I taught her."

Freddy laughs as Jet, Mikey, Gutsy, and Gene start to lose interest in the fight between Becky and David. Those two always argue.

"She's only 9, and has, what, like a week of experience?"

Riley stands there, every time he finds a reason for her not eligible to play with them, her heart breaks.

"Becky, I wanna go home." She hugs her sister, and then is immediately shoved off.

Becky snarls. "I'm not done yet!" She walks up to David, and grabs him by the collar of his shirt. "Let my sister play or I'll knock you out."

David looks at her, showing no fear. "Never."

Becky holds up her fist, and then drops it. "How about a bet? If I can find someone else for your team before you do, you have to let Riley and me be on your team."

"Wait, both of you?" David laughs. "There's no way in hell I'm doing that. You're both girls."

"So, you're sexist?"

"I am NOT!"

"Then let us join!"


"Then take the bet!"

"Fine! I'll take it!" Becky and David shake hands quickly, and then she takes Riley back home. "We'll find someone, just you see."

David turns around to the boys, who are drawing pictures in the sand. "Well? Time to find someone to join our team."

The boys groan, and stand up. Little did they know that this would be the start to a great summer. The best summer.