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WARNING: I'm going to make Inuyasha a huge asshole. This is story may make you pissed off at Inuyasha… There will be sweeeeet justice.

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"Ew!" Kagome cried as a snake slithered out her book bag. As she slipped her book bag on her back, Kagome watched as Miroku and Sango held hands and she smiled. They have been like that for a few weeks now.

"Hay! Wench! Where the fuck is the next jewel shard at?!" Inuyasha screamed. Kagome cowered before she closed her eyes and scanned the area. Looking up she pointed to the west.

Miroku sighed. He wished he could help his friend but Inuyasha was abusive to them all and they couldn't do anything about it. If they tried to leave, he would torture them to death. He hated his once upon a time friend. Sango had gotten close to besting Inuyasha that morning in a fight to escape. To get back at them he brought Kikyo to the camp. He woke Kagome up with an 'accidental' kick to the head as he took Kikyo doggy style. Even if he hadn't kicked her, the scream Kikyo let out because of pain woke everyone up with a start.

Kagome ran from fear as Inuyasha yelled, "See Kagome how much she likes it? Maybe if weren't such a prude…!"

Sango leapt and punched Inuyasha in the face. Inuyasha was pissed and he punched Sango to the ground, busting her lip open. Miroku was at Sango's side and he helped her up. "You fucking asshole!" Miroku screamed. Wishing he could just open his wind tunnel and suck Inuyasha up or kill the Halfling.

Inuyasha shoved the two and growled, "Just fuck each other already and get the fuck on with your lives."

"Unlike you Inuyasha I can wait until the lady is ready. You have to force it," Miroku growled.

Inuyasha turned to Kikyo, her body looking beat up. She had a trail of blood coming from in between her legs from the forced intrusion; bite marks bruised her neck and shoulder. "I forced nothing. She likes it rough. Don't you?" Inuyasha replied through clenched teeth. Kikyo nodded a few times before she stood up, straightening her clothes before walked away with a stiff body as a tear escaped.

"Any girl that has foolishly fallen for you, you abuse. What the hell is your problem?" Miroku screamed.

Inuyasha didn't even answer. He just turned around and left.

Miroku yelled in frustration before he turned to Sango. Miroku watched as a tear slipped down her face. His heart broke at the sight. "I'm sorry I couldn't protect you my love. We will get rid of him. I love you Sango. I'm so sorry he did this to you. He will pay sweetheart, I swear he will," Miroku whispered to Sango as he cleaned her face.

Sango kissed him gently and looked up at his caring face. "Thank you Miroku. I just hope Kagome can find someone like you to take care of her as you have done for me. I love you Miroku. I can't wait for this to all be over so we can finally settle down and have a family" Sango whispered. They kissed again gently, mindful of Sango's new lip injury.

Kagome walked up just then, tears were dry as she was embraced by her friends. They wanted to get away but they knew Inuyasha would find them and kill them. Except Kagome; she would suffer every day until every shard was found and made whole. When Inuyasha got his wish she knew then he would kill her. Until then she would have to bare Inuyasha's abuse and pray he never raped her. "Please don't let him touch me!" Kagome cried. Sango held her friend.

Lord Sesshomaru watched from afar with disgust. The half breed abuses his pack still? That's low even for a half breed.

Inuyasha came running up to the group of humans. Kagome cowered, Sango flinched, and Miroku stood in front of the girls. "Don't let who touch you?! Bitch you will do as I say!" Inuyasha yelled.

Sango got courageous and she yelled, "Ever since you fought Naraku alone you have been a huge dick! What the fuck is your problem?!" Inuyasha punched Miroku out the way and slapped Sango in the face, breaking her cheekbone. Sango screamed in pain. Miroku got up and punched Inuyasha. Inuyasha threw Miroku five yards away and he turned around to eye a cowering Kagome. Smiling sadistically, he stalked closer.

Kagome screamed, "No!" Inuyasha grabbed her around the throat.

Lord Sesshomaru ran at demonic speed. He was a killer but he would never do anything even close to what Inuyasha was thinking about doing. Picking up a venomous spitting cobra, (A/N- Remember the snake from earlier?) Lord Sesshomaru threw the snake at Inuyasha, hoping it would bite the half breed. Inuyasha eyed the pissed off snake. Lord Sesshomaru eyed Inuyasha, his eyes widened as Inuyasha grabbed the snake as it began to spit and the snake ended up spitting in Kagome's eyes. Kagome screamed in agony.

"This is what you deserve wench! You should have done what I told you to!" Inuyasha snarled.

Kagome clawed at her eyes, screaming in agony. The venom had gotten in her eyes and her eyes were burning. Inuyasha laughed before Lord Sesshomaru jumped onto Inuyasha. Lord Sesshomaru raked his poisonous claws down Inuyasha's back. Inuyasha howled in pain and whirled around to face his half-brother. Lord Sesshomaru used his poison whip to make Inuyasha run away.

Ah-Un came down from the clouds, Rin and Jaken riding the two headed dragon. Jaken had his hand over her face so the little girl didn't see the scene in front of them.

Jaken was aware of the dire situation and they wouldn't have gotten into it if Inuyasha had headed Lord Sesshomaru's warning.

Lord Sesshomaru had told Inuyasha he had one week to treat his pack correctly or he would take over. One week later it had gotten worse. Jaken didn't want Rin to see anything.

Jaken looked sadly at Miroku and Sango, "Get on." The two looked confused but both hurried.

Lord Sesshomaru had already picked Kagome up and had wrapped a cloth on her eyes. "Where is the village healer?" Lord Sesshomaru demanded.

"East," Miroku quickly replied. Lord Sesshomaru took off in a sprint. Hopefully the girl doesn't die. I may be too late to save her eyes but I will save her soul. They all took off to Kaede's.

Yes I know its dark but there will be justice but things are just starting to go bad. I hope you all enjoy this story :)
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