Chapter 1 Sweet Seduction

I wonder if I wasn't so useless I would be allowed to live...

Rin thought to himself as he laid on his bed.

I know I won't be allowed to live I know that. Maybe I should end it now. Not by anyone's hands but my own. Maybe I should-

What crap are you talking about? A voice asked pulling Rin out of his thoughts.

Crap did I say that out loud? Rin wondered as his eyes darted back and forth across the room.

"Where are you? Who are you?" Rin asked his voice shaky from rage.

The voice didn't answer making Rin angry.

"Answer me!" Rin snarled. Really why doesn't the voice's owner show himself? Why is he watching me?

I'm always watching you Rin. The voice said lowly.

"Your reading my mind?!" Rin asked/shouted.

No, you're just really easy to figure out. Don't worry; you want to prove your not useless right? You want control over your flames, shall I teach you? The voice asked seductively.

"Wha" That's all that came out of his mouth. Rin couldn't think, the voices offer ringing in Rins mind. H-he said he could teach me... teach me how to you my flames. My flames. Could he teach me that? But if he could then wouldn't that mean "-your Satan?" Rin croaked.

Yes I am. Now do you want control over your flames or not? I could teach you, guide you. If you don't learn how to control them they will control you. You will become a monster, a true demon. Or become an experiment for the Vatican? Hell if not they'll kill you. I can help you so you don't become any of those things. After all those flames are yours, why shouldn't you learn how to control them? Why should you be executed because of them? That just doesn't seem right.

Rin was deep in thought. He could trust Satan and learn how to control his powers, but what does he want? "Why are you doing this for me if theirs nothing in it for you? I mean if I die what's it to you? You Satan You don't really care do you? What are you planning?"

I want to show you this world as it truly is, a harsh world where people betray others. You've already seen this have you not? Remember how those people treated you after learning the truth? How your 'friends' treated you? The word 'friends' Satan spat out.

Indeed Rin did remember how they treated him. Everyone not only the Vatican, his friends as well. They all treated him like a monster. If that's the case, why not just become one? Become what they see him as. Life would be so much easier that way. He wouldn't feel this pain in his heart if what they said were true. Right? It hurts so much, the fearful looks, the looks of hate. He wishes they would all stop that. Stop looking at him like that. Be like before, when he was just Rin. Not the son of Satan. Not a demon that has blue flames. Even if he is a half demon, he's still half human. He's still a child. He was raised as a human, has real emotions like a human, hurts like a human.

Rin lowered his head as these thoughts swirls in his mind. His bangs covering his eyes that looked as if made of glass. Satan didn't say anything while Rin was like this. They stayed this was for a few minutes before Satan said,

You don't have to answer now. Net make sure you do. I actually don't want you to die. Believe it or not. he whispered, and with that Satan was gone. Rin could tell cause he felt more alone that ever. Should I take Satan's offer? Rin wondered as he wept himself to sleep. Shameful tears running down his face as he closed his eyes for sleep riddled with nightmares.

"We the Vatican sentence the son of Satan, the demon named Rin to death. " one clocked person said.

Death? Rin knew this was coming but it still hit him like a pound of bricks. Why are they doing this? Because they see me as a threat? They didn't even give me a chance to show that I'm not a threat! How do they know? Know I'm not a threat? A liability? That I'm not worth beating on?

"He is to burned alive at the stake at noon tomorrow. Until then he is to be kept in the underground prison. Feed him nothing, give him nothing to drink. He is a demon after all." The other clocked person said curtly.

Hey! I'm still human! Even if it's only half! Rin thought as he was lead down the steeps. He didn't met anyone's eyes. He couldn't. He didn't want to see them; and he didn't want them to see him. He wanted to crawl in a hole and just disappear. That is what they want isn't it? For him to just disappear.

It burns! It hurts! Why isn't anyone helping? Rin let out a scream of pure pain as he thought this. No one made a move to stop this from happening. They just watched as Rin was being burnt alive by them. Why would they help? This is what they wanted after all.

His blood curtailing screams pierced the air, along with the sound of the fire cracking the wood. The flames liking at Rin was enough to drive him mad if he wasn't already. His voice no longer came out due to overuse, his lungs filled with smoke. His brain shut down, his mind went blank, body limp. This is what they wished for was Rin's last incomplete thought before he died.

Screaming. That's all be can hear. Someone should stop that person. Two strong hands covers his mouth as he trashed about.

"-in! Rin! Nii-san! Wake up!" Yukio? What's he doing? Shouldn't he stop that screaming? I can't sleep! It took awhile for it to sink in the fact that it was Rin that was screaming.

"Wha- what happened? Are we under attack?" Rin asked not noticing that he was covers in cold sweat.

"Thats my line Nii-san! Why where you screaming?! I thought someone was killing you! Your flames came out , calm down!" Yukio practically ripped his lungs out screaming that.

Your the one that needs to calm down, Rin thought inwardly. Rin looked down only to see blue flames licking at the bed. Oh crap.

"I still can't believed you where screaming like that. What type of hell did you dream about?" Yukio asked as they made there way to the class room.

"None of your business moley four eyes." Rin snapped back. He really didn't want to remember his dream.

I blame him. If he didn't show up inside my head I wouldn't have thought a out those things. He thought inwardly as he turned the knob only to be met with the eyes of the exwire's.

Stop looking at me like that! I'm still me, still the same Rin. Why can't they see that? He wondered walking to his usual spot in the back. Maybe it would be better if I really did die...

Are you still sprouting that crap?Satan's voice rang throughout Rin's mind. His eyes kept moving back and forth meting everyone's eyes before he started to relax.

Don't worry only you can hear me.

"I would have liked to know that earlier." he growled.

"Know what Rin?" his brother asked standing right in front of him.

"N- nothing" Rin mumbled under his breath, a light pink spread across his face due to embarrassment.

You know you could just talk to me through your mind right?Satan asked sounding amused.

'Again I would to have liked to know that earlier!'

It's not my fault you didn't know... Oh well anyway do you have an answer yet?

'I- don't know... I do want to learn how but I kind of want to learn myself.'

Hmm...Satan paused deep in thought. Was there a way to get Rin to allow him to help? A small smile creeped onto his face as he thought up a plan.

The day dragged on, nothing interesting really happened to Rin. Walking to his dorm he thought he heard something. 'Better go and see what's up', he thought as he made his way to the sound.

There in the kitchen stood a grotesque demon. The body was one gigantic blob. Color a dark red s if dyed in blood, small arms coming out from its sides with little deformed hands. It had no eyes, only a mouth half the size of it. Inside sharp teeth caked in red dried blood. But Rin wasn't looking at the demon, oh no he was looking at his brother on the knocked out on the ground. A pool of blood under him as he laid on the dirty ground. Guns lay on ether side of him.

What the hell? Rin was speechless. There was his younger brother on the ground possibly dead. And it was that demons fault. He was going to pay, oh how he was going to pay. No one and I mean no one hurts my little brother!

Something snapped inside Rin. He couldn't think, he just moved. Like a machine he moved. Like a machine he thought. How dare you!? I'll kill you! Looking at Rin you wouldn't see the boy that laughed, that had fun. All you would see is a killer. A killer that was out for blood cold, calculating, and surprisingly calm. But looking at his eyes you would see that they drowned in rage.

He unsheathed Kurikara and slashed at the demon. Flames poured out uncontrollably. Rin could fell his mind slipping, drowning into the darkness.

So what will you do? Learning from me is your only option after all. Satan said smugly, unless you don't care that you and your brother are going to die.

"Shut up!" Rin yelled.

Really when will you learn? I'm trying to help you here and all your doing is pushing me away. Tell m something if Yukio dies right here and now what would you do? You would lose your mind, turning into a crazed demon. Not even I would be able to bring you back, and I will lose two sons in on day. I don't want you to die, you don't want Yukio to die. Take my advice and you'll both live! It's perfect is it not?

Rin thought about it for a second. Although that's as all the demon needed to attack Rin throwing him into the wall. The taste of iron made it's way to Rins mouth as me spit out blood.

"Damn it!" Rin screamed. "Fine! I need your help! I want you to teach me how to control them! Just tell me how to save Yukio!" all was silent, nothing could be heard. The Satan smugly laughed,

I knew you would see it my way. First calm down.

"Easier said that done."

Just do it! Or your both going to die. Satan snapped back.

Rin tried his hardest to calm down, really be did. He managed to do it some how,

Good now fell the flame, it's a part of you wether you like it or not. Direct it, tell it what to do you are it's master after all.

Rin did what he was told, it took a while. In that time Rin landed one attack on the demons side slicing off its arm which grew back in a matter of seconds.

Now fire! Aim for the mouth it's the weakest point after all. Fire into its mouth, make it explode from the inside.

Rin tried to direct his flames to that location but missed instead hitting the side of its... head? Or body? What ever that thing is.


The demon lashed its arm out trowing Rin into another wall. Spitting out more blood he crashed to the floor.

Shit! I have to get up, I have to move! Filled with ambition Rin ran to the demon, pointed the sword at it's mouth and fired. Blue flames poured out of the Kurikara and into the demon. It made let out a scream of pure pain, collapsing of the ground the demon twitched a few times before crumbling to dust.

After that Rin couldn't move, falling to the ground he tried to move to where Yukio was but failed.

You did well my son, next time you should move faster. We'll work on that next time. If you pass and learn to control your power I'll even teach you how to control demons.

"Fine" Rin mumbled before losing consciousness.

I knew you'd see it my way.

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