I stood on the rooftop above him. He stood erect, and proud. The rain fell around him. He was the dark knight.

I jumped down to him. He saw my helmet and straightened up. I felt like a girlfriend who he had dumped, coming back for more.

"Hood." He nodded to me. Couldn't he see who I had been? That we were once partners? That he had once been my father. All these years, gone.

"Why." I said. I knew under the hood, my emotions would betray me.

"I tried to save you." His voice cracked.

"But you didn't! Ra's saved me and now you want nothing to do with me!" I inched forward, quaking in anger.

"It's not like that." He said softly.

"You replaced me!" I practically screamed. "And where is your little pet now?" The thunder cracked above me.

"No Jason! I tried to save you! For months I was in a hole because you were gone! I wanted to avenge your death so badly. But you know that I can't go there."

"Why? Because I'm not worth it?" I spat at him. "You waited and mourned, but once I came back you decided to turn a cold shoulder."

"You are not Robin anymore. What could I do? You killed people!" His face became guilt-ridden. "You are still my son. I let you leave because I felt that you needed to be on your own."

I pulled off the hood and threw it off the side of the building with all my might.

"You…you." My chest heaved with anger and sadness from the denial and anger. "Why didn't you say anything?"

He ran over to me and held me in his arms. I was not the type for anything like that. But I cried like a child. He had been my father, my mentor. And he had given up on me. He had let me go. I sobbed into his chest. I wanted everything to go back to when we were partners and Ra's hadn't brought me back.

"It's okay Jason." His fingers ran through the white part of my hair while he held me close. "I'm here. I'm sorry."

"I would have done everything! Everything to save you! Had he killed you the way he killed me!" I hiccupped as I heard his chest shake violently.

"I'm sorry. I'm sorry." He knelt down so I was cradled in his lap the way it was when I died. "I couldn't. I'm supposed to show hope…for these people. I couldn't…I'm so sorry Jason." He buried his head in my hair as I cried violently onto his chest. The rain fell ominously, soaking my clothing and his.

"It hurt, so bad. And you didn't do anything." I sobbed, letting it all pour out. I had been young and scared, and my father hadn't come for me.

"I tried, believe me I tried. I didn't want you to turn insane if we put you in the Lazarus Pits. I didn't want you to hunt down and murder the Joker." He cried, I could hear the guilt. "I'm sorry. I should have risked it."

We stayed on that rooftop, curled in this embrace for hours. I sobbed into his chest and I felt the sadness drain out of me. His face was buried in my hair. I felt like a child again, how rash and ignorant I was when I was Robin. So small, and he let the Joker take me from him.

"I won't lose you." He muttered when the morning light made its way over the horizon. I was numb from all the crying, practically unconscious. He carried me to his car and drove me back to the manor.

"So the prodigal son has returned," Alfred commented. It was a strange reference. But it fit. I was the prodigal son. And at last I had returned home.

Bruce tucked me into his bed and kissed my forehead before walking out.

"I won't lose you," He said softly, "Not again."